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  1. Ok Springheel i will try to reach that barrier, i worked a litle more on the model and it is now at 800 polys but i see that i have more room to take more out, i´m taking polys fixing the UVW at the same time and trying not to trash the normal map. I will not post more this night so cheers guys. Finaly a think is finishid , it have now 600 polys and i made a new uvw and normal map here is a render for you guys to see. Hope you like it. Cheers.
  2. Hello guys here is a new image of the model with less specular and even less polys in the image above the polys were 2900, i´m used to make models only for rendering so i didn´t saw that the model had to much polys, in the new it rest at 1030 polys, if it is still to many i will try to take more but that will sacrifice a litle the roundness of the model and trash the uvw.
  3. Guys sorry for the delay in posting my progress i was a litle busy and couln´t work in the model nor post in this forum. Making the normal map for the brazier with the ATI normalmaper tool was no go, so i decided to make it by hand, here is a wings3d render with the normalmp, if it is good to you guys i can them send you the model. Brazier_render p.s - Springheel the wiki page only talks about making normal maps for flat surfaces using the renderbumpflat utility that i found realy usefull but i didn´t saw anything about making normal maps for game models from a highpoly version, but
  4. Ok them i would love to be part of the team . About the workflow i did first the low poly and them i started to add more details to make the highpoly version. I´m trying to make the normal map from it by i just can´t seam to make a clean one, i´m using the NormalMapperUI from ATI, i never used it befor all the normal maps i did were made with photoshop, can you guys give me some advise.
  5. Ok i will do many variations of braziers them i will show you guys a wip so you guys can give critics and choose the one you like. Here is the first Wip.
  6. What i gain(not talking about money) if i join as a team-member? , if nothing them i´m just offering my services. About the model that easy do you want a simple rusted look or a brazier full of ornements and gold( for the rich houses).
  7. No problem i already imported models to the doom3 engine i even made a litle map to put the models but i never intended to be a mapper so i never used much the editor. I Can give you guys the models in ASE format and the Material ready to import to game.
  8. Guys i don´t know if you remember me i´m the one that gave a bunch of models in this thread models, i have know time to work in a mod and the one that i loved to work is this one, my modeling skills have improved since i gave that pack to you guys but if you want to give me some sample work just to test my skills you can, i´m not a realy good organic modeler and my texturing skills are a litle green but i will try to do my best to please you guys. I already worked with normalmaping so i will be able to do them. So shout if you need something. Hilário Martins Sample of some non gaming wo
  9. How can that be? A 9800 pro is more powerfull them a 9600 xt . What processor do you have?
  10. Ok oDDity cool concept them. Yes i agree with you.
  11. Cool model is it the hight poly model or the normal mapped ingame one? And can you show a more lighted pic so i can see all the details. So please forget your grumpy basterd side and grant me this request. please .
  12. I don´t know if ID have the same polici, but any mods made with Source even Total modifications, are propriety of Valve, thats is why they sell the CounterStrike-ConditionZero, CS-Source and the DayOfDefeat-Source games that were mods in the first place.
  13. Not to spoil the fun or anything but IMO you guys even if manage to make the posters you can´t sell them as this is a mod using the Doom3 engine. " The Software, the Printed Materials, and all copyrights, trademarks, and all other conceivable intellectual property rights related to the Software and the Printed Materials are owned by Id Software and are protected by United States copyright laws" I can be wrong so if that is the case them sorry and make your posters, and please don´t take this baddly i´m just informing you guys. As we the portuguese say " Quem te avisa teu amigo é", "Who
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