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  1. Yeah, the only problem with that solution is that there's no way to stop two columns of bones from moving in totally opposite directions, stretching the model ridiculously. That, and I'm not particularly proficient with any modeling programs. I'd love to hear some input from whoever set up the ragdolls for the AI, if at all possible.
  2. Good idea. Does the skeleton have to be in a hierarchical format, or can I set it up like a grid?
  3. I'm trying to create a banner that moves out of the way when you walk through it. Is this possible?
  4. That's the problem. I read the thing about leaving the lab window open, so spent ages looking for a way to get up there. Why would I think "Oh, I have to climb this seemingly pointless wall that I've been trying to jump up onto from the dark side, but can't because of this tiny ledge, so that I can get into a window of a house I really don't care about, since that will OBVIOUSLY give me a way to get on the rooftops to get into the lab"? See where I'm coming from?
  5. I might be alone in this, but I didn't really like this mission. It's extremely difficult to figure out what to do next, and it just seemed so... linear. I spent about an hour and a half walking around the streets before I got fed up and turned notarget on and found the window like 20 seconds later. Some of the scenes were great though, very... unsettling.
  6. Maybe I should get off my ass and map...

  7. Robots in real life have to follow the laws of physics. I'm just suggesting dragging a ragdoll like the player would. Just have the AI walk to an open area and the ragdoll follow. I might give the AI a whorl at implementation. Also to the guy that said you don't wake up from a blackjack - perhaps that could depend on how close to the "sweet spot" you hit them. Also, you should wake up from a gas arrow if someone kicks you. I guess the main problem is the animations, and I'll try to give a system for that a shot.
  8. Not necessarily. Gameplay wise, it actually penalizes you less for using a blackjack than the current method. Currently, if you have no place to hide a body, and a guard patrols that area, you don't have many options. With this method, if you can come up with an 'excuse' to why the guard is unconscious (Fell asleep in a chair, sleeping in bed), the game takes that into account and doesn't raise suspiscion. It penalizes you for being stupid and leaving bodies in the middle of the floor, which obviously should be penalized. You never have to worry about some arbitrary time limit on blackjacks, and it makes killing them even more undesirable (if a guard tries to wake another to find out he's dead, there's gonna be hell). Secondly, the coding becomes a lot simpler. Specifically, if a guard sees another guard and is able to get to them, it's a safe assumption that the other guard can be woken up without too much hastle in regards to being lost. As for the animation, the ragdoll issue can be solved by having the second guard roll the first over on his back before he wakes up (probably by kicking him or something). If the guard is under something, and can't get up, the awake guard can pull him by the arm or leg to a sufficiently open area. This allows the state of the unconscious guard to be 'zeroed' and turns a practically infinite amount of animations into 3 (dragging, rolling, and getting up). At first glance, it may seem to be the same suggestion, but it simultaneously solves 3 problems with the origional - it makes more sense, it promotes better gameplay, and it eliminates most of the nasty fringe possibilities. I'm not saying that it's definately the direction you want to go with this, but it at least makes the idea more palatable.
  9. I totally agree that guards waking up on their own from a black jack is stupid, BUT so is the other guards assuming all blackjacked enemies are dead. Here's a proposal for a flowchart of reactions. Guard Unconscious | Spotted by other guard |----------------------v------------v | | | Lying on ground Slouching in chair Lying in a bed | | | v v v Rushes to side Yells to wake up Nothing and wakes guard | |--------------------->| Guard was suspicious Guard not suspicious when knocked out when knocked out | | v v Searches for thief Guard gets yelled at This leads to guards waking up other guards if they think they should be awake, and searching for the thief if there's reason to be suspicious. Guards slouching in a chair would just get yelled at to wake up, as it is assumed they just fell asleep. Guards lying unconscious in beds would be left alone, baring an alarm of some kind, where guards in bed should be woken up anyways.
  10. Make them suspicious of floating objects, and check to see who's carrying them. If it's a friendly, they should remember what (s)he was carrying and no longer be alerted by it. This could be accompanied by a "Who's that?" "It's just me." conversation that calms guards down. Smacking a servent on the head and sneaking past the guard by hiding behind the wine barrel he was hauling would be pretty cool.
  11. When you use the clipper tool, you have to make the same clip on both pieces before you try to connect them. The cut side is going to be longer than the uncut side, and the cut should be half of what you want to turn it by. Remember to use the "snap selected entities to grid" option to make sure they line up properly.
  12. Agreed. Again, we all appreciate the effort and I'm sure we'll find some use for them. We were just worried about the copyright issues. Are we allowed to modify them? Some of them may need tweaking to look good.
  13. I understand what you said, I'm just saying it's strange for them not to come with normals, especially since they seem optimized to be used with shaders (no baked shadows). This means that either they were lazy, didn't know how to make them, or don't understand that those textures would look bland as hell as just diffuse. As a first attempt, however, your normals are quite good - just far too deep.
  14. ;I do appreciate the effort you put in. You don't need to get defensive about things other people made, though. I assumed that those normals came with the textures. Why would they charge for textures that don't come with normals or spec maps? They're alright, I guess ugly was the wrong word. They're just far from professional, and seem to be low resolution. I'm sure we all appreciate the gesture, but the license is too restrictive for us to use.
  15. Those textures are ugly as hell anyways. They don't know how to make proper normals, and the spec is cranked up WAY too high. The rug ones are probably the only ones worth using.
  16. Update: http://shadow516.googlepages.com/killhour.zip Lots of stuff kept me away from mapping, but I'm happy to be back to it.
  17. <br /><br /><br /> Ah, I know what it is. Thanks. I made a new surface shader (included in the zip), but I guess it screwed with something.
  18. Every time I try to open my level with Doom, it crashes on the load screen. Any ideas? http://shadow516.googlepages.com/killhour.zip
  19. I tried that, but I can't get it to work. Mind making a video of it and uploading it somewhere?
  20. How do you use decals in DR? There's nothing in the wiki about it, and I can't figure it out from other maps.
  21. Yo, you totally took my idea for using that chest texture as a door. Awesome.
  22. That doesn't really say much anymore. /newmap 16 in the cube 2 engine is just over 3x3x3 miles.
  23. How huge? Oblivion huge? GTA huge? /newmap 16 huge?
  24. This could help with that. http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=12067
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