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  1. well jea somehow i managed to navigate from the 2.0 download page to an 1.08 i guess couse i was on a 2.0 download page at first tx for ur help lets see what happens when i download the right stuff ^^ mfg DamKoVosh
  2. Goog Evening I just loaded Dark Mod like an hour ago, and got this Problem with the missing Textures or missing dynamic light not shure, and the Smoke being just black squares. And i know there is another thread with about the same Problem, but i have the 2.0 standalone and as far as i understood i dont have to install doom to play this one, so the other thread is not realy helping me either. I tried about every button in my settings and i followed the faq Textures are missing, screen mostly black Look into your darkmod.cfg inside your darkmod folder and check that the following se
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