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  1. Some of my favorite scary games are: Resident Evil Nemesis (PSX): Nothing like getting that keycard you needed only to hear "S.T.A.R.S!" OH SHIT! Condemned 1 and 2 (Xbox 360): Great atmosphere and crazy gameplay. I really like going into rundown buildings and streets in videogames. Quest for Glory 4 (PC): My favorite of the series. I love the transylvania feel along with the Lovecraftian horror that lurks beneath. Plus John-Rhys Davies narrating is just AWESOME.
  2. My Halloween FM was released internally last year's halloween time. I planned on releasing it with the than next update but school sucked out most of my time. So now its a year later. It would be cool if I could finish it and release it this year, however, I'm back at school again and its a real time vampire.
  3. aaah precalc is stealing my mapping time

  4. Congrats Sotha and everyone for putting on a great contest.
  5. While playing the demo, I wanted TDM to have a player hand hold up a lantern
  6. Congrats on the release Komag! I'll give it a go through once SVN is done updating
  7. Dram, I just wanted to tell you that you kick ass.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAn7baRbhx4
  9. Another fun and huge exploration game is Daggerfall.
  10. I do lots of quicksaves, sometimes if I get too crazy about it, It wil crash and loading that quicksave crashes the game too.
  11. This. I remember watching a video about the early years of Mortal Kombat. I think the first game was made by 1 programmer, 1 sound guy and 2 artists. Along with Boon and Tobias. As technology gets more advanced and complex, it takes more to get a project going.
  12. hehe I started playing Might and Magic 4-7 the past few days.
  13. Says the person typing on a computer, who (I'm assuming) lives in a house designed by modern architecture and drives a car. Unless you mean something else by inapplicable?
  14. Baddcog, This one is great! The thing that strikes me most about this one are the visuals. The beginning was looking good . I completed all the objectives, but I couldn't finish it because I had a quicksave crash and it killed my save, so Doom3 would crash whenever I loaded my game (this also happened on Sotha's FM). Nice job BC
  15. I believe there was talk about this at one point, but none of our programmers are Mac programmers. One guy volunteered but I don't think he ever got back to us.
  16. Just finished. The dark, creepy atmosphere was excellent. I really liked the Speaking of I found a bug.
  17. Hey Jesps, Just finished with this one. Very nice! I really liked the way the caves look. I probably would of gone with patches which would of taken forever and I'd get too frustrated Your caves looked simple and they worked. The layout was great too I thought the glowing fungus was overkill in some areas, but worked pretty good for the most part. Oh and I did manage to get stuck twice.
  18. Reminds me of something out of Jules Verne's world
  19. Hmm, maybe it can only handle so much?
  20. you could put an unlit fire stim on the letter so if the player accidently touches the flame to it, it catches on fire and he fails the objective
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