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  1. My gosh this was a wild ride! The city section alone could stand on its own! The level design and story/readables were fantastic! I really liked the music; especially I know it's been quite a few years since this mission was created, but I hope the sequel is still in the works!
  2. SOLVED Thanks for posting the Gamepad support. It was more helpful than I initially realized. I finally realized I could disable the the joystick inputs by setting the in_PadDeadZone to what I assume is a high threshold at 50. This, combined with deleting all the bindPadButtons in the DarkmodPadbinds.cfg, allowed me to resume using my old play methods. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for your response! Volta 2 works, menbeast and all. Hopefully a reinstallation does the trick.
  4. I can't get the mission to run. After the mission is finished loading a window with this message appears: Game Error Couldn't spawn " to attach to entity 'atdm_ai_manbeast_spear_thrower_2' I'm running TDM 2.10. I've tried redownloading the mission from the in game downloader and Dropbox.
  5. Great job with 2.10! The quicker load times are soooo nice!
  6. @Dave the TafferWell said! @nbohr1more@demagogueI'm guilty of posting bug reports, wish lists, and complaints far too much, and not thanking the great Dark Mod team enough. The Dark Mod truly is one of the best games, bar none! It's a game that I continually come back to. Thank you to all the people who have made The Dark Mod and shared it with the rest of us taffers!!
  7. Adding the options to invert vertical and horizontal attacks and parries separately, would be a nice improvement.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I use JoytoKey, so I actually need to edit mouse settings. I used to move the right stick (technically the mouse, because I use JoytoKey) forward to thrust and back for a downward attack, and move the right stick (mouse) forward to block downward attacks and backwards to block thrusts. It seems that an update has changed my ability to do that. I can invert attacks and blocks altogether in the settings, but I don't want to change how horizontal attacking and blocking function. Is there a way for me to invert only vertical attacks and blocks and leave the horizontal ones alone? Edit: I didn't realize that even though I deleted all gamepad bindings in the DarkmodPadbinds.cfg, my controller is still using gamepad inputs for the joysticks, instead of mouse inputs from JoytoKey. I also didn't realize that while vertical attacks and blocks are inverted for the gamepad, they aren't for mouse. In short; I need to disable gamepad support altogether so that attacks and blocks function the same on my gamepad's right stick as they do on mouse.
  9. I figured out how to disable controller support, and a new controller fixed the drifting problem. I used to move the right stick (technically the mouse, because I use JoytoKey) forward to thrust and back for a downward attack, and move the right stick (mouse) forward to block downward attacks and backwards to block thrusts. This feels more intuitive to me. Can anyone tell me what files and lines to edit, to swap how to perform the vertical attacks and blocks please? Thanks!
  10. I've been using JoytoKey and an old Dualshock 2 controller to play TDM. The last update added controller support, which is a good thing for TDM, but not so much for me. Now my right stick drifts, and my controller inputs aren't being recognized when I try to customize my controls. Is there a way that I can just disable controller support, so I can go back to using my old controls?
  11. @Bikerdude A tremendous thank you from this poor taffer; for fixing this mission! You rock!
  12. @Bikerdude I posted some bugs on page 3 of this thread. This mission was shaping up to be among my favorites, but I quit playing due to the game-breaking bugs that I mentioned. I would be very grateful if you fixed them!
  13. It's been a while since I've posted (Thank the Builder, right!? ) So I can't remember the best place to post this. Anyway, since I've updated to 2.05, the enemies' downward attack is doing very little damage. I think this was an issue a few updates back iirc. Btw, great job with the whole Steam Greenlight thing!! I voted with both my Steam accounts
  14. @Bikerdude and grayman Thanks for looking into this! I think there are a few other spots with the same problem, but I can't remember where exactly. Hopefully this is something that Spoonman won't mind fixing.
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