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  1. yay everyone went off topic! Any more info on the undead please? Any screenshots or pictures of the model?
  2. Is there any undead in this mod? A little info on them would be nice.
  3. What is your problem? I said thankyou including the people who tryed to help me. Read it properly.
  4. Thanks mate, I got it working. I went through all that trouble and fixing the problem was as simple as deleting the "Doom 3" at the end of the patch location. Thanks a lot, and to everyone else who "attempted" to help me but gave me wrong solutions and suggestions.
  5. Ok let me add that when I go to programs and into doom 3, there are 2 doom 3 icons. 1 of those icons let me start doom 3 up but it's at version 1.3.1302 and the other icon comes up with couldn't load default.cfg
  6. I installed the patch but it still remains at version 1.3.1302. When I installed the patch I install it to C:\games\doom3\Doom 3\ Is this correct or am I installing the patch wrong?
  7. Damn it it didn't work. It says Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file. Damn it why doesn't anything work! I hate computers!
  8. C:\games\doom3 And into there is the doom 3 folders and I extracted the files into there.
  9. What do you mean? Are you sure thats the problem in particular?
  10. Yessiir it does open. But from there I go into mods and try to start up the dark mod and then the error message comes up.
  11. Yessiir it does open. But from there I go into mods and try to start up the dark mod and then the error message comes up.
  12. Ok I managed to find the Devill.dll file and put it in the system32 folder. But the same problem occurs. Any other ideas?
  13. No sir I haven't, so where do I find this Devill.dll file?
  14. Ok thanks, I managed to get the mod started but as soon as it starts it comes up with a new error message. Runtime error! Program:C:\games\doom3\DOOM3.exe This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Any suggestions?
  15. Ok I installed doom 3, installed the patch but for some reason when I try to start up Doom 3 it comes up with "couldn't load default.cfg". Any ideas how to fix this problem? Thanks.
  16. So much for sticking to the topic. Personally I think all your talk is just as pointless to the thread as my criticism.
  17. No mercy? How could you show any lack of mercy over the net anyway? And telling me not to push what? Personaly I don't give a damn who the rest of the people on this forum are. But anyways... things that make me enjoy a thief map much is how cozy it looks I love seeing cozy fire places in a map, just makes the map seem 10 times better. Well thats my opinion and it's shit. P.S. I don't want any critizim towards me, just stick to the thread.
  18. Yeah I also walk my dog at night, it's a different atmosphere. But in australia it's currently summer, and you don't really feel like walking your dog when the sun is out, and plus the flys in australia are abosolutly annoying!
  19. Ok good news, I have downloaded Thief's Den again and extracted the files with out a problem, this time it didn't report of any corrupt files. But when I start thief's den up it still comes up with that error on that blue windows `couldn't load dynamic library'. So corrupted files couldn't be the problem because there weren't any when I extracted them.
  20. Finally some one who feels the same as I do! One thing I also love about playing thief in winter is going inside the houses. The houses in Thief deadly shadows are always so cosy looking and almost all of them have a nice warm fire burning inside the house. It makes me feel so warm when I see that.
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