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  1. Improved the boids/fish behavior a little, now they seam to stay in close groups more often but for some reason, compared to the older system, performance took a nose dive with 500 boids. I don't really know why but I'm trying to find out. This is not final and still very much WIP. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r5zVyDCl0mfHD_VqRZVPI2CZhjP3a1ge/view?usp=sharing
  2. In pretty much all zombi movies, undead are "killed" with a shot in the head or by cutting the head entirely off. I seam to recall some that made the undead indestructible, even cut limbs move alone but those are the exception not the rule and most movies that use such "unkillable" undead, invent stupid reasons for why humanity was able to survive.
  3. Sorry if this isn't really directed at TDM but here is a simple boids system that I'm implementing on Dewm3 engine, sorry for the programmer art and the blurry video, will try to record something with more quality. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w1JIai8QNP3NiF9wBNb_gd73kXhQ5lvU/view?usp=sharing Boids are used to simulate, bird flocks, fish groups, in large scale, etc. This boids aren't AI's they are just simple renderEntity_t, they avoid each other, walls and move at different speeds, to simulate slow or sick animals, right now they avoid walls by using the engine ray tracing/testing. Because of that and even thou I did my best to optimize performance, this means that is really not a very fast system but in the video you see 500 boids working with imo good performance, albeit in a very simple scene. Hope you guys like it. edit: Better quality video (looks better in fullscreen), a more representative model, for the current boid behavior. Is a relatively highpoly model so performance got a tad lower with it, but still 500 boids.
  4. Hum, I get what you mean and in sense you are right but IMO having a generic faq on the game menu itself, doesn't hurt anything, specially for a game like TDM that is very unique in the way it's gameplay is so varied and disconnected, but I comprehend if is not normal or wanted.
  5. The RoE features that would be cool in some eventual action focused TDM mission but afaik were never transferred are, vehicle physics (physics based vehicles the player can ride), imo would be funny to drive around a slow steampunk vehicle and lastly weapons that you can mount, would also be fun imo to have a ballista type of weapon in some TDM mission , to kill me some zombie horde!
  6. Perhaps a visible FAQ button should be put into the main menu, where players can get a look at the most asked questions that the team knows, have a definite answer, this will probably help diminish this type of questions. For example questions like the following could be on the faq, "will TDM ever have a full campaign?", "will TDM ever be on steam?", "what engine does this game use?", "will you guys ever change to Unity/UE4?", "Why is 'this thief character' not in TDM?", "Is this the Thief universe?", "Can I give you guys money?", etc, etc. Indeed, idtech4 UI system is very laborious, specially when a good editor for it is non existent, Quake 4 GUI editor is very very simplistic, unstable and worse, better not use it to edit a already made complex GUI, because at save time, it WILL destroy/delete, all gui code that you wrote by hand that it doesn't support, pretty much the majority of the GUI scripting code. But to be fair, compared to BFG engine that uses adobe flash, imo is way easy to make a simple GUI using original idtech4 system.
  7. in original idtech4 eachFrame is just a Macro of a infinite for loop with a one frame pause #define eachFrame for( 0; 1; waitFrame() ) In case you don't know what DoomScript Macros are they are just like C macros. Is like doing while(true) { // do something waitframe(); } I have not coded in DoomScript for ages now but I assume eachFrame loop, can be exited with break or with return, just like in C/C++. Not sure about this but I think functions with eachFrame loops, need to be called in a different thread, using the "thread" keyword, like done with "infinite" while loops, If not, I think it will run on the main thread, stall the game and block other loops. but like I said not 100% sure. Also not sure if I understand the question but are you asking how to run different loops concurrently? If yes, then use script threads. btw script thread's, is not multithreading ala multi CPU's, is multiple threads running on a single CPU. Hope this help.
  8. Nice video Goldwell and man, voice acting in some TDM missions has more quality and better acting than some comercial games.
  9. I agree with datiswous do not over use a effect or you risk killing its appeal. Also IMO current volumetric lights, even thou cool when casting shadows and such, do take a important toll on performance and visually, when not at 16 samples or above, to me look a tad worse than the older particle effect system.
  10. Ok... I it seems, I've been playing missions where this was not happening (or playing in 32bits without knowing) because surprise, on Black Mage I do see this problem! So is not windows 11 and RDNA only. Compared to the video, In my case the blue squares aren't that pronounced thou and the windows don't flash blue like crazy, what I see is a faint blue shape (but perfectly able to see is those blue squares bug) around the windows, for a split second when I move the view around.
  11. The start of Tears of Saint Lucia mission is full of windows and I'm not seeing that in any of them, bloom on, 64bits color on, but I'm on windows 10, on a previous generation AMD RX 570X. Is that test map in the video available anywhere for me to test?
  12. HMart

    Dying Light 2

    With all its flaws, Call of Cthulu Dark corners of the earth, was a game that catched my attention more than many new games. I also found out that the game, has a cool hidden debug menu, that you can enable by using a exe editor, is also a cheat menu because you can enable god mode and infinite ammo on it.
  13. Please don't disable stuff based only on GPU brand, if you can really avoid it, you are just punishing all AMD users, even those not having this particular problem, like me (unless I failed to see it somehow...).
  14. 16 samples and disabling image sharpening did the trick, the dithering is still present but is way less noticeable, It did gave me a obvious performance penalty but with resolution scale set at 0.78, i got most of it back and IMO the game didn't suffer much from that, still looks very nice to me. Thanks for the help guys, now I go continue playing this nice mission.
  15. Hey guys is this how the volumetric fog/smoke should look? Or is something wrong? I see a very strong dithering like effect. forgot: Is on AMD RX 570X gpu. Btw very nice mission as always kinsal, very professional looking.
  16. I'm not sure but think this may give you guys some ideas on how to improve bat flight behavior. https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/3-simple-rules-of-flocking-behaviors-alignment-cohesion-and-separation--gamedev-3444
  17. projection and falloff are used to control fog density? I assume they make the fog less or more dense, depending on the pixel brightness in the falloff texture? For example to create less homogeneous fog, or simulate smoke? Btw this UE3 tutorial show some cool fog systems that I think, some can be replicated with current TDM fog system or at lest give you some ideas about how to improve it.
  18. I'm far from a specialist on this but that also looks fine to me. I really don't know why your character is floating it could be a parenting problem, a naming problem or even a bug in the engine, the best imo is to import a character from TDM into Blender or other tool that can see MD5 skeletons and look how the bones are setup, you can also open the MD5 in a text editor and see if the origin bone values look reasonable, this is how a Doom 3 monster origin looks like inside MD5 mesh. About IK idtech 4 does take it into consideration, for characters at lest, but I don't know if the IK info is exported from the 3D tool or created automatically by the engine, perhaps the video I posted has that info.
  19. Is the character mesh itself well positioned in blender? Meaning its feet touch the grid "ground", is the origin bone exported at (0, 0, 0), in line with the character feet? If you don't already know it, see if this video helps you, is not for blender nor TDM but is for Doom 3 so it should help some. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGdv6a505qk
  20. No Problem. Of topic but about freesync, afaik It sync's monitor refresh to game fps and not the other way around like Vsync does, in my case to min, max limits of 40hz to 165hz, games running bellow ~40fps, may cause screen tear and may need Vsync enabled. I have plenty of games with Vsync off and ever since I got this monitor, I don't remember ever seeing a sync tear, even on games reaching bellow 40fps, but I have Radeon enhanced sync (similar to Nvidia Fast Sync) always on, so that maybe be why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOoPLuUeAY0
  21. Sorry if I came a little obtuse It was not my intention but at lest made you guys discuss the subject. ;D Like I said it was a opinion and truth be told based on much ignorance in how TDM render and idtech 4 render in general works, I know vanilla engine is locked at 60hz and that is why I explicitly said "default" of 60, but was just a suggestion. I was also basing my opinion on what I see other games do, afaik TDM is the only game, where you have to explicitly unlock fps's, before being able to set a max fps, at lest in the menu visible to the player. But TDM situation seems to be a particularity of this engine old idtech4 DNA. "Fps limit only works with vsync off" Is that a general fact or only a TDM (idtech 4) fact? I have games where I have both on and they seem to not conflict, but perhaps those games just disable one or the other behind the scenes? " it excludes everything except 60Hz monitors" Like I said it was just a suggestion, not trying to exclude high-frequency monitors, specially because I have one! A 165hz FreeSync monitor. And wouldn't people be able to set their own frequency? Also honest question, can't you detect in the engine code at what frequency player monitor is at and set accordingly? "Then came people with high-frequency monitors" Like you see I'm one of those. This imo is obviously a case of me not being privy on the internals of the TDM engine render, making wrong assumptions based on past experience with other games/engines... :S
  22. IMO uncap fps in the menu feels totally redundant and something the player shouldn't even need to set manually. I ask, why not have, set max fps only, with default at 60 and if you then set a Max FPS above 60, the engine automatically uncaps the fps? IMO sounds more logical and user friendly that way, just my two cents.
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