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  1. I tried to like the game but it didn't do anything for me. The first thing that i noticed about the game is how insanely generic the setting is, like even more so than the forgotten realms that BG was set in, the second was that the dwarfs sounded like humans, had tiny little puss-beards and where about as undwarfy as you can get. It bothers me that they take some generic fantasy races like elfs and dwarfs and attempt to twist them into something unique to there setting, they made there completely own world/history ect so why cant they make there own races that fit into there world instead of trying to cut the edges off a square block to fit it in a round hole. Other than all that i just attempted to play the game a dozen times and it never once sucked me in. edit-Oh i didn't care for how you could see every spell in the game at character creation either as it really took the mystery out of being a wizard, as i knew every single boring ability i could get from the start.
  2. Regarding dummy doors, what if someone made a special door handle that was the "new inventors guild door handle model 2.0" thats unpickable or something and you guys could just throw it on dummy doors so players would be able to see it and know its unpickable without ruining immersion with shitty textures? or maybe a busted up broken handle for those poorer houses.
  3. I'd just like to put my thought in on jumping from carpet to carpet to make less sound, if you think about it yeah you could do it in thief 1/2 but honestly its pretty silly if you imagine a thief jumping from one carpet to the next carpet behind a guard thinking that its not going to make as much sound, im pretty sure it would be louder than taking some careful steps across a tile floor.
  4. I personaly feel like the jump is fine, its not an exact replica of thiefs jump, but thats fine because this isnt thief.
  5. While playing the outpost i had one of the builder guards fall down into the little elevator pit which is only about waste high but i noticed he couldn't climb out of it (i also noticed i couldn't squish him ) do you guys have plans to perhaps let guards and other ai climb over/onto waste high obstructions? I've also noticed its pretty easy to block off doors either by pinning them with a arrow in the right place or bracing objects against a wall in front of them, i think it would be cool if maybe guards could bash doors and break objects that are blocking them, maybe 1 bash to break something like an arrow and 3 or 4 to smash a box. Anyways just my thoughts, and great job with everything you guys have accomplished so far!
  6. Sorry if i missed this anywhere but i was wondering if the different levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard) have any effect on guard AI/sensitivity to footsteps ect?
  7. When i install the C++ you say is needed to run it, it installs into a giant sloppy mess all over my C drive, am i missing something? DarkRadiant seems to be running fine without having it installed though, so should i not worry about it?
  8. Sorry to bump my thread up again but im still wanting to know if anyone knows a fix perhaps for my problem, after playing the mod a whole bunch more im going to say again it seems to be just sound through floors above and below me, not what i had said in the original post.
  9. Other people have mentioned most of the little problems with this release so far but id like to mention personaly i've had some probems with frobbing objects, most when it comes to thing in chests, i've picked up objects and loot in chests that where closed and locked through the sides and iv had instances where i couldn't for the life of me get an object out of them even when i have it wide open. Other than that and my personal sound issue i must say again thank you for this amazing mod!
  10. I've heard a couple people mention that making your games use AA and AF via your video cards control center works better than useing the in game options (im speaking of the dark mod here i suppose). Supposing this is true should i disable the in game AA and AF while i have them turned on in the control center or does it automaticly overide them.
  11. Do what NH said or if you dont know how, just turn off bloom. Most ATI users have this same problem.
  12. I've been a fan of ADOM for quite a while, me and a friend often have little contests of who can get further with a random generated character. What im realllly a big fan of though is dwarf fortress, http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/. Its like a combo sort of a combo of roguelikes and dungeon keeper, and also has a good adventure mode in it.
  13. I messed around with eax today and when i turn it on in tdm (i hadnt because it normaly sounds all fucked up)it didnt change anything, sounded just like it did when it was off, yes i restarted after turning it on. After playing the game some more it feels like its mostly sounds bleeding through floors for me, any time someone is on a floor above or below me it sounds like there in the same room as me, if its a large room below or above it persists through more than one room. An example is the sleeping builder guard in "The Outpost", when i went into the priests room (or half the other rooms upstairs)that was above him it sounded like someone was asleep in that room too and it took me a minute to figure out it was coming from the floor below.
  14. I don't play with eax on as i get that exact wet sound your talking about with pretty much anything, and that video you posted is very similar to what im having where a AI down a hallway downs like he's pressed up against my ear talking. edit- Incase i wasnt clear there, my sound quality is totaly normal and the sound effects are great, its just the positioning of it. win xp pro, amd athlon 64 6400+ dual core 3.2ghz, 2 gigs of ram, 1800xt gpu, and a old audigy 2 for sound.
  15. The mod is amazeing so far but i have 1 big issue. While playing the chalice of kings i cannot tell if a guard is behind me, around the corner or on the level below me, it all sounds the same with the exception of very long distances and through doors. I'm not sure if this is a bug just effecting me or if the levels sound portals are messed up, or if its just something not completed with the mod yet.
  16. I just want to say thank you all for the time and energy you guys put into making this mod actually happen, I've been watching from the start trying not to get too excited as it was years away from completion and to be honest i don't think many projects of this size ever make it to see daylight (not that we're going to be seeing alot of daylight in this mod). I can no longer pretend and lie to myself that this isn't the most exciting thing as far as computers go ever with it so close to release. Anyways i just wanted to thank the whole team for there time and effort, Can't wait to start playing and perhaps sooner or later creating with the mod!
  17. Man so i was playing this (free)demo right and im having fun, and then bam! I get a wall with no texture!!! HOW DARE YOU WASTE MY TIME AND MY MONEY(oh wait) WAHH WAHH WHERES MY BOTTLE WAH!
  18. Arg, damn all you people who's games are working, im crashing horrably! The game loads up perfectly fine and i can look around, fire arrows, swing my sword,e ect but the moment i take a step forward i hear the clicking of my heels and the game either crashes and tells me there has been a serious VPU crash or freezes my computer and emits a awful screech from my headphones untill i restart. I own a legal copy of doom 3 and my system far surpasses the minimum specs. Any ideas
  19. I loved quake 3 way back when, my buddy burned me a copy of it in middle school and id lan it with friends all the time, i stayed up for like 24 hours straight playing it once lol. For some reason long chains of one letter work as a valid CD key in it like jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj is a valid CD key, crappy code or somethin =p
  20. Game looks like it could be fun but ill wait for a demo or something before i get excited. I don't see the fuss over that jesper kyd guy i pretty much always turned the music off in splintercell and hitman, it wasnt inspireing and just got in the way of me hearing the enemy.
  21. Irenices


    My good computer is busted right now but im dieing to try it out. Hopefuly it'll be fixed in the next couple days.
  22. Amazeing work guys, i watched the video and was completely blown away with what you've done, like others have said there are little things here and there but i suppose thats why its still a year from release
  23. Irenices


    Correct me if im wrong but hasnt every unreal game had editing tools so you can make mods, also its not really a totaly different engine, its there old one with a big facelift, im sure ut3 will feel exactly the same as 2k4, just with soft shadows. Is that kane and lynch game really going to be coop or is it gonna be coop like that last splintercell game was where you have a AI team-mate and they somehow got away with calling it coop?
  24. One time i saw a thread in the wrong area, and then he killed the dog.
  25. Well as i said i am not asking you guys to put multiplayer in as i know thats not the point of this mod ect.. Im wondering if once its released would it be possible for someone to add it in or have you changed to many aspects of the game where it would be nearly impossible? Just dreamin about coop as usual =P
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