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  1. At the risk of sounding entltled, I absolutely dislike the complete lack of support for non steam users. I know that there are workarounds but they seem to have slight issues. And what about possible future updates? Will you be able to get these outside Steams patch service?
  2. This is the intro videos text (written by Melan, by the way): This objective is not supposed to be easy to find, that's why it is optional? There is a (hidden) readable giving clues about it. Yes, the map is nonlinear on purpose. I like it that way.
  3. Thanks, no problem. The objectives and readables in this mission never tell you outright where to go and what to do but they should give you enough information. At least that's what we tried to achieve. Can you be more specific on what was unclear to you, please? The secret objective is not important. The problem you had with it only occured once while beta testing and we don't know what caused it. It is a mod bug anyway, I can't do much about it.
  4. That's how pointless internet arguments start. I was only joking.
  5. Well, like it or not, but I don't like it.
  6. No. I already own the game on GOG and on disc but money isn't the problem anyways. Excluding lots of potential fans from playing a free mod is a terrible idea. Why would they do that?
  7. So this is steam only? Very disappointing.
  8. Should one have played the first two? Because I haven't gotten around to that yet.
  9. Just came home from a Marduk gig. I will have problems holding my head upright the next couple of days.

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    2. SeriousToni


      Sepultura? Pah! You should better give Soulfly a try, nbohr!

    3. Deadlove


      "Frontschwein" good album! "Thousand Fold Death" my go to song right now on that album.


      I have a record you might like:




      Was compared in reviews to FUNERAL MIST, MARDUK. Got props from Morgan of MARDUK, TT from ABIGOR and Holocausto from BEHERIT.


      There's System Shock 2 samples in some of the songs.

    4. Baal


      Thanks, have to check that out when I have time.

  10. Cool, I have to try this sometime.
  11. I can't remember if I wrote my opinion here before. This is still one of the best Dark Mod missions. The manor is beautiful and the open nonlinear architecture is outstanding. My only complaint is that I found it a bit to easy. But it was still great fun, even the third or fourth time.
  12. I did too and enjoyed it much more than the first time. Murder is fun.
  13. "Picknick am Wegesrand". Not exactly the same story as Stalker but it's a good book.
  14. It just wasn't the same without the bunnyhopping.
  15. Thanks to everyone sharing their opinion. V-Man, I have seen your Let's Play. Thanks for doing that. I always wanted to see how people play the mission and I hope more will surface in the future.
  16. I finished this a while ago but was to lazy to write my opinion down. I still am so I make it short. This is an impressive piece of work. It is very imaginative and full of cool ideas, that are perfectly implemented. Congratulations!
  17. I just recently played Prowler of the Dark. Cool mission (as always). It's not that big so I doubt performance and optimization would be a huge problem.
  18. Darkradiant maps are like onions. They have layers.
  19. Actually, the rope arrow was never supposed to be obvious. When I put it there I was fully aware that it is very easy to miss and I was counting on that. The intention was to hide it in plain sight. I was talking about the vines that you missed. But it wasn't meant as a complaint; I'm just interested in how people play the mission. Anyway, keep doing what you are doing.
  20. Did everybody miss the vines? They were not supposed to be hidden but you never know what is obvious to players and what not.
  21. What about: export LC_ALL=C; darkradiant Again with version 1.8.0. Case is important.
  22. A quick Google search tells me that this could be a bug in the boost library (in the case of 1.8.0). Try the following command (on the command line again): export LANG=C; darkradiant
  23. Can you run it from a command line and give us the output please?
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