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  1. Saves / reloads appear to be healthy now, at least for the first 7-8 trials. Thank you for the quick fix to restore this awesome mission; it's certainly large, and for the first time a few objectives did require some intuition, but I still enjoy every minute of it. @nbohr1more: my compass is fine, so it's probably not an FM issue...
  2. Confirmed . Version 1.0 did sometimes fail to reload a quicksave ("...no more free events...") but had no problem with regular saves. In version 1.1, however, saving is no more possible at all: both quicksaves and regular saves, when reloaded, immediately crash TDM (both 32 bit and 64 bit). Let's hope you can find a quick fix for this. It's nice to get rid of the annoying beeps under the starting / closing menu - but if it comes at the expense of losing all ability to save I rather return to the earlier version .
  3. Thanks a lot. Went back there, found the key, and the rest followed quite intuitively - but wow, and again: WOW! And since I finished with less than 6400 loot and only 11 of 15 secrets, I definitely have to go back and start again. But first I need some rest, 'cause I'm a bit dizzy after those revved up wormhole travels towards the end....
  4. I'm approaching the final stage (I believe) of this awesome mission, but now I seem to be stuck. Where is the missing head of the guard captain? I hope the holy water will be somewhere near it....
  5. My lion statues . I could replicate it at least 4 times
  6. Am I right observing that in this latest version On the other hand,
  7. Two delightful missions, the second one is even more captivating. I happened to find the However, I must have missed something obvious, because
  8. Thanks! Re-checked it from a savegame, and you are absolutely right: when I opened the case cover for the first time I must have blocked it at about 1 or 2 degrees short of the perfect right angle... another lesson learned .
  9. I did, more than hundred times, from all sides and angles. A few times I also stucked up there, face to face, but in vain... Tried again, and after about 150 trials, it worked. BTW, I'm using 2.03. Looks like it remains a mystery.
  10. I found the Am I the only one having this minor glitch? I have TDM 2.02, of course... A brilliant little mission nevertheless!
  11. Bikerdude, do you plan (and have time / energy / inspiration) to update this mission to TDM 2.01 / 2.02 some time in the not too distant future? Does it have to be updated at all? Or is it just missing from the downloadable missions list?
  12. Awesome mission, thanks for updating it. Just a minor complaint: it's often difficult to start climbing some ladders down, mainly in narrow holes - I keep falling and taking damage. And a question:
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