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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Never noticed before, visually it's really Adam Jensen gone rogue
  2. VSync problem (on AMD, must test on nVidia) FM: A New Job - Location: the alley before the tavern main door Please look at the frametime graph (thanks RTSS) No VSync - OK: Fullscreen+Sync - oscillating between 16.6 and 33 ms is expected, but the constant oscillation is really heavy and it seems that Triple Buffering forcing does not mitigate the behaviour Borderless/Windowed+Sync - that's simply something (totally) wrong in this case
  3. Well, you know how to learn by yourself The map layout is really pretty good!
  4. Just a forum advice: please add the release date to the thread title !
  5. Did you have some mapping experience with other engines/games? 'cause it's an incredibly well packed first map. Please, add the release date to the thread title!
  6. Oh! Just in case! There's a little texturing bug:
  7. Nothing strange in the config file About the document location ask Dragofer, it's his FM
  8. Well, in Perilous Refuge too there's some problem with the font readability
  9. Now brightness and gamma are postprocessing effects. So maybe there's some unexpected interactions with the underwater context
  10. It's OK, but please format&install Windows 10
  11. Well, it's a good value (Please, don't use FRAPS, it's not really on par with today Windows and its driver infrastructure, maybe switch to Afterburner+RTSS) If you're interested this is how the most basic Intel GPU (HD 630) scales with internal resolution (with all the advanced effects off, Objects LoD set to "high" ) *0.666667 (1280x720 with a 1920x1080 desktop resolution) *1 (1920x1080)
  12. As you can see the framerate is good enough (Intel!)
  13. For Pascal: this is what you can get with a simple Intel HD 630(!) with 8-16 GB system RAM as VRAM maintaining an acceptable framerate - darkmod.cfg in the attachment Darkmod.cfg
  14. They're ALL still applying to 2.08?
  15. Me, an incrediBAD 25! With TDM 2.08 it's really a graphically stunning mission, but it's SO convoluted! (and when someone like me says convoluted, it's *REALLY* convoluted ) AI is indeed super-sensitive, how can that guy see me from there? 'cause he CAN see me and become alerted. Or the builder located beyond St. Allin that can see me literally through (?!) walls when I'm in the apartment between the Mill Tavern and the Hoarders! Question: this low-poly house with low-poly barrels and low-fi textures is some kind of intended joke/tribute/easter egg?
  16. GPU comparison: *GeForce 8800M GTS 64@500 MHz 256 Bit @800 MHz vs *GeForce 9600M GT 32@500 MHz 128 Bit @800 MHz So virtually Pascal8888 can run TDM in that FM scene exactly @28 FPS using a scaling factor of 0,761904 it's not bad for a 13 yo mobile GPU.
  17. Results in "A New Job" Penryn-era dual core + 4 GB RAM + 9600M @1280x800, minimum graphics Penryn-era dual core + 4 GB RAM + 9600M @1280x800 + scaling set to 0.5 (so 0.5*0.5=0.25 total pixels -> 640x400)
  18. It's why I've suggested the "1024" value for the resolution scaling related to a 1680x1050 native resolution. It's (1024/1680)=0,609523 if it can't handle 1280 (0.76.....) I'll test with my 9600M / 512 MB VRAM + 1280x800
  19. In Fullscreen mode you can't change the resolution, that's the catch (to preserve the HUD @maximum quality) So you must use r_fboresolution (or the slider) Resolution choice only works for windowed mode (and in that case you set r_fboresolution to 1)
  20. It's expected, 0.76>0.70 you used. But using that value you can compare to 1280x800 resolution 1:1 Of course you can lower the resolution scale to 0,609523 (1024x640).....but please disable the VSync as first step. Those 2 FMs are killer cases :D, please try the "classic" mansion FM: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20416-fan-mission-a-night-of-loot-one-mans-treasure/
  21. The Bloom shader is not so heavy on performance, but remember to disable the Ambient Occlusion and the Soft Shadows. About the Shadows you can switch back to the "classic" Doom3-like Stencil technique (Stencil <-> Maps) and see if you can get a better performance. Set the color precision to 32 (64 solves every banding problem but maybe old GPUs with old drivers can't handle it very well)
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