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  1. It works, it works. And everywhere if the driver is instructed to allow it (you can always modify this via Nvidia Profile Inspector, to allow it *everywhere* ). It's AMD MLAA that has a totally erratic behaviour about working or not in a game when forced via driver control panel. Remember to force the Triple Buffering in OpenGL games when you don't see the option in the game itself and you use VSync to avoid tearing Otherwise you'll got the framerate as a submultiple of the refresh rate (refresh rate 60 -> framerate: 60 if FPS>=60, 30 if 30<FPS<60, etc.)
  2. Force (openGL) Triple Buffering via drivers (it works for Radeon and GeForce too). Create a dedicated profile for TDM and enable the option!
  3. Is this a 2.08-related issue in this FM? They even can't be deleted......
  4. But I've removed/wiped every data about, re-downloaded and the green tick is still there! It's why I ask.
  5. This larger-than-life fm makes me think about some things: 1) to remaster/rework to these new high quality standards another "community-wide effort" as a flagship FM for TDM: "Crucible of Omens: Behind Closed Doors" (you know, the ghosts of the lost campaigns return chasing the taffers! ) 1.1) to "join" other campaign fms in one single fm (now it's possibile thanks to TDM technical evolution) when a temporally contiguous setting (read: the same day/night) is properly possible 2) to create a campaign playlist ( https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Fan_Mission_Series ) directly in the downloader
  6. Solid compact FM! Well rounded (except maybe the cellar, and why put it behind *another* hidden door but accessible from the outside? Absolutely no need, a crate-norrowed passage or a plain metal door - from the cellar part - would be more sensed) and crafted! Tested with 2.08, 2 issues: 1) can't take these: 2) can't RE-open this a second time (as I didn't take the loot the first time )
  7. EDIT: same post of jaxa, LOL!
  8. There was already a thread about this topic or something like that.
  9. You must select OpenGL of course and generate an "opengl32.dll" file to put inside the TDM folder. But now TDM has a (very) good SSAO, so no need of ReShade for that.
  10. I mean directly in the text field of the option for now OpenAL EAX OpenAL HRTF (use for stereo speakers setup only) SFX Volume Ambient Volume etc etc
  11. When someone will implement the "graying out" please add to the list the HRTF option when a non-stereo speakers setup is detected. For now please add the text " (for stereo speakers setup only) " along HRTF.
  12. Not working. Must quit TDM and restart it and voilĂ  55 FPS instead of 49.
  13. Game crashes walking there (A New Job)
  14. A strange behaviour about switching the shadows type: 1) Loading mission with Maps -> 55 FPS (see the screenshot of a New Job fm) 2) Switching to Stencil -> 28 FPS 3) Switching back to Maps -> 49 FPS (-6 FPS! ) We got a memory leak or something like that? Garbage collector not working?
  15. Some numbers and strange issues testing Maps vs "old" Stencil Maps: good performance AND correct SSAO Stencil: bad performance (same settings of Maps) - 100% GPU utilisation with lower FPS - and see that AO missing on the safe horizontal bar
  16. Of course, and you can even use them together (see my screenshots)
  17. Same results with 4K desktop resolution! 4K -> 34 FPS 4K+MSAA 4x -> 27 FPS 4K FBOR2 (virtual 8K / 33,2 megapixel) -> 11 FPS
  18. 34 FPS, sorry, a typo! (wrote 43) !
  19. It's not that expensive via FBO, I got 34 FPS vs 66 FPS (MSAA 4x) in the same scene. A simple RX 570 (2017!) with the memory clocked to 2 GHz. You only need bandwidth
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