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  1. Sadly, I'm getting an error on startup with this latest version. Error ModuleRegistry: Module doesn't exist: ScriptingSystem And then DR crashes. I tried after deleting the "AppData\Roaming\DarkRadiant" to start fresh and that didn't make a difference. 2.13.0 worked fine.
  2. You can easily take the reflection texture (rfl) and drain the luminance out of it to create an alpha channel for the diffuse, if you want a simple transparent blend. If you mean 'casting filtered light through the glass' in a literal way - not in these engines. However, you can fake that by using a lightshader with the luminance (lmn) texture casting through it. There are a few approaches one could take to cheat this effect. A more sophisticated engine is required to literally do what I think you have in mind, though. I forgot to mention - everything in that ZIP retains the CC0 license, so anyone can use it for any project they wish. Thanks goes to Paul Wellauer for the original photos and they are the one who should rightfully be credited.
  3. Happy Halloween, taffers. Here are the textures from 5 of the photos I selected from that collection of photos. Hopefully some of you mappers will find this useful. I apologise for not making this idTech4/TDM-friendly out-of-the-box but honestly, it's been well over a decade since I dabbled with that engine. I figure you guys won't have any problems getting that done, since the DDS files should be compatible, and the highMaterial file (you can open with any text editor) can be translated to an MTR file pretty easily. There are 3 thin windows and 1 wide window that are supposed to be decorated with geometry, and 1 circular ceiling material consisting of many smaller windows that would probably be used as is, decorated with circular geometry around it, since it would be fairly high up on the ceiling. Just wanted to mention that to clarify why some of the textures are the way they are. So anyway, hope they're useful and happy mapping! https://www.violationentertainment.com/temp/paulwellcrchstndwndws.zip https://www.violationentertainment.com/temp/paulwellcrchstndwndws.jpg
  4. Well I'm sure Norway is as full of stinky-mouthed empty promises just as much as Australia is, but I think you're bringing politics into the wrong thread. You're looking for one of Kurshok's gems. I posted the video for all that wholesome Chuck Norris goodness.
  5. Russia's economy is still in the toilet and I don't see it as a threat. And China, while a threat, is literally growing money on trees and trying to export its inflation to developing nations, which isn't really working anymore. I'm not sure who told them they can just incessantly print money and fudge their numbers, and think there won't be any consequences to that. Every day China's list of friends grows ever smaller and smaller, to nobody's surprise. The west is in the grip of what I consider largely a trend, when it comes to "woke culture". If anyone actually wants to look at the world clearly or maybe even do some travel, they might realise how USA is actually one of the LEAST racist countries. You can't say "China and Russia isn't racist because look, they all get along great with the dozen or so black people who are actually there", while comparing them to a country that just had a black president, for 2 terms! It's likely just a generational thing and people will grow out of it, and new batch of fledglings will arrive and see it for what it mostly is, a steaming pile of bullshit. I'm not 100% against most of the ideas but, typical of human beings, we want to push everything to the extreme and all the extremes are blown out of proportion by a vocal minority, and exploited by mass media. People who live in their grandma's basement and see the world through this outrage-culture lens are going to think everything is worse than it really is. I'm optimistic that common sense and rationality will eventually prevail, regarding these particular cultural fads, as the coming generation filters it all, taking what is useful and discarding the stinky fluff. Mainly because they will have even bigger actual problems and can't afford to distract themselves anymore. Ultimately, this all falls under the umbrella of divide and conquer tactics used by the large corporations to get people fighting each other over what colour of socks they wear, instead of trying to tackle the real issues that really will see us lining up for thimbles of roach milk. We're all distracted and acting like children, especially politicians, while facing very real problems that require intelligent adults to solve. Even something like Covid vaccines have become so highly politicised and business-centric, and the scientists doing the actual work behind the scenes are muzzled by NDAs and you'll never hear from them in the media, even if they weren't.
  6. To anyone attempting to ignore our beloved Kurshok - you're going to miss out on his fresh hot take on the OnlyFans canine-fellatio scandals!!!
  7. LDAsh

    Oh shit.

    And with no welfare from a certain somebody's Belt & Road Initiative...
  8. LDAsh

    Best AntiVirus?

    To anyone honking the M$ horn and saying their built-in solution is marvelous, well, I would be willing to (privately) share a file with you that, as I've already mentioned twice, it does not detect with the current definitions. I keep seeing it ranked highly on top-5 AV webpages, but in my personal experience, it fails time and time again. (*not entirely sure how legal that is, so no, won't actually do it... would really like to, though!)
  9. LDAsh

    Best AntiVirus?

    How naive. I just posted exactly why that is, and it has nothing to do with wares or porn. If you scan with Windows Defender and don't find anything = does NOT mean you have nothing to worry about. You can easily find nasty stuff on places like SourceForge and even Google Play. Nobody is safe. Ever.
  10. LDAsh

    Best AntiVirus?

    I recently tried ClamWin and found it extremely thorough for scanning:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/clamwin/ It detected stinky files that other solutions failed to. I actually have a whole HDD and OS dedicated to many different (premium) antivirus solutions and scan my other HDDs as external, but usually just Windows system files. I may stop that nonsense and just stick with ClamWin because it's free AND it's truly portable. I was able to extract everything from the initial EXE, update the definitions and begin scanning. I can just copy it to my different systems easily without installing anything. It's very slow, but, I interpret that as also being very thorough. I'm also in the habit of throwing files I'm unsure about up to MetaDefender:- https://metadefender.opswat.com/ As for actually cleaning out, almost any bootable solution should do. Hiren's via Yumi is something I can recommend:- https://www.hirensbootcd.org/ https://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/
  11. https://pixabay.com/users/paulwell-2033532/ I was going to do up full materials of these, and I still might and post back here, but I thought I'd post this here anyway. I'm personally looking for stuff that isn't overtly christian but that's near impossible. I'd likely do funky edits to avoid it as much as possible.
  12. I would say it should apply to everything except for copying and pasting to and from a surface, where the texel-scale is a feature of what it's copying and pasting. Maybe there's something else I'm missing, but that's my personal opinion.
  13. Looking through the previous releases and their changelogs, it seems this was a mistake/bug and around the same time as the "texture tool" was implemented, a long time ago. So yeah, was never intentional. I'd like to (not overcomplicate this any further and) propose a very simple hackity fix - to have an option to "automatically naturalise" new textures that are applied to surfaces, as though DR is hitting CTRL+N each time for me, behind the scenes. I don't mind if it takes a tiny chug and half a second longer to do, I would already be very happy with this workaround. I wouldn't want to both A> have this eat up any more time and B> possibly break the texture tool feature by insisting on a hearty thorough solution.
  14. For those who talk about "being consistent with other 3D software out there", you have completely missed the point. There's a reason why people don't make maps with Blender or Maya or Max, and why these software end up having plugins to make environments that always orientate around how textures are applied to surfaces. Also, why DarkRadiant is the only Radiant that has decided to go down this path, even if to compare with Hammer/WorldCraft or QuArK. Like I said on the Bugtracker - "The fact that textures are different resolutions 99.9% of the time means because they are physically bigger, cover larger brushes and take more screen real-estate." (and) "...since the dawn of 3D games, has always had a consistency." If the "Default Texture Scale" setting in 'Preferences' isn't supposed to mean anything, then why would it even be there anymore? Why was it ever there in the first place?
  15. Does TDM "suffer" an inconsistency with texture sizes, and this is what has driven DR to handle the default behaviour of apply textures so differently from ALL other Radiants? Also, only 4 votes from this community?... I know where 2 of the votes came from and one of them was mine. (*apparently my mapper-buddy whom I asked to vote here, 'accidentally' voted for option 1, heheh)
  16. Go Kurshok go Kurshok go!!!
  17. After some, let's say, 'lack of clarity' on the Bugtracker, I thought it might be productive to bring a poll to all the mappers here, to try to reach a consensus on the matter. I left out the pretty obvious choice of "these should all be options" because I really want to know what each mapper actually wants the default behaviour to be. Ideally, it would be optional. ... To explain exactly what this means:- This is how DarkRadiant post-2.20 (up until now) behaves, and for me personally, needing to press CTRL+N every time (unless the textures have the exact same sizes). This would correspond to option 1. This was the behaviour prior to 2.20, which is also for QERadiant, Q3Radiant, Doom3/Quake4, GtkRadiant, NetRadiant, etc. This would correspond to option 2. Bugtracker issue: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5633
  18. Awesome! The 3 new features I've requested work excellently and I hope other mappers see the benefit in these as well. Being able to zoom right into the smallest crumbs and work comfortably is a huge improvement, and the "border measurements" are even updated. Pasting material headers is also a huge improvement because some of our folders were taking literally 15 minutes to load. I don't think the built-in texture browser is useful for entire collections, only what the map is actually using. We use a HTML texture browser that copies the header into the clipboard when clicking on an image, so if you guys are interested, I can make a post about how to easily set that up, by automagically converting your MTR files to HTML and reading images directly from a relevant folder. Not a PK4, but I wonder if that might still be possible. Thanks for your hard work Greebo!
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