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  1. Thanks, that answers what I was thinking about. In case anyone has wondered about my absence, it is mainly because I sold my old computer and have bought a laptop instead. I still need to get an external sound card, and that will probably happen sometime this autumn. I am still interested in this project.
  2. Well, I was thinking more about if any copyright complications might occur, for me or the DarkMod crew, when there is music that comes with the DarkMod not made with a legit Reason. If the release can attract any "heat", more specifically. I'm not wondering if it is within the law or not, those things I already know. Just wanted to see if you guys have a policy concerning this kind of software. I should add that I am using it now mainly as trial, if I continue to use it I will buy it. There is also the issue with money, which I don't have in abundance exactly at the moment. I already have a retail Cubase copy, so I'm not a cheap pirating person.
  3. Samples from Reason should be free of use, they are part of the program. My copy of Reason is not obtained through the regular channels though, so to speak, is that going to be an eventual problem?
  4. For me, it doesn't matter. I can make separate samples, or I can merge them in the track. Since it would be easier for you to pick whatever you like from samples, I'll go for that. I'll just avoid a rhythmic baseline, as phide suggests. Please note that I can't produce any real ambient sounds by recording. All I've got is Reason, midi keyboard and a guitar. Reason has a wide variety of nice pads for environmental vibes anyway.
  5. Don't worry, I'm not educated myself. Not in music anyway. What I am unclear about is just if you want the other smaller samples to be merged with the track, or if you want them separately so you can add them over the baseline at will? I'm asking this mainly because the baseline can't be too intricate if you intend to copy and reuse some sections of the track, instead of using separate samples. Okay. The toolset and some missions to go with that is great nonetheless. Maybe some other modders will make a campaign someday.
  6. Ahh I understand. It's not 100% that it will be a campaign at all? Just separate missions? I thought there was some T2X-like campaign in the making...
  7. I understand. I thought you were working parallell with the game, which on second thought is not a very good idea when the tools are not finished. But, are there any plans of using the current missions or are they just temporary? Bonehoard sounds interesting, since it's so desolate, mysterious and creepy it should be a good place for moody ambience. I guess you want one consistent track that you can sample different parts from, but that in a whole also is usable?
  8. By advice from a team member I'll make this thread were I upload my contributions, for evaluation by the others. I'm not egocentric, I just think it's convenient to organize all my works, suggestions and questions in one thread. I might begin with some questions and suggestions: 1. What do you guys think of having a musical score that's recurring throughout the game, in various variations? Like in the intro, and then vaguely in some parts of the game, and then more fullblown towards the end? It has been done successfully in games like Metal Gear Solid, and in movies like Last of the Mohicans. It can really build up a nice feeling. 2. Are there any specific missions/places I should do music for, or am I free to make whatever I like? I thought it would be better if I have knowledge of the different areas in the game, so that I can make music specifically suited for those parts of the game. Like, you tell me you need ambient music for a monastery, and then I make something that sounds like a monastery ambience. 3. Any music for combat needed?
  9. I don't think it fits in actually. I myself don't view the Thief universe as particularly celtic. Nevertheless, celtic folk is catchy, so it could work. For instance, in or outside a tavern. EDIT: I might add that I'm not the one to tell you what to do. Just wanted to express my view on celtic music in Thief generally. A deviation from canon is not bad actually, unwillingness to try new things leads to stagnation.
  10. Thanks. With that information I managed to get a sound in Reason that was quite similar to the one in Defiled Church, although not identical.
  11. I understand. So I am the only music guy at the moment? I've looked into that bit crusher-thingy, but can't find anything. Nevermind about that though, I've found some really nice pads that I can use now.
  12. No Reason users or is my thread just plain stupid? I discovered that the patches called "Pads" are very good for creating a dark background in the ambience, if anyone else would find himself in the same situation as me.
  13. I've mostly used Cubase earlier, but have switched to Reason for it's midi capacities. I was wondering if any others use Reason, and maybe if you have any general or specific advices concerning making ambient music in this program? Let this be a thread for us (I presume there are more than me) who use Reason and who want to share our thoughts, tips and tricks about it with the other contributors/team members. Since I believe most people that make ambient music use Reason, I thought this thread justified in the DarkMod forums. One thing in particular I would like to know is recommended patches for bass ambience, like the one in 'Outside the Mansion' and 'Defiled Church'? I've tried a lot of patches, but can't find any that really has the right Thief-sound, not necessarily like in the aforementioned tracks mind you. (I may just be picky, but that's better than sloppy methinks) /K
  14. Of course, it is good if an actual team member, one who seems to be more experienced with production, can make final touches. Alas, my current sound card does not support that sample rate, but I am getting an external Tascam US-22L USB 2.0 which will handle that. I agree, a well produced track with bad content is worse than the other way around for example. Yup, male. Sorry to disappoint you. :-P I sent a PM to New_Horizons, in case he wouldn't check this thread. Haven't got a reply, according to the FAQ he gives a reply when he's decided so I'll just wait. But, if more samples are wanted before deciding, please tell me and I will see to that.
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