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  1. No it isn't ... I upgraded to 1.07 last night and WOW what a great improvement from 1.02! - DL missions right from GUI ... Bloom, etc ... it's all great! .... Wife and I are in the 'A's right now ... only about 45 more mission to go!
  2. wow, glad to read all the angles on this ... So a lack of source prevents coop .... no big it's still super fun as we sit side by side and "synch" up our moves and loot grabs ..... we're always asking, ok, how much you have now? " ... and Oh, you missed the necklace under the book ... " etc .... Just because we don't actually see eachother, it's still fun to go through the same maps at the same time ...... DAM it's hard to get ALL the loot! - I usually get 80-90 % ..... Jessica gets 95 - 100% ... Thanks again guys for all your hard work! - Darrin
  3. What's cliche? Life of the Party?
  4. Yes, Win 7 IS a bit crazy with the permissions, ... I guess it only happened on that 2nd of three part missions ... um Forest .... She loaded up the 3rd mission and it went w/o asking for keys .... We have ours on seperate HDs as well .... D:\Doom3 ... What a blast! - I hope you all realize that You guys make the single most best PC game/ simulator ever made ..... So many hours of truly great gameplay ..... I can't wait till kids are in bed for tonights choice : A night to remember - TTYL! - And thanks! - Darrin
  5. Yeah, she has this win 7 home edition, and it won't even let her have the persmissions (even as admin) to change files without a fight .... I love windows XP 64bit .....
  6. This is truly a great community with a truly great undertaking that is very well done from FMs to this site ....... you guys and gals ALL rock .... DC
  7. I know it's been debated, but no thief in the real world actually works alone .... My wife and I start missions simultaneously so we can kinda feel like we're going through it together, as we sit side by side in our game room .... We played ALL thievery missions together, but that's getting dated fast ..... we also played Doom 3 together using the Last Man Standing D3 Coop mod .... works like a charm for all four of us (two girls play along with us too) It makes family game night a wee bit different in our house ...... I always wondered that since the Last Man Standing Coop mod for Doom 3 worked so well, why couldn't it be an option for TDM? I thought of actually contacting the LMS developers and hiring them to do a custom coop mod for us ... desperate I know , but after Thievery, we realize how fun sneaking around together actually is! All the elements are there, it seems like one would just have to take advantage of it if they knew how ... I mean those guys did it for Doom 3 right? Wife and I envision someday a massive multiplayer online city map server where citazens roamed about thier business, and thieves could work together, share hints, buy and sell items to each other, etc .... We sure wish we could hook up with some of you great folfs for some thieving together!
  8. Too Kewl! - Is it us you are thinking of? or another couple who have actually contributed a map? We were pretty heavy into DR for a while about a year ago .... posted lots of questions and did end up with a good starter map .. you know the tutorial test map ... No thief in the real world actually works alone .... She and I envisioned a massive multiplayer online city map server where thieves could work together, share hints, buy and sell items to each other, etc .... Sure wish we could hook up with some of you for some thieving together ..... We have played Thievery as a family now for years ... my two kids, wife and I all work together and have many maps, but the old Unreal 1 engine is dated graphically. If we had the expertise, we were working on a TDM FM version of T2's "Life of the Party" ... TTYL! - Darrin
  9. TDM runs great on my wife's Windows 7 machine .. BUT every time she chooses a different mission to load, she has to put both D3 and D3 ROE keys in ... no problem, we have the keys and they get her going and for days, as long as she's working on that one mission, it doesn't ask ... but as soon as she loads a different FM, it asks for both keys again. Anyone know of a solid fix? This does NOT occure on my XP64 machine. No big deal, just annoyance ... Any ideas? - thanks! - Darrin
  10. My wife and I are HUGE Thief fans. We play the same maps at the same time so we can kinda feel like we're thieving around together. We are enjoying your maps like you wouldn't believe. We did go through the DarkRadiant tutorial, and we both made the small test map, so we know how much work you guys all put into it. We apprecaite it GREATLY as without TDM we would be playing TDS over and over and over again right now. TDM tops TDS if only for the arrow rope return alone ... but MANY other aspects put TDM at the top of our list. I read something about Thief 4 coming out ... initially excited, but after consideration, I actually have little interest in it .... hopefully they won't ruin it .... TDM is complete satisfaction and I have no need for anything else. TDM is still going to be overall generally more enjoyable as you FM developers put so much into our enjoyment .... Again, Thank You and Happy Holidays!
  11. Thank You TDM Mission/Map Makers!

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      Looks like T3 to me.

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      Really? Hah! It is long ago since I played T3 ^^

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      your welcome Darrin.

  12. wow ... you are one determined individual ... so with the expression disabled, 3rd party .pk4's will be ignored, right? - so fun building in DR, ... almost at the bottom of pg 3 in tutorial ... last night was water, tonight is fog lighting! l8ter - DC
  13. DOH! - You Mean Texture Lock is universal!?! - I thought each brush or entity held it's own value of wether texture lock was on or off ... ok, so i turn it on, then bring in the prefab ... yup ... that fixed it! - thank you! thank you! when working with walls texture lock OFF too match ... when working with rugs or beams, texture lock ON to retain the textures placement on the object ... got it ... Now off to take kids sliding ... it's snowing here in central Maine like mad .... but while I'm sliding I'll be thinking about how later tonight I'll be learning how to bring in snow, ... it's just a little bit further down page 3! - out
  14. so all is going well in the courtyard area ... except for one thing ... ALL I did was bring in the prefab and tell the top sections of wall to use the skybox, .. . and this is how the moon looks: I tried the other 'tdm_sky_starry2.pfb' ... same effect ... any suggestions?
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