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  1. great map, ran with decent fps. I had a couple of errors though. I tried shooting a broadhead at the second guard and all my arrows went right through him, thought maybe it was my crappy aim but it did it the second run though as well. The gas arrow worked well though. The second guard also had a sound glitch when he was alerted to the arrows.
  2. well i would hit the k key and the compass came up, then i would try to use my inventory groups by pressing the - or = key. The compass image got "stuck" for lack of a better word. The inventory groups wouldn't cycle and I couldn't get rid of the compass image or use any inventory items that showed up. I ended up fixing it by using the [ or ] keys to cycle through the inventory that way. So in short to get the problem i pressed k to bring up the compass and then tried to go to my inventory using the - key and it made the inventory area go all crazy like. I did play through again..okay like 5 or 6 times because I really enjoyed it so much and you are right. I wasn't turning far enough away from the ladder to jump. As an aside I ordered Doom 3 just to play this. I came to the Thief world late in the game and think that the work you guys have done with this mod is better than A LOT of commercial products out there. You guys really are what is great about the internet and playing this game has been the only good thing to happen today...seriously my car broke down on the way to a job interview, i rescheduled, had my wife come home from work and drop off the car, sent her back to work, drove an hour to get to the interview and they canceled it, on the way home i got stuck going between 2 and 5mph because they were line painting and almost go pulled over by a cop for legally passing that same truck who was going consistently 10mph under the speed limit...this game is really the best thing to happen to me today. Oh yeah it's my birthday...this pretty much happens every single year. lol hope someone feels better after reading the day i've had... Just a question, would it be possible to create a campaign for TDM? I mean is it even possible, or would you just have to say these group of maps go together? I would be really interested in trying to put one together once my current life gets a bit less hectic, otherwise I will just try and throw some maps together. I don't really know what is needed as far as coding skills to make maps, but I know I won't have too much trouble with any of it and there is a wiki. Dram I was getting between 30 and 40 fps outside and between 40 to 60 inside. For consistency I was getting 35fps average outside and 45 fps inside. Thats with anti-aliasing on to max, 1280x1024 screen resolution and all the other graphic settings ot the max. The game ran very smooth.
  3. I checked the forums and didn't see a topic in relation to this, so I apologize if this has been already brought up. Once I used the compass it stuck on my inventory items and made my inventory unusable. I couldn't turn the compass fully off but i could cycle through two of the items in my inventory, but I wasn't able to use them. I had to go outside and pick up another item for the inventory before I could use it correctly. Also once I had it working the gold status was displayed over the inventory. I don't know if this one was my fault or what. Aside from that this is an absolutely amazing piece of coding. The world was fully beautiful and the AI was smart as hell. The water and lighting effects were brilliant. I personally didn't like not being able to jump from ladders, but that's my preference and I'm not gonna knock it because that could mean more coding. If you need more info on this let me know and I'll try to reproduce. My stats for my pc in case you need them Windows XP 1 gig ddr ram amd 3800+ 2.4 ghz radeon x1650 EDIT: I have been play testing it again to see where it messes up and I have found that this is easily clearable in game cycling through the inventory with the [ or ] keys. The problem lies in the - key to get to the inventory. So I don't know if the compass is supposed to stay up when you use the - key for the inventory but that is what is causing the problem for me. Noticed another cool thing though. I hit the fat guy with a gas arrow while he was next to the torch in the courtyard and it knocked the torch out as well. I thought that was awesome, though I am not sure if that was intended. So if I wasn't clear let me know, and if I was just being dumb and breaking the game by doing something I wasn't supposed to let me know.
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