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  1. Take the enemies design, they're really not so "scary" being Dusk an horror game. Quake Ogres are still nightmarish creatures (combat behaviour, visual "impression", etc.) no matter the low poly technical aspect. It's all about the design.
  2. Dusk has the Doom gameplay of course, but it's so poor in a good number of design aspects and choices to be a "Doom/Quake killer". That's what I'm talking, Cultic is just perfect about the *design*, it's Blood on steroids. If you want the perfect Quake experience just try Arcane Dimensions And for Doom just try CountryCide: https://www.moddb.com/mods/trench-foot-wip/downloads/countrycide
  3. The release of *CULTIC* first chapter is set for October It's literally what Dusk would have been with more design competence. Cultic is TOTALLY recommended, the perfect boomer shooter and homage to those good old times of Blood.
  4. No difference, but I see they reset to their default values (3 / 1) every restart.
  5. Of course stencil improves, from 15 to 19 as expected And single pass doesn't make any difference. No, the problem is somewhere else (related to the new OpenGL Radeon drivers)
  6. Pretty standard: https://pastebin.com/24PcxhFe
  7. Still having the same problem, RX 570 with 22.9.1 (yesterday) drivers, REALLY low framerate (15 FPS). No problem in the menus
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    Now in early access
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    Just think it as an Arx Fatalis 2.0
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    Oh, there's a demo?!
  12. Uncapped (set to 80). But that's not the culprit (already tested). RBDoom3 (not Dhewm): https://github.com/RobertBeckebans/RBDOOM-3-BFG Perfectly flat 120 FPS.
  13. It's ALWAYS off Re-generated the cfg, abysmal performance remains. TDM-specific issue, RBDoom3 (OpenGL) has no problem at all......
  14. Radeon Software 22.8.1 -> massive performance hindrance somewhere (AMD has modified something in the driver this time too). There's no specif option - resolution apart - having influence on this
  15. I'll wait. In fact, it's NOT working with the dev assets (just tested)
  16. Oh, the assets/GUI ! Where I can find the them? Via TDM installer?
  17. Compiling the trunk of course (to have the SSAO fix)
  18. Issues: 1) Objectives/Difficulty text not showing: https://i.postimg.cc/gJpKVgnj/The-Dark-Modx64-2022-08-10-00-49-28-058.jpg 2) Controls Menu labels overlap: https://i.postimg.cc/Wzb6KtmP/The-Dark-Modx64-2022-08-10-00-51-25-040.jpg
  19. New version has SSAO working on Radeon GPUs with lastest drivers
  20. Any news about the SSAO fix in the master trunk?
  21. But doomx64 is not an ID4 Tech game (like TDM), so maybe you'll have some issues with that specific forced optimization.
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