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  1. Just use 32bit binaries+Large Address Aware flag! /LARGEADDRESSAWARE (Handle Large Addresses) | Microsoft Learn Large Address Aware | TechPowerUp Forums
  2. No, I mean in OTHER games the lens distortion (like the classic sniping scope distorsion along the border of the scope lens) In Thief there's no lens distorsion, so maybe it's only the heat distorsion. I've just show a list of all the offenders (when abused at full frame scale)
  3. Here's a convenient list (from Sker :D) Lens Flare + Lens Dirt +
  4. Never thought it was enabled.....thanks! Stupid camera lens "simulation" effects (bloom when overdone, chromatic aberration, flares, dirt, etc.....even DISTORSION of the entire viewport in Atlas Fallen - it's only acceptable in a sniping UI) The only thing rivaling in "detest" feeling with camera lens effects is the pre-sharpening pass in case of Temporal AA (Chernobylite) or Depth of Field too (yes, I see you Dishonored 2 / DotO)
  5. The main problem of the art direction of T4 is that is *ONLY* that kind of dark (=the "gloom" fallen over the City), prologue apart. Prologue atmosphere is just perfect
  6. LOL. Recently I have reassessed the infamous "Gold Filter" of DXHR, thanks to enabling it in DC with this: CookiePLMonster/DXHRDC-GFX: A plugin for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, restoring the gold filter, post processing and shading from the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution (github.com) It fixes the lighting system and the bad (really BAD) DC bloom too (you can force the original 2011 one)! And just avoid the SSAO, it's terrible (temporally unstable) in the DC. Without the Gold Filter the game really looks washed out (and see my avatar )
  7. Happy Necrobirthday to Thief 2014 (NOT *4* )
  8. He still wants to NOT be here in person?
  9. Windows or some other programs in background?
  10. No, for me the BL hits but I was expecting to knock down the NPC not seeing a protection around the shoulders and the low neck Bu if that helmet protects by itself from being knocked why there's a shoulders protection in other cases?
  11. Both things! 1) BJ doesn't rise 2) I can only kill him
  12. Question: why this guy is NOT knockable, not having a shoulders/low neck protection?
  13. lowenz

    Merry Christmas

  14. I also appreciated what I think are little literary citations here and there. Smitty -> "Smitty, is that you?" from TDS?
  15. Damn, what a multistage FM! Little graphic issue in the levers room: https://i.postimg.cc/3NnDs71n/The-Dark-Modx64-2023-12-05-11-06-14-340.jpg
  16. Got an Intel ARC 380 (lastest driver) to test TDM! Situation is not that bad, but there are 2 major issues: 1) frametime is not plain, it's a square wave 2) there are some shading errors (white pixel groups) https://postimg.cc/jnK5YKZy
  17. It's the natural way, I suppose.....and maybe why was in the first place intended as a secret and not part of the mission. Just as you've said.
  18. Exactly. Why not avoid the secret location and just find the antivenom, apply it to Astrid ?
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