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  1. I actually don't care for screen tearing most of the time, but sometimes its a bit too obvious and explicit! That's when it bother me a little....but I guess for now I am just gonna keep it off... How do I use the extra buffering? Is there a cvar for it?(I am too lazy to look for it right now! )
  2. Hello, I was about to make a thread for this topic and here it was....I cannot get the simple OpenAL to work for the life of me! I am getting great Dolby Surround as my ASUS Xonar soundcard has a headphone amp...but forcing OpenAL via the darkmod.cfg file crashes the game with the "hardware buffer" error! Don't know why it's not working, I tried re-installing drivers and OpenAL...it was working gr8 for me before in Doom 3 but I recent upgraded my PC and re-formatted the HDD, and that might have screwed something up! I believe it doesn't work in Doom 3 either for me now. I guess even turning
  3. I am waiting for the updated version too! Never played it and sound like great FM to play with the awesomeness, ie, TDM 2.0!!
  4. Man I need to find the time which I dont think I will have for the next 2 months for all this awesomeness! Thank you for your great work!
  5. I have to agree with this problem! I have pretty decent PC that can run this game maxed out with < 30% GPU usage! I am using Radeon 7950 3GB @ 960/1250 and turning on VSync, drop the framerate to 30fps all the time...its a double buffered VSync...without VSync like the OP mentioned, the screen tearing is horrendous and unbearable! I tried forcing Triple Buffering and VSync externally using D3DOverrider but it doesn't seem to work!
  6. I too would like to give my sincerest thanks to the people who made this! I played TDM first time 2 years ago for a few hours and then left it as it felt a bit incomplete at times to me then....but now this is just great!
  7. Hello everyone, Just joined the forum and would like to congratulate the team on the mind-blowingly awesome job that you guys have done with this mod/standalone! I first played TDM 2 years ago, and it was great then, but not is AMAZING! Anyways, here's another article link that I didn't see in the first post... DSOGaming(great site IMO!): http://www.dsogaming...n-2-0-released/
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