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  1. When I found out about this mod, it seemed like the perfect way to live out my Thief fantasies. I'm a mapper that started out on DromEd. Needless to say, it was incredibly frustrating. Well, I've been having that itch again, and I start to have dreams when I get that. Last week, I had an idea for something I would LOVE to be able to do from a gameplay perspective: swing from rope arrows. The scenario I had thought out as a proof of concept was a mansion roof at night. Raining hard, and our thief using the sound to cover his footsteps while casing a way in. About 60 ft away, on the second floor, is an open window, with a shadow cast on the billowing curtains. From the shape, it is clearly a guard. While contemplating how to get in the window without alerting the guard, something catches his eye: the thick beams used to hold up the roof stick out about 10 ft from the wall. Pulling out a rope arrow, our thief wraps the end around his wrist twice, and notches up. Down on the first floor, the guests are too drunk to hear the soft *thud* as the guard's unconscious body hits the Persian rug - an unfortunate victim of a taffer's boot to the back of the head. Now, this scenario is complicated, but even just the ability to gain momentum while on a rope can give birth to a whole new set of tactics - just a piece of a master thief's ever growing tool kit.
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