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  1. @Bikerdude A tremendous thank you from this poor taffer; for fixing this mission! You rock!
  2. @Bikerdude I posted some bugs on page 3 of this thread. This mission was shaping up to be among my favorites, but I quit playing due to the game-breaking bugs that I mentioned. I would be very grateful if you fixed them!
  3. It's been a while since I've posted (Thank the Builder, right!? ) So I can't remember the best place to post this. Anyway, since I've updated to 2.05, the enemies' downward attack is doing very little damage. I think this was an issue a few updates back iirc. Btw, great job with the whole Steam Greenlight thing!! I voted with both my Steam accounts
  4. @Bikerdude and grayman Thanks for looking into this! I think there are a few other spots with the same problem, but I can't remember where exactly. Hopefully this is something that Spoonman won't mind fixing.
  5. Here are some videos showing the behavior described in my last post. I downloaded The Dark Mod and Full Moon Fever again yesterday, and did not modify any files, to ensure that I hadn't caused the problem myself.
  6. I absolutely love Full Moon Fever so far! It is my ideal kind of mission. A large manor with multiple entry points, a non-linear layout, and many guards who ensure that stealth is the best option. My only complaint is that all too often guards cannot/will not go up or down small staircases to chase after me once I'm caught. There is an area in the basement where I knocked out a welder/engineer; guards heard me and came to investigate, but after seeing me, they would not walk up a small staircase to attack me. Instead, they threw stones at me. I had another problem when I picked one of the ou
  7. SirGen

    TDM Combat

    ^Sorry for taking up so much real estate I'm not sure why my spoiler tags aren't working properly.
  8. SirGen

    TDM Combat

    Here is my "Combat build" Darkmod.cfg I think the only lines that I modified are these: seta pm_mantle_height "9" seta pm_mantle_reach "1.5" I did this to create the illusion of being a master at scaling walls. It does break some missions though by making infiltration too easy. tdm_ai_melee_sets.def The line: "melee_damage_mod" "9" is how I made it so that the enemy kills me in one hit. I modified these lines to make the enemy attack a little bit faster and to block much faster:// default (fast) attack and parry anim speeds: "anim_rate_melee_attack_rl" "1.2" "anim_rate_melee_attac
  9. SirGen

    TDM Combat

    Hey RPGista! I am not very computer savvy, so I don't know how to put my changes on a pk4. However, it is very easy to change the settings yourself if you have 7zip or winrar to unzip the def folder. Once you've unzipped the def folder there are many sub def folders pertaining to all sorts of gameplay. You probably already know all this, but there might be some who don't who would also like to know. the first thing I did across the board is change tdm_ai_melee_sets.def I changed all stats across the board for sake of ease, so there is no difference between elites and untrained. One of my f
  10. SirGen

    TDM Combat

    Haha, yeah. Wooden boards all around! let's make arrows obsolete
  11. SirGen

    TDM Combat

    I've been adjusting AI attack speeds, blocking speeds, damage. etc. to get the right settings for my play style and as I've done this I've noticed that enemy archers/bowman will kill their allies who stand between me and them. I don't know much about programming, but I think that it would be nice to make it so the AI will not fire an arrow if their ally is in their line of fire. If it's not too much trouble.
  12. Oh awesome! I loved your last fan mission! The perfect entertainment for a Halloween night. Thanks Buck
  13. When I don't feel like running outside, I use an aerobic step. You can just step up, then step down if you're not very fit. As you get in better shape you can jump up then jump down. You can just barely jump up, or jump up a few inches higher than the step if you need a harder work out. You can also add ankle/wrist weights or just hold dumbells if you need more of a workout. I find it important to alternate which leg is "boosting" you up on the platform every five minutes so you don't get lop-sided calves. If you haven't done cardio in a while just go for 10 minutes for the first few times. I
  14. This mission did a good job of making me feel vulnerable and powerful. Thanks for this great mission Sotha
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