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  1. I found this tutorial about planar, sphere, cube and other kinds of UV mapping but its confusing, I don't seem to have the buttons its referring to. I'm supposed to find the buttons to set the xyz coordinates of the texture but my button menu under Textures doesn't look like the pictures provided. Does anyone know the way to find this menu? http://www.blender.org/documentation/htmlI...G.TEX.F.S68.103
  2. I've made a few N-maps in the past but I never fitted them to a particular geometric shape. I'll look into that next.
  3. I got it. Now to get it to DR. http://aycu31.webshots.com/image/47590/200...11228101_rs.jpg
  4. I just figured it out, please disregard this, the real problem is I need new glasses.
  5. Ok, I'm going to blow my fucking brains out with this UV mapping stuff. I was trying to do it the way the tutorial told me, to fix the scaling and such and then texture/mat. it then bring it back into blending to re-skin the object. Can I do this instead: 1. Export the blank UV map 2. Texture it with something simple, or the grid textures,( BTW where can I find one?) for right now, just to do it once 3. Put it back into Blender THEN tweak the fucking thing to get scaling right. This is probably a really stupid question but I no longer care, UV mapping has stripped me of all shame..
  6. Maximius

    Lucid dreams

    There is an herb available, actually a few of them but supposedly this one is the best, called the Xhosa dream herb after the Xhosa people of Western Africa who use it in shamanic rites. I bought one of these plants but it died over the winter. You are supposed to dry out the roots, grind them into a powder, mix with water and shake them up in a water bottle. A whitish foam will form which you sip. When you start feeling bloated, its enough. Nothing happens until you sleep but then supposedly you can enjoy lucid dreams. I plan on trying this at some point. Vadrosaul, where do you get your
  7. Thanks guys! Now I see the value of the checkerboard textures I used to see in Day of Defeat. I have watched the first tutorial and it was great, Greybeards, but as always questions remain. I'll look at the second tomorrow night.
  8. I've managed to unwrap a simple object, a cup, in the UV editor but it seems the scale of some of the pieces is off and I don't know how to properly fix them. Also, the unwrapped pieces take up the entire workspace so that I cannot scale or pin them without overlapping the pieces. Will BLender take this into account or do I have to correct this before moving the images to GIMP?
  9. Ahh Christ Im a doofus, I'll try that when I get home tonight, thanks orb.
  10. Yes and now its doing something weirder, when I hit alt A the cursor becomes a black square with numbers counting to 248 and nothing else happens. It does the same with all objects, I can rightclick out of it but thats all alt A does. Also, in the lower left corner of the screen, a number counts up to 248 next to the word Circle. What does that all mean? A bug?
  11. For some reason I cannot apply "Size/Rotation" to my object in Blender to prepare it for export. Anybody have any ideas why? I'm hitting Ctrl A but no sub menu appears to freeze the object into position.
  12. That turned the trick crispy, thanks. Ok,so now I'm off to get into DR and try to actually move a model.
  13. I think I see tels, but here are some questions. 1. Do I have to now make two models, the CW and the actual model, or are they different aspects of the same model? 2. What do I have to do to make them sit correctly? Do I have to align them with the grid in the modeler before I export them to DR? I still need to figure out this damned .py extension problem too.
  14. Ok I tried to change it both under properties and in the rename field. Both instances I got a message saying "" are prohibited characters. Did I miss something? Please remember its better to assume I know nothing when I ask computer questions! @badcog Thanks for taking a look, the feedback is always useful. The pieces should all be at least 12 sided, I chose that as a good "round" looking number. I did forget about the smoothing thing we discussed, I'll look into that tonight. A quick trip to blender.org should do the trick. I hope to get something into DR soon, as a test at least, as soon
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