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  1. The lightgem isn't changing when I move into dark areas, it's always fullbright and I'm getting killed immediately. Windows 7, Intel 4600 graphics, quad core. Don't see anything about 'activate' in .cfg only show/hide.
  2. I just installed this about 3 days ago, I went to play and the exe's had disappeared with apparently the stuff below, as well as doom 3.exe, don't think I deleted them. Anyway the updater put this stuff in so it looks like its' loading. BTW nice job, didn't think I'd play theif again. Removed file C:\games\doom_3\darkmod\AUTHORS.txt Removed file C:\games\doom_3\darkmod\LICENSE.txt Removed file C:\games\doom_3\darkmod\description.txt Removed file C:\games\doom_3\darkmod\config.spec Removed file C:\games\doom_3\darkmod\thedarkmod.x86 Removed file C:\games\doom_3\darkmod\TheDarkMod.exe
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