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  1. No, my original thief runs perfectly ok. Just for some reason darkmod developers decided to make
  2. I agree, i always get stuck there and have to use noclip to get out...
  3. Like i said, often there are no place and you are standing near the door. You open it and occasionally your body blocks the door, so you will have to close it and open once again to open it wide enough to get inside. Boooooriiiiing
  4. Well we can live with many things, with squeezed interface on 16:9 monitors, with slow doors, with clunky item movement, with sounds that comes through walls... half a second was just on the edge. half a second more and this is a boring picture...
  5. That's exactly what i wanted to hear. Thank you very much!
  6. Well, you cant compare game and real life. And irl door opening speed is only limited by the speed of your hands What i'm saying that in thief 1-2 doors was opening much faster. That's all.
  7. Guys, doors are opening VERY slow. And if you are on its way it will stuck (like in original thief) and ull have to reopen it. And its slooooow
  8. Guys, is there any list of FMs that are tested to be compatible with 2.0?
  9. Table in archer section is floating in air.
  10. I'm sitting on 16:9, tell me what i should edit
  11. Guys, i've installed 2.0, today in 2013, and still see stretched main menu in 1920x1080, same for lightning gem in game. Last time i was wondering wtf you said its all because we don't have sources, but not you have them, so what's the problem? Or development team is still sitting on 19inch 1280x1024?)
  12. I've got another suggestion. We have two "scrolls", one with fm list and another with download schedule, right? How about to merge them? Just add check boxes and it will be enough (also it will allow to download few missions at once). This will free some space for columns where useful data could be placed, release date, completion time (this will also be a sign that you've played this fm) and author name. And please, add some filter option. For example it would be perfect to filter mission list by author and release date so i could play all missions from GOGA in chronological order.
  13. No its not like "guys, your box movement is horrible, quickly remake it or else i won't play your mod@. Its more like showing, from another perspective, which part of mod looks weird or unpleasant. If its possible to make guards standing up faster, it would be perfect, if its not then no problem. Sorry if i sounded like an angry kid who don't like his present...
  14. I'm just suggesting things, why my critics is welcomed with spears? You accept only praise? Just making boxes to move like candle would work much better. Speeding up animation also won't take too much time. In the end, I'm not talking here about the soft shadows or adding SSAO. Sorry if my words looked like an accuse or smth. Dark mod is wonderful and interesting project, but as anything else, in our world, its not perfect. I'm trying to summarize all disadvantages to see if there is any way to solve them. For example low performance or widescreen friendly interface could be achieved only via source code, ok, no problem. And so on...
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