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  1. I have no idea how the prefabs would suddenly disappear if they worked before, but you can extract them from tdm_prefabs01.pk4 (located in the darkmod folder with launcher etc.). Though I guess you'd have to have done that before to get them working in the first place.
  2. Nice atmospheric shot jdude, the stones on the ground really make it look more real. Baddcog's machine looks interesting too, pipes and steam is always good .
  3. You do? I've always just dragged around the vertices and started moving them around, hitting enter doesn't seem to do anything as far as I can see.
  4. Haven't given up yet, thought I'd post a wip screenshot of one of the smaller houses so someone could one up me and we'd all see more pretty pretty pictures . And of course I only noticed the tiling errors at the wall panels after uploading. Well, too lazy to go take a better shot, this'll have to do. Now post them pictures, surely there are tons of missions in the works, other than top secret ones too
  5. Thank you all, and yes, the beams are square cylinders. Regarding thinking about details, I do tend to get stuck fiddling with a torch cover or cornerstone or something equally minor for way longer than I should, at least at this stage of the mission .
  6. I've been working on my first mission for some time now, hopefully this will get finished one day. Trying not to get too ambitious, so just a standard "take the streets to rich man's house, loot said house" mission (unless of course I happen to come up with something great that simply _needs_ to be made). Neither of the areas below are finished, but starting to look like something anyway.
  7. Yeah, most of the models I've used have been perfectly fine, and pillars and such often fit the surroundings better when made yourself for the specific mission anyway. I guess I'll try the modeling software route if real need arises, shouldn't be too hard to figure out since I have dabbled with 3ds max and some other such programs before. In the meantime, thanks to Fidcal for the explanation regarding the rotate hack
  8. Sorry if this has been said somewhere already, but I couldn't find an answer with the search (except posts in Oszk√°r's thread saying it's not currently possible in DR): is resizing models simply impossible, as in not going to be in some future version of DR because it's somehow not feasible, or just not implemented yet? I suppose I could learn how to resize models in max or some other modeler, but it just seems like a huge amount of effort for such a simple thing (though if I'll keep on mapping long enough I probably will one day try it anyway).
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