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  1. So i fixed my problem and wanted to inform possible other people that might get in the same situation. My 125w cpu was on a motherboard that only supported 95w. Thusly it throttled the cpu under heavy load to preserve the the motherboard from igniting. I only noticed this after monitoring the frequency after installing a new cooler. What's funny is that the throttle was not related to the cpu-temperature, i didn't look to it before. I just mostly watched cpu-usage and temp. I bought a proper motherboard and all is fine now.
  2. Yeah, i tried it. I was just interested if i would want to have it on for other missions that work well.
  3. Well, i installed fresh drivers to my video card just recently as i formatted my windows-installation. It should be as clean as it gets. Also there are no newer drivers for it yet other than beta stuff. And my soundcard is an old Creative Audigy one with modded x-fi drivers. So set my usb-soundcard as a default and gave it a whirl. But again it didn't change a thing. So it's not soundcard related. So does setting the shortcut to +set sys_videoRam 3072 help a lot? Weren't there a similar setting in the cfg?
  4. So, i redownloaded a clean darkmod installation. No change. Even though i had v-sync on "off, unless application decides", i put it to permanently off. No change. So about that disk thing, well i have 3 monitors... I don't need to alt tab. ;D But there doesn't seem to be anything fishy going in there. I have darkmod on D-drive.
  5. Hah, nothing that silly. It's a custom desktop pc.
  6. I tried the console -method instead before loading the game and it didn't seem to do differently. I have now started to re-download the whole darkmod again in case of bad files. Edit: Since i've always had the long loading thing. Could someone say how long it takes to load with a working setup?
  7. I Actually tried that setting for the darkmod.cfg. It didn't help much if it did something. The current load time for Requiem save is: - 7 seconds of "loading" bar - 2 minutes 19 seconds of "starting" text - 20 seconds of "loading" bar again. I do not have any overlays running over darkmod and i now tried closing everything nonessential from processes manager. Also no active virus scanner present.
  8. I already tried running the game on single-screen only and it didn't change a thing. Even deleted the config-file completely and ran the game at whopping 640x480 with all settings off and nothing changed. EDIT: My hard-drive is a reqular one. It's quite fast though.
  9. I have now tried all of these and there was not change in the fps problem and strangely not even in the long loading problem. Thanks though. I also redownloaded requiem just in case if it was corrupted. Stumpy, it was already off.
  10. Problem: Framerate dips down to 5fps at certain locations. Which in themselves are rather random by elements present in them. Possibly linked problem: Loading the map at launching the game always takes about 5 minutes, this happens after the loading bar completes. Cpu is just about 15%. Examples: Requiem starts lagging after entering to the central part of town, where the church is located. It ends after descending down. It starts again right after you pick the third stone disk. (i guess you can pick these out of order, this is the one i got first) Both in town and after picking up the disc, the map is populated by lots of AI. So maybe it's related to that. I've also had this in Alberic's curse in the wide beginning part, i did not go further. Now what makes this weird is that when i played requiem and the performance got bad again. I Noticed that the problem goes completely away for about 15-20 seconds if i press esc to enter the menu and stay in there for a while. A Short taps of the menu do nothing, but about a minute in there and the problem is gone for the brief time. I have tried messing around with graphical settings with no luck. All from resolution to v-sync to other quality options. I did try resetting the Darkmod.cfg by restoring the old one. I have also tried to change as many compression and image settings there as i have the knowledge to. I play with 3 screens in eyefinity normally, but i also tried just a single screen. My windows installation isn't very old. Just a 1-2 months. Drivers installed were the latest ones. My computer specs are following: Amd 8 core 4ghz, 4gb ram, Radeon HD6850. Windows 7. So you wouldn't think that it's a problem with my computer since i don't have any temperature issues and i run other games just fine. Here's to show this in action. I waited a while in the menus to for the fps to get back up and started recording. The framerate goes bad again in 0:26 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZv7rpcIu8k Is there something i should try?
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