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  1. I see you guess don't like my intelligent responses even though you know I'm right about most of the things we spoke about so far on this forum. Well, I guess there will be no point of me hanging out here since I have to be approved by admin.
  2. Never edited any post, the only post I might of edited was the post I repeated myself on.
  3. Once again, another immature response by someone who lacks enough self-esteam and education. Way to go! You wrote: Yes, I do have low self esteem. At least you admit it!
  4. I've been acting like a adult since I came on this forum, and I have NOT named called anyone like the previous post. Sure I might of act upset but it has nothing to do with me being a adult. If you go on any search engine and type in for example: (problems with dark mod) you would be surprised on how many other post in other forums of people who are having problems.
  5. This is a real intelligent response, for someone who has low self-esteem (like yourself) this would be the type of answer a person would expect. Specially since you have no experience or intelligence in computer or software to say anything whatsoever. Say what you will, but no one will believe your lies and BS after posting such things as (name calling). If anything maybe its best for you to go away because we don't like children the post and use verbal language to build there self-esteem on a forum.
  6. Either way you look at it the Dark Mod needs a lot of work, in order for it to WORK on every OS and be stable.
  7. Thanks for you reply, the training mission does work without the compiling, it just take 2 times to start it up. (no big deal for me) I just can't get the FM's to work. I don't know if compiling the fm's would work or not?
  8. 2.4 gig quad core Intel, 4 gig of memory 250 gig of HD. 8800GTS 640mb, 22 inch ViewSonic, are my system specs. The error after it shows nothing on the objectives screen, couldn't load maps map/mapname (it says this regardless what map I load just uses map name. I also have the updated doom before starting the tdm.update. 1304 is shows on doom console. Then after I click on buy equipment it loads up the menu screen. Now if coding is the problem I don't mind modify it threw notepad it helps the game to work. Everything is up to date. So if I can't run it after a fresh install then others WHO THINK they have Vista 64 are probably running it on 32 bit version. So if your telling me you team can run it then tell me what is causing it?
  9. You lie threw your teeth, then you must not have the Vista 64 version with a quad core processor..I reinstalled vista and before and after I up dated the dark mod I try playing and still get the same error. No objectives and after clicking on the objectives it says couldn't load maps maps/outpost, BUT it says this on every fm just the map name after /. And it still take at least 2 times to load the training mission..
  10. Get use to it I have a 64 bit version of windows and the game will not load a FM at all. Training mission normally take at least 2 startups.
  11. Nice to see the mission works for ya, us 64 bit OS fans don't get the benefit of the game working the FMs working at all. Very unknown error and there no way around it.
  12. I will just mess around with it, if it comes down to it I will install windows 7 and hope for the best. I do agree it can be frustrating, especially if you are a fan of this type of game and I thank you for your help. I do apologize for my attitude and I should have not just lashed out like I did. I will try to figure it out, or maybe try windows 7. I'm stumped at this point...
  13. ("no chance it's my failure, so it must be that those idiots who made the mod were stupid and failed to support 64 bit systems!"). I never called them idiots or stupid, yes you are right I was frustrated, and maybe I should have not said that it didn't work on ALL OS 64 bit systems; if I made it sound that way.
  14. Well I tried that and received no response, so it seems that the only way you people co-respond is with someones attitude. But look it worked! Bioshocked worked great even a pirated version worked great. you say: have or have not done though. I worked as a professional in the computer maintenance and repair industry for over five years. I been in it for 7 and had my own corporation. So I know what your getting at no need to explain. There is no accusations I'm only stated the facts. You are right about one thing it is free, BUT when companies give free products "they work or they don't release it." Why? because of situations like you are having today. Remember word of the mouth is the most powerful tool in the industry and being a business professional you should know that already. It can easily bring a company down as fast as it starts. (Redownload the FM...and if you're using Internet Explorer, make sure it doesn't change the download to a .zip file...if it does, rename it to .pk4. Drop the newly downloaded .pk4 into doom3\darkmod\fms\. As long as you have the original pk4 that you downloaded in the fms folder, TDM will detect it when you start the mission with the tdm launcher) Tried it had no success.
  15. Well for starters I get no objectives, when I click objectives. It gives me a can't load map/maps/oupost. The dark mod does this for every Fm then returns to the menu, after I click buy equipment. I even copied the name of the map over to the fm folder from the Doom3 directory(which had the gamex86 in it). This didn't resolve the issue but was worth a shot. I had no choice to unzip them and put them in there own folder name, in order to have it show up on the in the game menu. Even after I put the pk4 at the end of the folder name or zip file. The DM doesn't detect it this is why I have to unzip them into there own folder. I followed the steps in the FAQ related to my problem, but did nothing for me. Vista 64 up to date fresh install of doom 3 game was patched right after instal 1.3.1 training mission works So what do you think it could be?
  16. Were I got my info from, its just common sense to know if you are going to build something for the public to use, to make sure it works on every OS on the market; specially windows. My facts is I have a 64 bit system power house machine fully up to date, and the DM fm mission don't work at all! And I did tons of research on these forums to fix the problem and had no luck.
  17. Don't get your hopes up, it won't even run on 64bit processor OS. You think the deves of D.m. would make sure it worked on 64 bit systems since half the population in the U.S.A has a 64 bit processor and system. :-/ Vista 64 and 32 have the largest integrated market in new PCs nationwide.
  18. Hello everyone, I'm fairly new. I can't get the fm maps to load in the Darkmod.I get no objectives or map, when I click map it gives me a in the game error map can't load. then returns to the menu, after I click buy equipment. I even copied the name of the map over to the fm folder from the Doom3 directory(which had the gamex86 in it). I have no choice to unzip them and put them in there own folder name, in order to have it show up on the in the game menu. I'm out of ideas do anyone of you know how to fix this problem?? I followed the steps in the FAQ related to my problem. It seems they don't have a problem for the problem I have..Your help would be appreciated. Vista 64 fresh install of doom 3 game patch 1.3.1
  19. What the DEVS should have done is when released it made sure it worked on EVERY operating system. I can't get this mod to work at all on Vista 64. So having a stand alone installer would of been nice in the first place. OR should have done in the first place.
  20. I already done this and still get the error, in fact I got the error after I did that.
  21. Hi everyone I am new and I been wanting to try this demo out. the only problems I have is what you see in the pictures. The short I can copy the +set fs_game thiefs_den only after the " <-- quotation marks. it will not allow me to copy within without giving me a error. I did do the instructions exactly as in copy the file in windows/system32 folder un my Vista 64. I even copyed the dev.dll file in the doom directory. I am stumped even after installing the new patch. The game ran fine till I installed the thief den demo. I attached 2 picture files if they don't work I will try them in image shack with a follow up. Just click on the image to enlarge. I need some advice anyone know what this could be? Thanks
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