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  1. Deleted everything in my darkmod folder, ran tdm_update and it works again
  2. I understood what you were saying. I deleted TD along with all the other FM mod folders that were created. I'm gonna try backing up my maps and deleting it than reupdating. Thanks for the help
  3. I put the TD demo in the doom 3 folder, still nothing. I wonder if it would be better to just reinstall reformat my computer (I've been tempted to put ubuntu on my desktop.
  4. Okay I installed TD to the Doom 3 folder, what do I do with DevIL.dll? Do I just stick in TDM?
  5. I did a search for .dlls in the doom 3 folder, not just darkmod. I got a bunch of gamex86, replaced it with the one in darkmod. Still nothing. I did a search for DevIL.dll, and found two, but not in Darkmod. Ones in Quark the other is in a HL2 thing called Crafty. Looks like I don't have the DevIL.dll in any doom 3/darkmod folder. I copied it into doom 3 and Darkmod, nothing. currentfm is trapped I also downloaded DevIL, the executable file to install it for windows. nothing
  6. Just did that I get that still nothing. I can't find a .dll file in any FM folder, I looked in the .pk4 files and can't find one either. I did a search for any .dll files in my darkmod folder and the only one is gamex86.dl
  7. I get a bluescreen crash when I run TDM. This happened after I ran tdm_update. I checked the FAQ about this, the only thing that seemed close to what I had was this I tried that an no dice. I tired deleting tdm_events.script and recovering it via SVN, nothing. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. This is irritating Guess I'll have to resort to using my laptop. for now.
  8. Time to bring out the Naughty Book of the Builder (or whatever it was called in T2X)
  9. Which tutorial? Perhaps this page might help you, http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Inventory Read the part about inv_map_start
  10. If you couldn't see, the torches just had their flames, no giving off light. Fidcal told me to use tdm_update, so I did and than I got an error about line 1220 on a script file.
  11. I don't know if you can convert Doom 3 demos to avi. I think you'd need Fraps
  12. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Some of you brought up the good old days of games how its changed so much since. I don't think PC gaming is dying. A big part of me still loves the old games I grew up playing. Every now and than I'll load up Doom, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Thief, Red Alert 2, Quest for Glory (any), Descent, etc. But I also like a lot of newer games that have come out. I played Team Fortress 2 when it came out and still play it. And I absolutely love Mass Effect 2. Video games have shifted from a nerdy thing to a more mainstream approach (like some others in this thread have already stated). Video game companies have been going bankrupt or bought out by other companies and having their old titles be radically changed (Thief: Deadly Shadows, Heroes of Might and Magic 5, Might and Magic: Dark Messiah, Command and Conquer 3), which frustrates some of the older fans. Some companies change the old series but try not to rape the original series... too hard (Fallout 3). So what am I saying? Games may not be the way they used to be, but theres still hope
  13. will do. EDIT: Okay I did that, and when I run TDM, I get this error: I tried deleting that script file and reupdating with svn, no dice.
  14. hmmmmm @Baddcog and Fidcal Have you guys had any torch problems lately? Check my other thread http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/11550-torches-not-working/
  15. Anyone else not having torches lighting up areas? I loaded up The Illusionist's Tower and Trapped! and the torches give off no light. I updated SVN, made my own map and put in some lights and still nothing. (well, the lamp works) note: These lights are from lights/static, so perhaps something is wrong with just those in particular, normal lights still work.
  16. Does he have a portfolio of his work? Sounds like a cool guy
  17. Did that. I even tried it with an entirely new map. Same thing. So it seems Fidcal and I both experience this, anyone else? *edit: I just redid it, I made the water texture on the bottom and it worked So, its somehow reversed or something
  18. For some reason I can't make any swimmable water now. I make my brush, make all faces but the surface nodraw. Pick my water texture, make it a atdm:liquid_water... And it just looks like water, but no swimming. I can jump and fall right through it as if it weren't there. I dmapped it and mapped and I don't know whats going on. Anyone else having trouble with this? I just updated via SVN today
  19. congrats, downloading now edit: Well I'm about 30 mins into and DAMN this thing is TRIPPY!
  20. I perhaps it from when I brightened it up with GIMP? I also had to reduce the quality for JPG image so I could keep them under 1000k
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