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  1. solved... now runs okay sorry it was my mistake... i was editing file under d3\base directory, not the one inside saintlucia folder sorry mate, users fault again now back to game... thanks
  2. absolutely no. btw, intro clip is not played correctly too. i see only background with black moving shapes in front of it. btw xp sp2, 8800gts, newest drivers...
  3. hi all, i enjoyed your 1st demo, athough it got me some time to make it work:-) but i canĀ§t make work SaintLucia... tried it under vista, game falls to menu after finishing loading progress bar... rebooted to xp, reinstalled, and finaly game loads successfuly... but at beginning, i can see only wall to right, sky above, some grass and everything else is black ok, installed newest driver, still the same problem any suggestions? hope there will be some ;safe texture manager or something in d3
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