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  1. Worked out how to get the DR documentation online using GitLab Pages. It's pretty incomplete at the moment, but thanks to GitLab CI, every push automatically updates the website. http://orbweaver.gitlab.io/DarkRadiant/

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    2. Bikerdude


      Prolly because wordpress can be a pain to work with..?

    3. OrbWeaver


      It's not a static blog, it's a GitLab Pages site which serves the same HTML/AsciiDoc manual that I'm currently including in the DarkRadiant installation. TDM Wiki is an important editing resource but I don't think it's the right tool for an application user guide (which should be tracked in Git with the source code).

    4. RPGista


      Great job, man! Was that information available before? It sure looks new to me. Brilliant work.

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