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  1. It might be ok, but at the moment I think there are things that need to be polished for the game in general. Things that are much, much important. The core features already in-game!
  2. I'd like FM's with these new Moors NPC's. Might make some interesting story I reckon.
  3. Speaking of Procedural dungeon generators. There's an interesting game that came out with a similar design philosophy. Turned out pretty well to be honest: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252570/
  4. Sounds interesting. I think that this could work for some dungeon-based FM's. It's easy to imagine it for some mysterious Ctulhu-like mystified story. Are you doing this alone?
  5. Not sure if mentioned. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack by Rik Schaffer https://www.youtube....h?v=TY-cDnAwS3c https://www.youtube....h?v=JSqVbywt9kw - best moment starts at 0:51
  6. As I understand there is a group of people doing something for the Russian Localization of some missions. That is amazing, whoever does that! When it's done, I'll try to make a torrent of the new version (which includes this translation, or at least a reference link to it) in my local Torrent Tracker to highlight your work! Best of luck charisma, and thank you Tels, for giving me the opportunity to help! I hope we can continue making this an international continuation of that beloved Thief-style gaming we all know and love.
  7. Looks amazing! That is some amazing art. I can already imagine it in a dark gothic chruch in a mysterious night.
  8. In my country he could just get beaten real good in a dark corner. That is, when the law doesn't seem to be effective.
  9. I suppose just edit some reverb into them and test it out so it would sound natural. A good idea might be to add reverb for non-verbal sound. i.e. - footstep sounds, muffling, ambiance, fire sound, zombie sound etc. At a later stage if you feel that verbal sounds need work, you can add those next, whenever they are ready.
  10. Only for the custom voices ? I guess it would be worth it since the atmosphere is very important.
  11. Oooh. That's not very good. I hope it's still possible through common efforts of everyone!
  12. Concerning the 2'nd question: I think that black is the most appropriate for our game. Everything that is more gothic and dark adds to the mystery. This is amazing!
  13. Orhpans? Oh yeah, definately. Even Garret was an orphan. Kind of realistic too. People did it in Middle Ages, in the Modern Era and people do it now as well.
  14. When do you think we could see your awesome feature in the game? I'm very much looking forward to this!
  15. Ah, hm very interesting. Thanks for telling me about it. It seems that you are very much correct!
  16. Ah, ok. I just thought you meant Thief 2 (which was as well from 2000) or/and Thief Deadly Shadows.
  17. Did not know that! Vampire the Masquerade, as in the "Redemption" game or simply the tabletop game & it's books?
  18. So, I wanted to ask, what were in your opinion, from your observations/presumptions the inspiration for the Thief games and respectively our "Dark Mod"? What were the books, the movies, the stories, the music, anything that inspired this world? It seems so unique, that it's most likely a combination of different things related one way or another to gothic fiction. My personal thought is that we have some things from Edgar Allan Poe's works as well as the Hammerites (the order in the Dark Mod which is not called that way for copyright reasons) seem close to the Inquistion in Spain, which was known to be very oppresive and extremist. But, what else is there? Thank you in advance if you decide to leave your opinion here.
  19. Anderson

    Thief 4

    I did not like Dishonored. It had a bad story especially in comparisson to the classical Thief games - so if Thief 4 is similar to Dishonored, well it's not a good game to me. I guess you could play it, but it's not the same.
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