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  1. I actually don't care for screen tearing most of the time, but sometimes its a bit too obvious and explicit! That's when it bother me a little....but I guess for now I am just gonna keep it off... How do I use the extra buffering? Is there a cvar for it?(I am too lazy to look for it right now! )
  2. Hello, I was about to make a thread for this topic and here it was....I cannot get the simple OpenAL to work for the life of me! I am getting great Dolby Surround as my ASUS Xonar soundcard has a headphone amp...but forcing OpenAL via the darkmod.cfg file crashes the game with the "hardware buffer" error! Don't know why it's not working, I tried re-installing drivers and OpenAL...it was working gr8 for me before in Doom 3 but I recent upgraded my PC and re-formatted the HDD, and that might have screwed something up! I believe it doesn't work in Doom 3 either for me now. I guess even turning it on will not make much of difference as it will only probably give the Dolby effect that I already am getting.....But OMG! If we can get sound via EFX or some other alternative like in the EAX video posted above, the immersion factor of TDM will be increased tenfold!
  3. I am waiting for the updated version too! Never played it and sound like great FM to play with the awesomeness, ie, TDM 2.0!!
  4. Man I need to find the time which I dont think I will have for the next 2 months for all this awesomeness! Thank you for your great work!
  5. I have to agree with this problem! I have pretty decent PC that can run this game maxed out with < 30% GPU usage! I am using Radeon 7950 3GB @ 960/1250 and turning on VSync, drop the framerate to 30fps all the time...its a double buffered VSync...without VSync like the OP mentioned, the screen tearing is horrendous and unbearable! I tried forcing Triple Buffering and VSync externally using D3DOverrider but it doesn't seem to work!
  6. I too would like to give my sincerest thanks to the people who made this! I played TDM first time 2 years ago for a few hours and then left it as it felt a bit incomplete at times to me then....but now this is just great!
  7. Hello everyone, Just joined the forum and would like to congratulate the team on the mind-blowingly awesome job that you guys have done with this mod/standalone! I first played TDM 2 years ago, and it was great then, but not is AMAZING! Anyways, here's another article link that I didn't see in the first post... DSOGaming(great site IMO!): http://www.dsogaming...n-2-0-released/
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