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  1. Hey Biker. I wish you all the best. Don't beat yourself up too much about things you have or may have done wrong (I don't really know what happened). You also were of great help to a lot of people, including me. I would most likely never have released a mission without your help. So thank you again.
  2. Do you remember Duke 3d, Blood or Shadow Warrior? Then you might love this. I do.
  3. This is a beautiful little mission. Short but fun. Well done. I played on the medium difficulty and in addition to the mission not ending, I also could kill a guard (on the streets) without failing the no kill objective. Maybe you are already aware of that, just saying.
  4. There's a demo now. http://Hitman.com/free
  5. The generated glimp_logging.cpp does not compile because it doesn't contain the qgl* declarations. glimp_dlopen.cpp does, can they be moved to a header file?
  6. I need access to the programming sub forum.
  7. Still compiling. I'm thinking about trying to adapt dhewms cmake files. I don't like Scons.
  8. Which (free) version of Visual Studio could I use to take a look at the windows build and compile the code? Would be nice if it ran on Wine.
  9. Not necessary. I just had to comment the declaration out. On to the next error!
  10. Maybe we should use Glew (GL extension wrapper) to manage OpenGl?
  11. Shouldn't that result in a runtime error? Or am I misunderstanding how that works?
  12. In file included from game/../idlib/precompiled.h:132:0, from game/precompiled_game.h:28, from game/AF.cpp:20: game/../idlib/../renderer/qgl.h: Im globalen Gültigkeitsbereich: game/../idlib/../renderer/qgl.h:211:8: Fehler: »PFNGLBLENDEQUATIONPROC« bezeichnet keinen Typ extern PFNGLBLENDEQUATIONPROC qglBlendEquation; Glext.h is included in qgl.h. I think the correct one is found (renderer/glext.h), but another one seems to be already inlcuded at this point. The part that defines PFNGLBLENDEQUATIONPROC (inside the GL_VERSION_1_2 guard) is not executed.
  13. Trunk doesn't compile at all. The scons build files seem to not be set up correctly. I get a lot of missing headers while building.
  14. Archlinux with a very recent version of GCC. I think someone already encountered the same problems and commited some changes to SVN. I'm going to try it now.
  15. Thanks. I need SVN access, because the 2.05 source archive doesn't compile on linux, but SVN might have the necessary changes. I already have access, but I forgot my login data. Taaaki will hopefully tell me.
  16. I want to take a look at the code for player movement (leaning and mantling, but also speed or crouching etc.). Where would I best start if I wanted to change something? Can someone who knows his/her way around the source code of the mod point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  17. Thanks, understood. Edit: I don't have access to this. Taaaki hasn't read me PM yet.
  18. Where can I find the 2.05 sources? I checked out trunk from https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/trunk but there is no 2.05 tag or branch. Trying to build that on Archlinux throws tons of errors.
  19. Better start right now. You can practice by making one or two Dark Mod missions.
  20. Nope, I just found out Manjaro has the same problem. It was the two missions that come with the mod that work. Everything else crashes on Manjaro, too.
  21. Well, it's not really in a playable state. The last time I checked at least.
  22. Tefdal, are your tracks on youtube? Soundcloud doesn't work for me.
  23. I have a spare code for Shadowrun: Dragonfall on GOG.com. Anyone interested? FM authors preferred.

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