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  1. We didn't expect much out of this reboot, but it seems thats even worst than we ever imagined. Broken AI, Flawed lvl design, no different ground sounds, stolen design from Dark Shadows WTF is going on?
  2. Is there a way of having a loot list? I'm missing roughly 600g's Great map by the way. I loved the thunders while trying to picking a door whilsts the ghosts were after you. I found also some bugs on the ghost movements but in overall it was a very pleasant level. Thanks for those precious old style moments.
  3. You should advertise it a bit more. There are still hardcore gamers out there that they are unaware of the TDM. Even I forgot about your project which I repeat Thief Series every two years. Your work is phenomenal and more gamers should enjoy this diamond. Many thanks to all the contributors, I'll try to assist you in any way possible. Spread the love!
  4. I'll have another go when I get back home. In any case thank you all for your support. This is a wonderfull mod and I'm trying to get the most out of it.
  5. Mobo: Asus P6T Deluxe V2 BIOS: 1202 (latest) CPU: i7 920 RAM: 6X 2Gb Crucial Ballistix GPU: Evga GTX 760 FTW SSD: Crucial M4, 256Gb OS: Win7 X64 I have also noticed that when a room has multiple light sources then most of the above problems appearing more ofter. Heavy shuttering, really low fps, pause in movement (like scrolling an old dirty ball mouse but only in movement not in head rotation)
  6. First of all thank you for this great effort in reviving one of the most beautifull games of all times. I was following this project for quite some time but since now is a standalone release i gave it a go. Some of the problems that I'm experiencing but I saw some other did as well. -On a high end system (GTX760) I experience really low fps (10-15) which seems to get slightly better if I decrease antiallizing etc, but always below 30fps. The config file is as per wiki's recommended instructions -As other I cant load the two preinstalled missions, but it works perfectly on others. - I was facing really slow loading times but by deactivating vertical sync it got better but still not perfect. Now a problem that I didnt manage to find a similar question anywhere. - I face major shuttering in my movement. When I press a movement key I will likely face a pause on my movement. Its like stop pressing the movement button, which is quite difficult to play and perform on any level. For example when I press forward, after a while Garett stops moving. Release forward and press again, Garett moves but it will stop after a while. There is no constant pattern its just random but quite often.
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