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  1. It is quite different. But I think especially missions like Escape! have an awesome atmosphere with it.
  2. unrelated to TDM, but I just saw your vid on the asylum level. How could you not even flinch a little at that keyhole moment? Liked your TDM LPs. Especially that you're not overusing quicksave/load! But yeah, a little more entertaining talk around the game would be nice!
  3. Was thinking about this just the other day, when I ran out of other equipment to use. I hardly ever use mines. But that's mainly due to the two types the dark mod has right now. Flashmines and especially explosive mines are just now very stealthy But planning a KO carefully with a well-placed gasmine would be something I'd really look forward to!
  4. Thanks! Really fun mission! Loved the voice acting and the rain. Was fun to ghost the mission, too, since you really have to make use of the eavesdropping. Got a little annoyed by doors that looked like I should be able to open them (handles), but couldn't. But enjoyed it really overall!
  5. I just noticed that your visibility is not affected if you shoulder an AI. If a bow does, I think a full grown man in armor should, too
  6. I'm personally not a big fan of the 'pure' horror missions. Prefer the mansions and cities more. But what I do like are the occasional unexpected horror elements (as in Mandrasola, the sewer in Breaking out the Fence, In the North etc.). Such missions are also the ones that tend to get to me. Many others are just a zombie overkill But in missions like the ones I mentioned, it's just the change in pace that I like. Having an adrenaline rush after strolling through a mansion or city Probably also the reason why missions cramped with horror doesn't excite me as much.
  7. Hi everyone! A friend just started with TDM. However, when loading savegames he gets the following error message: 1DRestoreGame::InitializeCache: Bad Cache Offset(16777216) Can anybody help us out? Cheers, zenid
  8. Really enjoyed In the North and would be glad to beta test! Just let me know if you still need someone!
  9. Love how you post this right after a whole discussion about TDM being too difficult But yeah, agree! A tiny bit off-topic, would there be a way to limit the number of saves you can make in order to make the game harder? Like some sort of optional objective: "Deal with the consequences! Only 3 saves!" or something along these lines Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. Hi! New to the forum, but been in the shadows and secretly playing TDM for years now. I'd be happy to help with something! I have some programming experience (though mostly limited to signal analyses with Matlab and alike). But I'm quite fast in picking up these things With a tutorial for skins, as Obstorte suggested, I'd be down to help. Also with anything that does not involve me drawing something (cause I suck at it) or years of experience to learn it, would be fine! I can also offer german-accented voice work Just let me know!
  11. Congrats on the mission! Definitely one of the best ones I played so far (been playing TDM for years now, but registered only now...to thank you and for a question )
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