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  1. Yes the mod requires doom3 to run. I completely understand not having d3 installed since you guys are standalone. If its a hassle dont worry about as I wouldnt want to hold you guys up any. I do appreciate the effort looking into it. cross hair stuff is located in the playercursor.cpp file Since posting this topic; a port to dhewm has started. So maybe itll get tackled during or afterwards with a cleaner code on hand. Once again thanks for the look!
  2. Been scouring the net for an active community for doom3 and this was the most active outside of github source codes... so I figured it might be worth a shot. Looking to see if there is anyone who can give me a hand fixing up the thirdperson cross hair for Doom 3 Ruiner. There are 2 bugs in it. I'm hoping to get a fix included for the upcoming, and long overdue, patch for the mod. This is probably the biggest bug in the mod. The first bug is from the trace line made to determine the cross hair's position. When playing the mod, type g_debugweapon 1 in the console to show the line used
  3. Thanks for the help. Are there any work arounds for the rotation? I'm trying to merge a fully completed area from map into another.
  4. Think I might have missed an option or something about this. Is it possible when cloning something, hitting the space bar, for it not to offset automatically? The other thing I keep running into is when I try to rotate world spawns with entities together. The entities are not rotating correctly. It looks like theres some sort of offset going on relative to their position. I've been using this when copying and rotating structures with props on them.
  5. Great release. Love the new texture align options
  6. sorry for getting back to this so late... just been mapping like crazy lately. But yes it is to turn patches into brushes. d3edit allows you to turn patches into brushes or visa versa. Nothing I would consider critical, just useful.
  7. I don't know if & where it is in dark rad, but I do use this in doom ed. There is an option to turn patches into brushes. Selection > Make structural. I find this option very useful if i'm doing caves. I'll create the caves or mountain sides in patches, convert it to brushes, export the obj, give it proper uvmapping, and then export it into an lwo. Usually the uv's only need a quick Atlas or LSCM. Some programs like ultimate unwrap 3d do this in one button press. The results come out very good and really fool the eye when a good texture is applied to it. I can post some scre
  8. Just tried the build out. All the textures are working Thanks for the very fast fix!
  9. It happens with doom3 default models, and also just default doom3 mapping. Their textures also don't show up during the model preview window. Could it be another program or driver I might need to update?
  10. I've tried what you mentioned in the first post, but that didn't help. Cleaned out my doom3 directory, removed all traces off DR, and then installed it again. Still the same deal. I then reverted back to the last build and everything shows up. I'm seeing it on all kinds of models, lwo, ase, and lwo. Its not all of them, I would say 90% don't show. Sometimes I'll see of the materials on a model, but not the other. I then installed a few mods and checked again. It does it their assets as well. Very strange. Could there be something outside of DR i need to update?
  11. Noticed after installing 9.11 that none of the models for a majority of the map objects, monsters, and other entities arenot seen in the 3d view. Each one has the blue and back shader not found texture on them. This happened to many default and custom models. I'm not sure if its a setting i'm missing. I unistalled 911 and put 910 back in and all the textures on the models showed up. I then unistalled 910, and put 911 in again, the problem was still there. I'm using the 911 installer and have the problem with a majority of models currently in the map, and any new ones I add in. I also
  12. Thanks for the help. What I was trying to doable in the texture tool. Its been years since I really sat down to create actual levels with radiant and not box rooms for testing out stuff. Came from a hammer background too before starting to use radiant. I'm sure i'll have plenty of questions as I go along relearning rad, and then the changes in the dark editor.
  13. Its something I remember from the old hammer editor. You could auto fit something just horizontal or just vertical and it would stack on the amount of times you have the texture set to tile. This was usefull for fences, creating trim from textures that weren't ment for trim, or small props. Another little feature was thinking about was adding in custom right click short cuts. I'm a mouse driven user when it comes to most apps. Being able to add in little things like make room, resizing, or the various inspectors and browsers would be nice to help speed up one's work flow.
  14. Was wondering if an additional fitting option was possible and if others liked the idea as well. Was looking for an option to either fit textures vertically or just horizontally. This one would piggy back on the current one. The idea is if you set a texture to tile 5 horizontal, 3 vertically on a brush that isn't quite the right size, pressing either auto fit vertical or auto fit horizontal would strech out the current tiling just the bit more it needs to fit right. I know this isn't good practice when texturing, but I think it could be fairly usable when making small simple props.
  15. Not sure why I went upcase, but I know I seen it somewhere else... just can't remember where at the moment. I also haven't tried out doom3 in linux. I'll make note of this though. My brother uses linux, so I might start testing it there too. We've have request for making Hardqore linux compatable, and the same with Ruiner. But we have noone able to do this. If your interested in the textures let me know. Their ment for dark midievil settings inside and outside. some are good, others are ok. I do plan on releasing them after Ruiner is released for public modding use. cheers!
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