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  1. I don't know if this is related to DR or not, but my dmapped my map, it said there was a leak. So I tried to load a point file, tells me its unable to find the .lin file. So I saved it as a new map file, dmapped, tried it again, same thing. I'm not sure how pointfiles are handled. Also, I installed this 1.0.2, and when I go to Help>About it says 1.0.1 (And I did uninstall 1.0.1 before installing 1.0.2)
  2. Oh! wow. I thought it was some crazy ass funhouse thing.
  3. Looks sexy. Just one question... Shouldn't there be builders patrolling around the sancturary and not the citywatch?
  4. Woah, I love that stairway. I take it you intentially made them like that? Reminds me of Contantine's place in Thief. Looks like you took that screenshot from a fisheye lens.
  5. Whatever you thinks best programmer man.
  6. I moved vertecices, hit esc twice, selected the patch again, hit space, boom. I went to help>about and it says "DarkRadiant 1.0.1 x86" "Build Date: Oct 24 2009 20:32:45"
  7. I basically made the 15x15, selected about half the middle verticies, dragged them up sharply, and cloned them.
  8. Greebo, are you sure the patch cloning bug is resolved? To test, I started an empty map, made a 15x15 patch, move a bunch of the vertices and cloned it. It crashed.
  9. I think one of the first mapping tools I ever used was Unrealed, for Wheel of Time. It was okay, I remember liking Hammer/World Craft for Half-life way better. I'm with Mortem Desino, Its hard for me to go back to that after using DR. DR is now my favorite tool
  10. I think for TD, we should extend it. I remember playing the very first mission and thinking "Damn, thats it?". Build that street behind the house, make it a bigger mission!
  11. There are plans to eventually redo SL with the currently released beta. SL and TD aren't compatibile with 1.00. I don't think there are plans to redo TD.
  12. I admit, in embarrassment, that all I had to do was restart my comp ) Sometimes the simplist solution, is the one you don't think about.
  13. Heres the statistics for The Darkmod on Moddb
  14. Like what New Horizon said, it would be asking an awfully huge commitment to go from 5 years worth of work to get 1.00 to a fully blown campaign. Although, I bet most of us would be down for it
  15. Something everyone should be mindful of: When you post screen shots, if its really dark, try touching up the brightness in gimp or photoshop, so we can actually see
  16. What graphics card do you have? Is it ATI? If it is, try disabling the catalyst software.
  17. HappyCheeze


    Cheats are also very useful for playtesting WIP maps Remember, with the Doom 3 console, you can press tab after typing something, for example spawn atdm: will cycle through the various spawnables.
  18. The overall gamma is controlled in settings>video>gamma In Darkradiant, to increase the overall "darkness" would be to brighten the ambient_world, which is a very low light thats cast throughout the whole map. To brighten it, would make it harder to sneak around (because it would be brighter all around)
  19. With ATI GPUs try disabling the ATI catalyst. See if that helps at all. Right-click desktop/CatalystControl Center/3D/All Settings/Disable Catalyst A.I.
  20. I believe SL and TD were separately contained instances of their own kind. I don't think its possible to run them with 1.00. I think there are plans to redo it, to allow it to run on 1.00.
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