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  1. - http://www.newegg.co...re%20i3%202367M


    The laptop itself looks pretty and at 4.4lbs its light enough, the cpu is an ivy-bridge part dual core with hyper-threading, 3M cache and HD3000 gpu. But thats where the romance ends, the GPU wont be capable of running TDM at anything beyond 800*600 without stuttering and the HDD is lickely to be a 5400rpm, which is painfully slow at best - best thing to do there is replace with a cheap refurbished SSD, which would raise the budget to $440.


    Im not to worried about gaming on it as i have my very nice desktop that im on right now, i just want something i can carry with me and write/research on wherever i am. Though i might toss dwarf fortress on it or something.

    My friend made the same suggestion with a SSD which i will probably do a little later on, i dont think i can afford the SSD on top of the laptop currently.

  2. Im in the US and i mostly use newegg for computer stuff.

    My friend just suggest a "Asus F502CA-EB31 intel core i3 2367M" (i cant seem to copy paste here), if you google that newegg is the first result. He owns one and said good things about it. 360$ on sale at the moment which is very doable for me.


    What do ya'll think about it? He said it runs pretty smooth (i cant stand using slow computers) and being windows i could throw on some other programs im familier with very easily.

  3. I just began going to college again after a few years off and iv realized that i write much faster and get my thoughts on paper a lot easier by typing rather than writing. Im looking for a cheaper (maybe 300 or under though i could go higher) laptop/netbook now but i have absolutely no idea of where to start. I looked at the chromebook and it seemed nice but i dont know about the whole weird OS thing is has going on. So please shoot me some suggestions, i could even do a tablet with a keyboard plugged in if thats going to get me the best bang for my buck.

  4. Dram is the game going to have multiplayer by chance? I was extremely pleased when i heard it would have mod tools at e3 and i was imagining all sorts of fun stuff people will come up with but a big part of that thought was playing those funs things with friends.

  5. Thats really awsome, i was acually gonna come in here and say how much i like BIS (there support of the community and modding for arma ect ect), so i had high hopes for this game, and after learning that one of the team members worked on the dark mod i gotta say i like them a little more now even.

  6. I finished the game last night and i have to say while there where a few issues with the design its one of the best games iv ever played, i have never felt so okay playing a premade character before, i generaly find what ever additude they give them to be obnoxious and unlikeable with them saying stupid shit left and right that i never agree with, Geralt however was quite agreeable with me and i felt like the dialogue choices where just fine for what was happening at the time.


    This is one of the first games iv even bothered finishing in a long time because i cared about what would happen to the characters and wanted to know the reason behind the whole thing.


    This is all my opinion of course and you may gladly have a different one.

  7. Man i stopped going to ttlg quite a while ago due to the bitchy negativeness that seems to have overtaken that forum, i glanced there a minute ago to check out TDM related news there and i see there is no mention of tdm on the site at all anywhere now, did they remove it? Is tdm some kind of butthurt dont you dare speak its name topic over there now?


    I know they didnt purge all mention of it but didn't it used to have its own forum or subforum, or mention in the editors guild or something.

  8. The team have said the loudness of the shoes was more for your reference than to be how loud the thief accualy is in the game if im not mistaken.


    I also think that in the 1.1 update they said they are lowering the volume (i could very well be wrong however).

  9. Nope, there are just two ways of doing it. :)


    If the mappers chooses to use option number 2, where the key is in sight...the AI will just be locked inside. I don't know if code yet exists for them to stop trying to get out after a few tries, but it will probably exist in the future.


    Are you saying it should work like that right now? Or do you mean in the future?

  10. Sorry to make another topic so soon but after playing a couple of missions earlyer tonight i noticed that after i had stolen a key from someone they where still able to open the locked door they not longer had the key to, is this intended, overlooked, or perhaps a bug? I would sure like to be able to lock pursuing guards in a room and other such shenanigans.

  11. Well i fooled around with it a bunch more and iv gotten it just right i think, thanks for the suggestions guys.


    On a side note from looking at screenshots iv seen other people post i think i like it ALOT darker than alot of people lol.

  12. Could someone give me some tips on how i should be reading the brightness scale in the options, i just got a new monitor a while ago and every time i play i feel like i make the game to bright to where i feel like im not even in the darkness or so dark that i cant see anything, i did the whole tutorial level part on adjusting it but i just cant get a brightness level that makes me happy.



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