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  1. God does what he lists. Evil is not a definition created by mankind but by god. Basically what he does is what good is. It is not what you think good is or what you would want god to do but what he does and what he says that are what good is. Good is not a thing we created and god lives up to but good rather a thing god IS and we should live up too. So say all the things you want about how you think god is evil for shock value or whatever I am not shocked if he does this or that. Realize that it s not up to you to decide what is good and what is not. Don’t assume that you can out bible me just because I pronounce my faith unequivocally. Your tone Is one of superiority. You speak as if you where schooling me or shocking me with details that are written in my book. Why do you feel that you can surprise me with oh so horrible details from the testaments of the bible. Why do want to try and put me in my place. How wonderful it must be to speak to those who disagree with you as they must not have any sense. How dare you exalt yourself so high as to attempt to give me a lesson. That is arrogance at its best. When you assume you know more about my faith than I do. When you point out this or that detail do you really think so little of me that you think I am an average Christian. Maybe you think I can be surprised with a psalm or two. If you had read the bible as you claim you have maybe you skipped the part about Jesus and the new deal? Or maybe you didn’t understand it. We fear what we don’t understand. When you can read it in Greek then come to me you naïve. But don’t interrupt my Hebrew lesson or I will have to forgive you. I would say you shouldn’t make those kind of assumptions about people of faith being truly ignorant about there holy book (maybe some really are ignorant followers) but I guess you already know that and that you meant to put yourself in a position of superiority. ((( some are not as ignorant as you think and we follow still))) Lets talk about your inferiority complex next.
  2. Yes you have been saying that "that throughout history the opposite has usually been the case." But you are wrong. " I think you look at religion and see the inquisition as if it was a bad thing. i say it weeded out those who wouldn’t follow the rules. those who wouldn’t conform to the needed structure. Religious beliefs are the backbone of culture and the structure upon witch all civilization can occur. With out common beliefs you don’t even have a nation. Religion (to anthropologist) evolved to serve a purpose. That purpose is to get us all on the same sheet of music. The proof of this is we are still here. You can sight this act and that act and say look see I told you so religious war this religious war that. Lending or sighting one historical event over another is pointless because all history proves is we are still here. Don’t try and say history proves otherwise because you don’t know the unknowable history. That unknowable history is that history that is unknowable. Look, all history sucks its all death and destruction. So you can sight some event or another that is related to the RELIGIOUS PROBLEM big deal you find exactly what you where looking for conflicts. I can do the same thing in a secular way. What is history but the record of conflict.? History doesn’t record the mundane. You are saying curing some particular disease is useful but I say if there is no purpose in life then who cares if we all die or all live forever. no one does. The point is useful is a very relative term. You really need to reexamine your definition of useful. If there is no god then you are as useful as an atom sitting next to you. Your life is as important and as unimportant as the universe in its entirety. By the way I don’t think atheist kick puppies but I do think they are lacking in the love department, as are many SO CALLED Christians. Most Christians are not true Christians they are facsimiles. I never said that a particular religious group actually had loved their neighbors only that at least they have such tenements. It is at least good that they hope for goodness or hope for kindness. It is good that they hope for change. I wouldn’t say most people who claim to be Christians follow the tenements of their faith. What I would say is that it is wrong to blame the religion as if it is the book or the tenements that are evil. It’s not the rules or the tenements that are evil but the people who say I follow this or I follow that and then they walk the other way. I was saying that people shouldn’t blame religion for the problems of the world. Its not the religions fault people misuse it. Or why blame it on the religion blame it on the evil people. I am not a Christian because I say so, I may simply be a facsimile you must test me. I hope upon hope with all my heart that violence will end and that mankind will be a brotherhood; men will treat men with dignity. A man goes to far when he says I don’t want to be a part of the collective because “I have views that are out of bounds.” How selfish have we become when we say my personal satisfaction my personal truth is more important than the collective. As far as evolution I don’t know is the best I can give. Neither can you. I don’t believe a hypothesis simply because it seems to fit. Look at Einstein’s theory it seems to be proven. If it works at all it should work everywhere even in small stuff. But we all know his theory doesn’t work in small stuff. So they came up with quantum physics. Then you go look at things with huge masses but are really small spaces and find neither work alone and they do not both work together. There must be a third answer that defines what is really going on. My point is evolution is one of those things that looks right but most likely isn’t. So I defer to religion and that is ok. Religion will not ruin my small insignificant time. So I go with it and I find it reminds me to be the best I can be. If me being the best I can be is good than good for the collective. What evolved first sex drive or sex parts? Besides I have noted earlier that I had miss read ORB WEAVERS comment. This conversation debating the validity status of religion doesn’t belong here and I am not sure I want to keep it up. So post what you want here if it so pleases you but as for me I think it is as pointless as our existence. Maybe strings theory hmm I don’t know can we stop thinking so hard. It hurts my small brain. Even on PBS they try and teach children how to treat others with respect. So its ok to come form TV but not the BOOKS. it is absurd to say children and grown ups to know from birth how to be a good person. Have you ever seen a child with all the toys take a toy from the kid who has one. BE HONEST AT LEAT TO YOUR SELF do you know good from evil because you are not a sociopath. Then why have parents or teachers. Why pass down knowledge. Why teach children to be good heck they aren’t sociopath right. People aren’t born with right and wrong imprinted in their brain it comes from teaching and teacher use BOOKS Christian teachers teach Christian values with a Christian book. It is absurd totally on its biases to say only a sociopath will not instinctively know how to treat people. Your wrong. People need to be taught how to be empathetic how to love how to be honest how to acceptably express feelings how to not lye how to not steel. Man you are wrong and the sad thing is you probably know you are wrong but you hate the idea of god so much you lye to cover your self.
  3. straw man A made-up version of an opponent’s argument that can easily be defeated. To accuse people of attacking a straw man is to suggest that they are avoiding worthier opponents and more valid criticisms of their own position: “His speech had emotional appeal, but it wasn’t really convincing because he attacked a straw man rather than addressing the real issues.”
  4. hey dude its not STRAW MAN argument its an example of some fact or other that would for some dissolve the reasoning behind there religious belief. this example was given to simply say that religious belief can often have more benefit than harm. And that knowing and understanding all the universe may not be as helpful as having a calm cool religious belief. Do, not for the love of god, place all religions into a box and say “hey look at these dumb people who don’t believe in this theory or that theory.” If religious belief is a part of the process of evolution or if it is the real truth and people are really just monkeys or apes or whatever, what good does it do them to know unequivocally they are apes: none. it doesn’t. . There are many such examples where we have denounced religious ideas in favor of unhelpful scientific beliefs. Social structure is necessary. What happened here was I misread orbs earlier statement that sounded to me as if he where denouncing religion as an oppressive institute. But then he made that comment about the KKK. So I am sorry for misreading and getting so excited. I owe ORB apologies for doing so great an injustice to him and not reading his statement clearly now I see it was me miss quoting him and for that I am sorry. PS labeling every argument not based on some fact or other but rather reason and logic a STRAW MAN argument is a really cool way of attempting to defeat their argument. All you have to do is say “ that argument is STRAW MAN argument and then you don’t have to use your brain and reason you only have to say there’s no facts in it., some argument s have no facts there are only reason and logic. You can go back to that seminar on Critical Thinking and really listen to the definition of straw man argument.
  5. Being white and being nice hmm One a choice each individual makes another the color of ones skin defined by DNA.. Interesting comparison. I get it, so because there are some groups like KKK that means we should throw away all the great churches that teach tolerance and love. I can’t see how you can intelligently make that connection. The kkk use hate and fear and march with weapons. Churches use preachers who spend there days hoping upon hope that the message of love is spread just a little each day. I see how you got confused. One is a hate group the other is a love group. I see how confusing that can be. people who care that you find enlightenment that is beneficial to you must be a stressful situation. It must be hard to decide on your own what groups are good and what groups are bad. So just throw all groups out. Really I think comparing my little country church to the KKK is absurd. All groups preach something. Even that science club and that math club you once frequented. ORBY HOW OLD ARE YOU JUST WONDERING… Hey I still love you ORBY. Your great.
  6. When we have gotten to the point that a we see every organization that begged us to be good moral and loving friendly human beings as OPRESSING we are ready for the real thing.... OPRESSIVE isn’t the second name of religion. Oppressing isn’t begging you to come to church. Oppressive isn’t hoping with all there might that you might find the a certain valuable enlightenment. The error of mankind is to say religion is oppressing me. Religion is holding me down. Asking me to be a kind loving human being. Maybe some religious groups have ruined it for the rest of us, I don’t know. Maybe a few bad apples really do spoil the bunch. But as for my family and me we serve the lord. He doesn’t oppress me. Whether he is real or imagined. I have gained more than I have lost simply by adopting a new social contract. What good would it do me to know unequivocally that I am a monkey: none. What harm could come in me worshiping a deity that asks me only to love my neighbor. It’s a little selfish to say “I feel OPRESSED when people ask me to be nice and good and kind. If anything antireligious groups have become the new oppressors. What you should say is “I feel oppressed when people ask me to be good person because I generally am not.” Its time we stop bashing the religious. I know this mostly doesn’t pertain to Iran but I just read the part about poor orb-weaver who has been oppressed by religious people because they ruthlessly demanded he be nice and good and kind and love his neighbored…plus they also ask him for money to help feed the poor children. You know how orb hates those children…or was it he loves his money more…either way Nothing against you ORB I love you but many of you guys got religion all lumped in together. We aren’t all the same thing you know. Some aren’t hypocrites. Some aren’t oppressors some really do love there neighbors and some really try to help. And some really hope to teach others to be kind too.
  7. I have heard of elephant dreams So it must be a question of community. How about photorealistic. Stuff for blender I wonder where is a good place to view other people’s work. I find all sorts of really great stuff for 3ds max but not so much for BLENDER. Why in you alls opinion is that.
  8. I have been using blender for a few months. so I am pretty ok with the interface. 3d max5 seems to have an ok interface but need its of tutorials before I could do anything (like make an apple) I was really wondering if the features of each program would set one above the other in your opinions. What I have seen is that 3d max sights have really great images and lots of them. and blender has some great and some average and not that many images. Is it a fact that blender just has a smaller community. Or that 3d max is a better program Can someone tell me what they think it is COMMUNITY OR PROGRAM when you compare blender ART galleries and 3ds max art galleries you don’t get similar results. Look at this thing I found. The guy used an Athlon 1.4 and 3ds max . I assume it was a MAX version 6 or less becouse of his system's stats. http://www.this-wonderful-life.com/twl.htm# Does the blender community have stuff like that if so where do I find it?. And is this the fault of the program or the artist in the two communities…? What do you all think.
  9. I was wondering what you all think. What is better if I where to chose one over the other ((((Knowing first that I am interested in 3d for no more than personal entertainment. So the quality of the models and animations and STUFF would be what I care about rather than” learning some industry standard”))) 3ds max 5 OR the most current version of BLENDER 2.42 What PROGRAM is best at the specified version above? The reason I ask is because I have one of each and am curios if 3ds max 5 was better than blender 2.42
  10. Demagogue Yes it was my especially large desk that attracted my wife to me. She loves some desk. I mean now she doesn’t care for it so much because she has been around it so long. its not so important in our relationship. My desk isn’t what is used to be. I am the only one who uses my desk anymore. Oh, that I could get some one to look at my desk; To rub it with fine oils, to polish its surface, to repair the inlay. I have but little hope that the wooden casters will remain intact. You know casters size can help determine age and value of a desk. America’s road show is great inspiration though. That and bargain hunters
  11. I just wanted to say that I am beginning to actual like this editor. Usually making a map is a pain and there is lots of starting over. I am glad to say that because this program runs smooth on my machine. I know it’s a memory hardware sort of issue but for my 2 1/2 year old computer that is a great start. I am glad that now most of the heartache of creating a level is quashed. The computer locked up hard on thief edit so I moved to Doomedit; where the computer memory was a huge issue. Doomedit also has a few quarks that cause big problems in my computer like that darn warning about 80% of memory is used please save ding ding ding ding ding and then 50 or so more warning of the same pop up … with that happening every few minutes I was having more trouble creating a map than it was worth. But now I have actually had fun creating a map. A combination of fewer problems with the editor and the intuitive interface, have made editing a joy. I am going now to get back to my mapping. The direction you are all going is great. I have had my concerns and you have tolerantly explained those concerns away. Keep up the good work. You are well on your way
  12. "There is A Monster At The End of This Book" is the most enlightening story ever told by monsters. Grover's insightful testimony is riveting.
  13. i hoped it was boobies real or fake but still interesting how far it has all come...
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