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  1. It is, as others have mentioned. For info though, GL has been around since 2005 handling all the Dark Engine games,Thief 3,Half Life 1,2 and Doom 3. As it handles doom 3 Maps its not much to get it handling Dark Mod FMs as well, although I am not 100% sure about the folder structure that it installs to yet but this version should handle it ok. Its an alternative to TDMs manager and its all dependent upon what you prefer to use.
  2. Thats ok, no rush. GL will add to the root of the doom/Dark Mod folder: Current_install.txt - a list of files in the currently installed FM so that it can be removed cleanly. original_backup.zip - a zip of any files that would be overwritten by the FM install. This is restored when another FM is installed or if the original missions are restored. thiefs_den.txt (example) - this is the readme of the currently installed FM which should be in the root of the zip. Other GL related files found in the FM zips (GLTITLE.JPG / GIF, thiefs_den.GLL -example loot list, etc) Other than that its just what
  3. Has anyone had a chance to have a go of this yet? Any issues to report or does it work ok with a proper DarkMod install?
  4. Sorry about that, I missed the .uk from the domain name (should have tested the link before posting really, just tested the download now and its all working). Komag, the main thing that you need to think about it to backup your existing GarrettLoader.exe and extract the exe from the zip to replace it. All the rest of the text is just me trying to give too much info again.
  5. If you have tried this and were not getting any updates, sorry about that, I updated the perl code on the updater page late last night, I accidentally deleted a ; at the end of a line of code so the perl web page was erroring. It should now be updating correctly now.
  6. UPDATE 31/07/08 - updated from test version 1.415 to test version 1.4171 If anyones interested below is a link to a test version of GarrettLoader. GL_1_4171.zip You will need GL 1.41 already installed as this is just a patch file to it. NOTE: This is for testing The Dark Mod FMs purposes only and is not a full release of GarrettLoader Back up your Existing "Program Files\GarrettLoader\GarrettLoader.exe" unzip the GarrettLoader.exe from the zip and place it in your GarrettLoader install folder (program files\GarrettLoader) Start up GarrettLoader as normal. NOTES: The CHECK FOR UPDATES setting
  7. For info: Its taken a bit longer than I was expecting (I wasn't happy with the update mechanism), however the test version of GL that runs with The Dark Mod FMs is nearly ready. I'm finishing off the help content and a few minor bugs I spotted and I'll have it ready in a few days. I'll give some more details of what's changed and how it works with the Dark Mod nearer the time. For the moment, you will need GL 1.41 already installed as this will just be a patch file to it. It will have the THE CHECK FOR UPDATES setting enabled and running so that it will offer to download the updated help files
  8. I take it that the tdm_launcher wasn't in the thiefs den demo as I can't find it on my pc. Anyway I did a slight adjustment to the code in GL and it will work now on the thiefs den demo (seen as a mod in itself) and hopefully any future mods of TDM (seen as an expansion pack), using the command details joebarnin mentioned. I'm just finishing off some of the help files in GLs help and then I'll post a link to a download of a test version of GL (it will just be a patch rather than a full install). I'm curious as to the folder structure of TDM. If I was to take thiefs dens files and move the
  9. I thought that may be the case really I figured that the Darkmod would be a separate install, although didn't know the setup of it. Thats ok, I only made a slight tweak to the code due to the paths setup in the TD install. However GL handles DOOM 3 mods and launches them with a slightly different shell launch: (it adds sub folders to the map name if needed).I may be able to tweak the command to work easily. GL has been around now for about 3 years, the community scores (uploaded by GL users) is located here. I havent done much work on it for the last year due to personal commitments
  10. Would that be why they are in separate folders? also with regards to the shell command GL does, I don't pretend to know exactly how it works as the command is to launch doom 3 with a map name however the map is not in the default base folder. So I'm guessing that the map name (fs_game) refers to a folder path and subsequently the pk4 of the same name below it. Where would the built in loader move the pk4 to by the way? For info this is the install setup of thiefs den via GL DOOM 3 ROOT THEIFS_DEN ROOT The DevIL.dll has been moved to the root (GL will do that anyway of it finds it in the z
  11. It does, several formats, txt file format (GL takes a txt file named the same as the zip as the key fm readme, or a readme.txt). However it also supports rtf and GLML (GarrettLoader Markup Language files), GLML and TXT files can be created in GLs Fan Mission Development Tools menu. However TXT files can be set up in a similar way to the way Thief Readme's are set up. The readme should be located in the root of the zip and it shows up something like this (this is with my Opposing Force Skin so the font for the title is a bit over the top, also the scores and community scores get added in). If
  12. Will all the FMs contain a darkmod.pk4 or will that be a core install? Just in regards to that, I have got GarrettLoader to extract to the root Doom 3 folder (under the thiefs_den folder in this instance) then it will shell doom3.exe with the following command replacing the install path with whatever it should be and the thiefs_den with the pk4 of the detected FM (GL looks inside the PK4 to find the map file to determine which should be the launch map). This may not work properly for multi map FMs but works fine for single ones.
  13. As another choice Ive also got GarrettLoader working on Dark Mod maps, it will load straight into the FM itself (it also handles the community scores for the FMs as well). I should have a test of it available by the weekend.
  14. Personally speaking I would prefer the real life way as it can lead to a bit more tension in the game. For example say an AI has decided to use a 4 floor lift, this will take a bit of time to go up and down, however you are being chased by a guard and the only way out is the lift. You would have to think quick and figure something out while you wait for the lift to come back. On a side note to that I guess you would now need to be wary of just going into lifts (should they be behind doors) as you would never know whats using them. I guess you could even have guards posted in them, if their
  15. If anyones interested I have managed to get the thiefs den demo installing and running via GarrettLoader (albeit a slightly modified version which I aim to release soon, version 1.44). Anyway heres what I did to make it GarrettLoader ready (setting it up in the right zip format): And there it is, GarrettLoader ready. The zip file created is 258mb in size though. Just for info, the DLL was moved so that the install puts it in the right place in the DOOM 3 folder and so that GL can copy it to windows\system32 easier. GL version 1.41 could nearly handle this properly, however the struc
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