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  1. I like the idea of having an option for unlimited, and player chosen no. of saves (didn't SOF have this?). I guess in the briefing or readme, the FM author could display his recommendation for the number of saves the player might wanna use on the mission. But no way should a limit be imposed by default, and be unchangable.
  2. You could also add some random toe stubbing, which would bring a large auditory detriment to your stealth, in the form of loud, colourful language.
  3. toolman

    Episode Iii

    No tags? you could type SPOILARRRRRRRR and then type it up. I can't say I'm going go out of my way to see this POS. If it somehow accidently lands on my pc via some freak occurance of binary magic at some stage, I may give it the once over. But I haven't been particularly fussed on the series since I saw Phantom Menace some years ago. I was even less gratified when I had the misfortune of accidently stumbling onto teh cloney clones. What with the tacky ass love story, and tepid cgi. Seems to me that McLucas got all murdery on the Star Wars fan in me.
  4. http://files.americas.creative.com/manuald...GY2_1_84_50.exe btw, filemirrors is good for this sort of stuff
  5. Wow, looks pretty shiney. How's the combat work in it? Does it involve any player skill or is it just pure clickery?
  6. Haven't read a book in a while, but frequently listen to audiobooks, which are ideal for a multiasking badass like myself. Obviously enjoyment depends on whether or not it's being read by a god damned speak a tron 4000 robot voice, which half the ones I acquire seem to be. Have recently got through Ender's Game, which was great. Basically a sci fi story about how the powers that be indoctrinate very young boys into becoming supreme military minds, setting them up to lead in Earth's ongoing fight against an enemy alien race (the "Buggers" ). Ender being the boy that they put utmost focus on t
  7. Or when handing books back to the students, accidently throwing them at their face (that was a good one). Good luck!
  8. Have asked Renzatic, about becoming a beta mapper. He told me scurry here and post, so here I scurry. Have become quite intrigued with level editing since t3d was released a couple of months ago. Very new to it all but enjoying it. What with all the headscratching and cursing. If there is any chance in having a pop at being a beta mapper for tDM I would very much like to take it up, being such a big thief fan. Couple of screenshots on my wip with t3d.. http://img260.echo.cx/my.php?image=ghg7as.jpg http://img125.echo.cx/my.php?image=ght9nd.jpg Qualifications: Currently in possession
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