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  1. Episode 3 of the second best Doom 3 mod, Phobos,  was just released.

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    2. chakkman


      I tried it yesterday. Had some problems... First I changed the default resolution to 1920x1080, and clicked on "Restart video" in the video options, and the game still stuck with 640x480... Tried a couple of things, until I took a look into the config files, and saw that seta r_mode was still set to 3, not to -1 like it should be. So, changed that, and the game booted in 1920x1080. Changed some other video options, clicked on "Restart video", and the game booted to a grey screen. Had to force quit the game, then somehow some icons in my taskbar were missing. Rebooted, icons there again. Started a game, pressed escape to change some option, game crashed.

      Kind of the experience I had with many mods in the past. Buggy as hell. 

    3. nbohr1more


      That's more of a "Vanilla Doom 3 verses Windows 10/11" issue. Doom 3 was always a little janky with automatic hardware detection but since Window Vista ( WDDM ) driver model it barely understands what it's running on anymore and you have to get your autoexec.cfg ready to for your resolution and screen refresh rate. Dhewm3 does a better job but you can't use DLL mods with it ( there are a number of binary mods though ). ( Of course, Dhewm3 uses SDL for hardware detection so it's no wonder that it works better than Vanilla Doom 3. )

    4. Xolvix


      Oh man I remember this mod. I had finished EP1, played a bit of EP2 but got stuck somewhere and left it alone. When I moved onto Dhewm3 (because of the improved support for modern systems/hardware), I knew Phobos wouldn't run but I hoped at some point they'd port it. Maybe now that EP3 is released they'll be able to do so.

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