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  1. With lines like, "Night. My time." What DOESN'T sound forced? Russell seems like he's struggling to make to make these lines sound half way decent, which is an impossible task.
  2. If they had used this trailer as a model for the game, then I think that it could have turned out far better. Probably not on par with the original trilogy, but people would look at the game fondly and without disdain. Stephen Russell sounds great as usual. Romano Orzari is a fine actor... but how could anyone at Eidos possibly think that Orzari's performance was better than Stephen Russell's? It's a shame, really. So much potential squandered.
  3. I just started, and I'm absolutely loving it! Haven't beaten it yet, but will soon. There is just so much attention to detail in this mission... it's overwhelming! Hats off to whomever made this. It's a work of art!
  4. Nacht7

    Bioshock Games

    Well, I think that's what separates people who liked and didn't like the game. I still think it's a good game regardless, and I didn't feel cheated out of my money, not in the slightest. It's just not my kind of game.
  5. Nacht7

    Bioshock Games

    Of course none of the games even touch the majesty of System Shock 1 and 2, I enjoyed Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite. Few people agree with me on this, but my favorite in the series is the second game, while my least favorite is Bioshock Infinte. It's a solid game, I acknowledge that much, but it's too on-the-rails for me I suppose, and the same could be said for a few moments in the first two games. I loved Bioshock 1 and 2 because it was creepy and ambiguous, where the world was a mystery, hidden and waiting to be uncovered by the player while playing. In Bioshock Infinite, the setting was just
  6. Nacht7

    Thief 4

    Yeah, but that's more of a "six degrees of separation" sort of thing. It's a bit of a loose connection, and awfully presumptuous to assume all gaming studios owned by Zenimax happen to use the same technology as one particular gaming studio owned by Zenimax.
  7. Nacht7

    Thief 4

    Dishonored used a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3, I thought.
  8. Boops? Why on god's green earth would you want to give her pneumonia?
  9. We haven't had a good Hitman game in eight years, so this will have to suffice.
  10. Well, I played Thief for about a week after receiving it from Gamefly, and I couldn't finish it it. It didn't interest me. By the time I hit the four hour mark, I just didn't care. The levels weren't anything imaginitive or worth exploring (even if you tried to venture off the beaten path, you would hardly be able too), the story and characters are dull, the City no longer feels as real as it once did, and the whole of the game feels... boring. After I sent it back to Gamefly, I booted up my computer and started playing The Dark Mod. Needless to say, I actually had fun with The Dark Mod!
  11. At least there is a solution for the shroud. Sadly, I'm playing on PS3.
  12. Didn't Tenchu already do that, and not to mention, ten times better?
  13. Never heard of this mod, though it sounds very enticing. I think I'll check it out.
  14. While moving around was difficult in TDS, at least I could move around. I could jump, mantle, and move all around as much as I pleased, no matter how broken it was. Player freedom still existed in TDS. Thief 4 holds the player's hand everywhere. Thief 4 would have benefited from fixing these features, but instead, they simply remove them and pretend they never were there.
  15. Agreed. Body awareness is a make or break for all games, and it seems that for Thief, it's something to be avoided.
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