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  1. Heh, I *just* now discovered that. I was dragging a body and brought up map and hit Use. What do you know! My map didn't come up, instead I was carrying the body! You guys thought of everything. As I thought. I remapped 'm' to mantle but now I can't seem to put it back to map. Man you guys really DID think of everything!
  2. I declare TDM the true spiritual successor to Thief and Thief 2! Patently Dangerous made me feel like I was playing a traditional Thief FM. It had the same atmosphere and feel. I found the guards' behavior very familiar. Sneaking and blackjacking were like old times. I felt just like I was good old Gar-, oops, never mind. Not supposed to say the 'G' word I guess. The enhanced lighting and textures were stunning, mantling is a million times better. Readables are awesome. Even lock picking has won me over, and I had my doubts. I found myself with my head tilted slightly, left ear turned a bi
  3. Having trouble with lockpicking and long jumping. I tried to reach the awning over the window by running and jumping about a thousand times. Haven't made it yet. I'm not complaining--I like that TDM isn't dumbed down. Lighting all the candles in the room was a blast. I like that the training mission has little surprises and things to be found. Still haven't gotten the point of lockpicking. I opened the first door by accident and haven't been able to do it again. The music - is - AWESOME. Not too obtrusive as to be noticeable which is what you usually hear with homemade game music. This sounds
  4. Thanks NH. That was very helpful. I discovered I couldn't play ANY .wav files in any program. Installing the latest DirectX and Sound card drivers solved the problem. Still a few hours to go until it gets dark around here. I can't wait to play!!!!
  5. Now I have a codec problem. This has nothing to do with TDM, i.e. not its fault. I'd been having sound problems in other games and I just think my codecs are all messed up. In Oblivion the music is all garbled for example. In Doom 3 I have no sound at all. I have an app called InstalledCodecs that lets me easily enable and disable codecs that has helped me in the past but I can't seem to find the right combo for Doom 3 to work. There is an app called reset codecs that somebody made for the Oblivion community that reset all codec registry entries back to a clean windows install, but it's from 2
  6. You are right. Wrong version for me. I'm so embarrassed. Went to idsoftware.com, downloaded and installed patch and now I'm up and running. Sorry for the false alarm.
  7. Yes, it.s 1.3.1. I don't know how to tell if it's .1304. I just assumed it was the latest since that's what the updater says. Oh yeah. Also it's a single core Pentium 3.6 GHz CPU. 32-bit of course.
  8. Sorry about starting a whole new topic on this but I don't see a general error reporting thread. Anyway, installed darkmod just fine. Doom3 is the latest version 1.3. (I clicked updates and it said I was already up to date). Running Windows XP, NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX. Doom3 works for me but when I launch the Darkmod, I see the logo for a couple of seconds then an error window pops up: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library This program has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Anyone had this problem yet? Any ideas? I soooo want to play TDM it hurts. Especially looking for
  9. Ratty

    Lucid dreams

    Try going to sleep with a nicotine patch on! One of the listed side effects is "vivid dreams" and they ain't kidding. Very lifelike, bizarre and memorable. When you're trying to quit smoking you can take the patch off before bed but I never do The thing that never fails to give me very vivid and lucid (i.e. controllable) dreams is getting overheated. If I bundle myself up in blankets and get hot when I sleep I'll usually wake up after a lucid dream.
  10. ITunes is replacing its entire library with unlocked versions of its songs. It *was* letting you do it for songs you already own for something like 20 cents per song. I think I heard someplace they're letting you do it for free now, but I haven't checked on that. So you select the song you want to convert then do something or other--I forget what exactly, sorry--and it will replace the song in your Itunes. MP3 is one of the options. Your Mahler may not be available in this form yet though. Go to http://blog.wired.com/monkeybites/2006/11/..._songs_o_2.html for several different options for ge
  11. Everyone says Episode 2 is the best one so far. I don't know if I agree. There were some great moments but I thought most of it was tedious. I really hated going through the mines. It was sooo boring and took up so much of the game. The ending was very difficult if you wanted that achievement. I managed to do it finally after sitting on it for about a month. I didn't like the new nerf ball things. I wish they would have set it up so we could use rockets. You hardly use rockets at all in Episode 2. The nerf balls were just a hokey excuse to force you to get close to the striders.
  12. VLC is crap, sorry. Its only redeeming benefit is that it plays almost everything. But the developer seemed to have stopped there. It doesn't have really have any features beyond play. I'm not even sure rewind works. Maybe it does. It always crashes on me. I recommend Super: http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html It's free and it converts ANYTHING to ANYTHING. Weird format? .flv file? Convert it to several different flavors of .wmv or .avi or .divx or .mov, etc. and then use the viewer of your choice. Simple to use drag and drop interface. I love this little program. It's a little annoying
  13. ReminderFox. A Firefox extension. I like it because it's in the browser which I'm using all day at work anyway. I stopped using it because I couldn't seem to set it to remind me to take my medicine at the same time every day. Though now I see the latest version now includes "Daily" in the Repeat dialog, so I think I'll give it a try again. http://reminderfox.mozdev.org/faq.html
  14. What I don't understand in your review is the comment about how physics is a big part of the game play. Your example, blowing up barrels and CO2 cartridges, that's the only example I can think of (and hardly novel--you can blow up barrels in the original Doom ca. 1996). There's virtually no interaction in this game aside from fighting with monsters. You can't pick up or throw anything, you can't drag things or knock them over. Sorry, but I don't see physics in any aspect of this game. But then again I haven't all the way through the game yet (pretty sure I won't ever for that matter).
  15. I'm surprised there isn't already a thread for this one. I really loved getting to walk through the city for a bit. Really, this is what T:DS should have been. I haven't played T:DS in over a year but I don't remember it having the same dark, shadowy quality. Awesome job on the Dark Mod, and awesome job keeping the community up to date.
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