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  1. Interesting. I didn't run into that myself, but thanks for posting the solution so anyone else having that problem will see this.
  2. Do you have any other Doom 3 mods installed? Try this: delete the DoomConfig.cfg located in your \darkmod folder and run tdm_update.exe again. This will get you a new DoomConfig.cfg, just in case something is screwed up in that file. If TDM is still not working properly, play Doom 3 and do the same things you are doing in TDM: save, quicksave, quickload, load from menu, quit, reload, quickload, etc. This will at least isolate the problem to TDM if everything works properly in Doom 3.
  3. I can't help but think that is either an Ubuntu issue or pulseaudio issue. I have both Azalia onboard and an SBLive card, but have no problems with sound in TDM. I had issues with Ubuntu and my onboard Azalia sound chip, so I went back to using Mandriva to fix it. Basically, I could not get the Azalia chip working with Ubuntu after 8.04 (32 or 64bit), period, yet no other non-Ubuntu distro had that issue (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Mint all had the same problem). IIRC, I'd also disabled Pulseaudio because it won't work with Savage 2. So, I have the same sound card, using ALSA, and have no sound issues, but am not using Ubuntu or Pulseaudio.
  4. Not necessarily hardware, but most likely the drivers. As mentioned above, I installed a different game which should have done nothing to the drivers, yet I had to reinstall the drivers to fix the malloc problem that cropped up. A fairly common problem that cropped up in the last update before TDM went public.
  5. No, it's more than the menu. If you have any Doom 3 mods installed then install a second instance of Doom 3, patch it to, and use that strictly for TDM. You can also try this: delete the DoomConfig.cfg located in your \darkmod folder and run tdm_update.exe again. This will get you a new DoomConfig.cfg, just in case something is screwed up in that file. Finally, if you have an ATI graphics card, disable Catalyst AI.
  6. Just before TDM 1.0 was released, I (re)installed UT2004 on Vista. Prior to that TDM had played fine in betatesting, but afterwards I got an malloc error with TDM. It made absolutely no sense to do so, but reinstalling the video card drivers fixed the malloc error, so try reinstalling your video card drivers (maybe even upgrade them if you don't already have the latest drivers).
  7. So it's true - nobody loves The Dark Mod...
  8. Would adding a door + visportal to have allowed you to leave the window open? @Springheel, after all the times I betatested this mission, it was only last night I got that scare. I had simply never triggered that "entrance" before...
  9. OpenGL games generally play just as well with Wine since there is no DirectDraw emulation. I'm currently using Wine to test the svn version (waiting for the linux binary to be updated) and native for the released TDM 1.0. I reinstalled Thief 2 today and the keyboard repeat is an issue there as well, so I increased the delay to 1000ms second rather than disabling it. That is better than the default of 660ms in game, and I can live with that for other programs so I don't have to disable/enable every time I want to play. As for the lean toggle, it works fine for me. In what way is it not working for you?
  10. Start TDM and uninstall the current mission. Quit TDM. Delete DoomConfig.cfg from the darkmod folder and run tdm_update.exe. You should then have the original DoomConfig.cfg.
  11. There is no dedicated Run key, but there is a way to toggle "Always Run" on and off. I just tried it and actually like it. Open the console in game and type the following: bind SHIFT "toggle in_alwaysRun 1 0" Now you press Shift to Run, Shift again to Walk. No need to hold it down. This also makes the Creep key easier to use, because if you set "Always Run = Yes" then you have to hold Shift and the Creep key simultaneously or you won't be able to Creep. Now you press Shift once to Walk then Creep works as it should.
  12. Haven't seen this one before. A screenshot, or even better, a short Fraps video (compressed to AVI), would be helpful.
  13. What file does TDM use to set the current mission? If it's supposed to be under \darkmod then based on twisty's incorrect folder structure TDM may not be able to find it. Maybe?
  14. Based on this response, I don't quite think you understand what is happening here. twisty places a mission pk4 in \darkmod\fms and tdmlauncher.exe is creating a mission folder in the \darkmod folder instead of \darkmod\fms. An extra \savegame folder is also being created in \darkmod instead of just in the mission folder under \doom 3. Look at the folder hierarchy in the first post again.
  15. Is this a case of the space in the folder name causing problems? If so, I don't know how to remedy that with Steam since you can't choose the location when installing the game content.
  16. I have made that jump on several occasions, but I have missed a few times as well. Instead of complaining about the jump distance, shouldn't the complaints be directed towards the mission itself? After all, the author should know the ideal distance (not max distance) to place the carpeting/awning/ledge to achieve the desired effect, so if it's too far it can be adjusted in updated/future FMs.
  17. Wasn't expecting Nvidia, that's for sure. For the record, there are a few systems running a Geforce 8 on XP without this problem. What Nvidia drivers do you have installed? Can you install the latest Nvidia drivers? Do you have any Doom 3 mods (3doom, parallax, etc) installed? Have you set Doom 3 to Ultra settings (someone suggested it may cause problems, but I'm not sure)?
  18. /me awaits specs, fully expecting ATI gpu... FWIW, I tested Outpost last night, and looking across the room from the readable was slightly lower than looking down at the readable (as expected), so it isn't a problem with the readables or TDM. Have you edited the config manually by chance? If so, what did you change?
  19. I have surprised myself on a couple of occasions with the player shadow (thought it was a guard), but it usually doesn't look too great, especially when crouched. Would be nice to have a fully animated shadow eventually, but it doesn't take away from the game without it.
  20. I certainly understand your dislike of jpeg compression, but now that I am at work I am stuck on a 384Kb connection (thank the Builder for Opera Turbo), and many others simply don't have the bandwidth to handle png images. If you still do want to use png instead of jpg, then please don't embed the images and just link to them. Thanks
  21. AluminumHaste, the cathedral looks great and I can't wait to see it in game, but please, for the love of the Builder use compressed jpgs. It's taking 45 seconds to load this page with a 7MB connection. I saved one of the images as jpg so you could see the difference. Original was 2.1MB, the jpg is 166KB (less than 10% of original).
  22. Thanks for the tip. FWIW, the leaning issue is worse with Wine than native, which is why I mentioned it, and I haven't tried T2 on Wine in a while, so I haven't seen that bug. Welcome to the forums.
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