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  1. It's likely my noviceness, but I can't find a way to get into the tavern that doesn't involve getting by him. I found there to be a basement door I could get in, but it's on the other side of the tavern that still requires distracting him to get around to it. I couldn't find any other paths that would get me in, nor any doors or reachable ledges that would lead me get over there. I'm not saying there aren't other ways, just that me being a novice the only apparent ways require distraction, which the noisemaker arrow fails at doing despite the the AI being on "easy".
  2. Ironically, the "easy" (nearly deaf) setting makes it harder in some circumstances. In the first non-tutorial mission, there's a helmed guard in front of the tavern that you need to get by, but you can't blackjack him because of his helmet. His position and electrical lights also makes it impossible to get around him (either behind or the other side of the street) without him seeing you. Using a noisemaker arrow to distract him is apparently how to avoid him, but with his hearing set to low you can't distract him far enough away. You can move him a little by shooting close by, but he's more likely to turn around and still see you. As a beginner at stealth games likes this, with everything set to easy, that was an annoying difficult thing to deal with. Given that the noisemaker is used to purposely distract guards, it actually makes more sense to me for the effect of AI hearing to be inverted when responding to it. So setting it low should make them more likely to be distracted by noisemaker arrows, making the AI more forgiving with mistakes.
  3. Wasn't sure the best way to report or fix this is, but as I was recently trying to build TDM from the SVN source to get OpenAL sound output on Linux with reverb (the latest release doesn't seem to have it), and noticed a small issue in the source. In sound/snd_efxfile.cpp, there is this line which converts the "environment size" preset property to density: efxf(AL_EAXREVERB_DENSITY, (size < 2.0f) ? (size - 1.0f) : 1.0f);That's incorrect. The correct way to convert it, based on Creative's own EAX-to-EFX conversion tools and as adopted by the Dhewm3 port, is: float size = src.ParseFloat(); efxf(AL_EAXREVERB_DENSITY, idMath::ClampFloat( AL_EAXREVERB_MIN_DENSITY, AL_EAXREVERB_MAX_DENSITY, idMath::Pow(size, 3.0f) * 0.0625f ));This will help improve the quality of the reverb, making the presets sound closer to the intended response. Hope that's helpful.
  4. IIRC, near the release of Doom3 they mentioned that they could've made all objects moveable (eg. be knocked around, have physics applied to them), but they didn't do it for everything because it would've been too great of a drain on performance. I do agree though, it's a bit immersion breaking when only specific objects are grabbable. It also feels a bit like cheating because the mapper is telling you "you need to use this." instead of either figuring it out on your own, or finding a completely different method to accomplish the goal.
  5. I know GL drivers will typically store memory copies of static resources (eg. textures) in case the video memory gets clobbered and it has to reload them (or if it has to purge them from VRAM for other resources). Most apps I see also tend to hold their own copy of images as well, in case they need to read from, or change, them. Well, I changed image_preload to 0 (it was 1) and image_useNormalCompression to 1 (it was 0), and it starts up now.. though it took quite a while for the level to load, and performance wasn't all that great. I have an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ with a Geforce 8600GT, and no desktop compositing. I can try turning on the various image_downSize* options to see if that helps any more.
  6. I dunno, swap should really be considered as an 'out of memory protection', IMO. It's there in case you use too much memory, but should not be required (I know in particular, Linux users sometimes like to disable swap). The wiki says I need at least 512MB RAM, with 1GB recommended. I have 1GB+512MB, so I don't see why I'd be running out of memory. Is it possible the texture resolution is just too high by default, causing the video drivers to allocate a bunch of memory on its own? I don't see an option to lower the texture resolution, and I'm not sure which cvars control that. I have Boost 1.34.1-r2, and GCC 4.1.2. The Linux C++ ABI has been pretty stable since about GCC 3.4, AFAIK, so it'd be odd for a lib to have not only the package version (instead of the library ABI version), but also the GCC version "encoded" on the filename.
  7. The crash would happen even after I tried starting it again. The wiki says the Linux version needs to run the dmap command, however, I just did fresh extraction (deleted the old .doom3/saintlucia and re-extracted the executable) and tried to start a game without running dmap. Now it gets out-of-memory killed when it finishes loading. I have 1GB RAM + 512MB swap, and 256MB VRAM, which should be enough from what I read.
  8. I'm trying to run the mod, but I'm running into several issues. First is when the game loads, it immediately bombs with dlopen '/home/kitty/.doom3/saintlucia/gamex86.so' failed: libboost_filesystem-gcc41-1_34_1.so.1.34.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Looking on my system, it seems I have /usr/lib/libboost_filesystem.so (and /usr/lib/libboost_filesystem-mt.so). If I add a symlink, the game will start. I can then run 'dmap saintlucia' (though the wiki says to do thiefs_den, which doesn't work). After a few minutes, I can then start a new game, purchase some gear and watch the opening cinematic. But as the "progress bar" fills up, the game crashes, with the last lines being: ----- idRenderModelManagerLocal::EndLevelLoad ----- 0 models purged from previous level, 877 models kept. --------------------------------------------------- ----- idImageManager::EndLevelLoad ----- WARNING: Couldn't load image: _emptyname WARNING: Couldn't load image: - WARNING: Couldn't load image: extinguishable/hanging_lantern WARNING: Couldn't load image: extinguishable/streetlamps/roundstreetlamp WARNING: Couldn't load image: hair 0 purged from previous 211 kept from previous 1306 new loaded all images loaded in 136.5 seconds ---------------------------------------- ----- idSoundCache::EndLevelLoad ----- 24573k referenced 5963k purged ---------------------------------------- sound: missing efxs/saintlucia.efx signal caught: Segmentation fault si_code 1 Trying to exit gracefully.. --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- -------------------------------------- Shutting down sound hardware ------ OSS Sound Shutdown ------ close sound device -------------------------------- idRenderSystem::Shutdown() ------------ Game Shutdown ----------- --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- -------------------------------------- Shutdown event system -------------------------------------- shutdown terminal support I'm using 32-bit Gentoo, with a properly patched Doom3. The previous demo map worked fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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