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  1. Sure it's no worry, I realise that your time is better spent on the project that being a forum slave. Liked the OST. So, I am quite surprised that people have still not explored the traditional celtic music. Fits so well with the atmosphere and time period. Maybe I am the one missing this but has this been considered?
  2. Hi, So I'm sorry I haven't been around since I first started this topic but no one had replied within a month so I kinda gave up. I'm in the process of downloading the downloadables on this page to get a feel for whats going on. Being Monday I have a whole week of shity studying in front of me, but by Friday night I should get a chance to record a quirky acoustic guitar demo and hopefully an electric ambient thing before the weekend is out.
  3. Hi guys, long time thief fan. So as we all know one of the great things about theif was the sound, the ambient music always in the background. Gave the game its dark atmosphere. I play guitar, I'm pretty good at it and I was wondering if you guys would be in need of anything from the ambient, slow, spooky stuff to the full blown distorted rock riffs for the mod? ~Dearg
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