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  1. If you read about Palladianism you will see how "ideal" ratios drove architecture in the 18th Century in England. I find certain ratios do tend to work in TDM, but it's worth remembering in games that level design doesn't match reality, for instance you need more width to move around in in games, because you aren't as thin and mobile as a real person, you are in a fact a box!
  2. An aside, but I think putting in German phrases could be cool as well. I think the gloomy industrial city, and harsh puritan like Builders could use some German terms. "Hexenhammer" is awesome!
  3. Perhaps finding some way to have more colourful Thief Gold style textures would be a start? I can't decide though whether it would be possible or not, because TG got away with a lot that you couldn't do with a newer engine, for example not lining up textures properly, or using very crude unconvincing texturing and geometry in places (Wizard's towers come to mind) which often worked (E.g. Baffords, Songs of the Caverns) because of the gloominess of the engine.
  4. I like those sort of fantasy buildings with the middle eastern arches and domes Jesps. Could make a China Mieville atmosphere. By the way, you can delete the earlier zip folder Fidcal, the new one (3-5-11) has the earlier stuff in it.
  5. The one with the note attached to it saying block the door from the outside, and also mentions the escape route via the attic. I also spent so long looking for keys for the padlocks in the cellar, dur!
  6. I've been busy! Done more, bit later now, late Georgian and Victorian. You can make a town that looks like Birmingham, UK now! By the way, the missing windows are because it's the editor view. http://www.fileupyours.com/view/306382/Prefabs%20Bob_Arctor%203-5-11.zip
  7. You can go behind that barricaded door? Seeing as I completed the mission I thought you hadn't done there yet!
  8. Wow I was really behind with the loot even after a lot of roof climbing and poking around! I was looking for a way to the cloisters for ages, oh well, roll on version 3.0! So what was the optional objective? Were you supposed to do something with the note? I tried placing it on the fathers desk.
  9. http://www.fileupyours.com/view/306382/prefabs_bob_arctor.zip Prefabs of more buildings, included are a readme and jpegs of the buildings, to be added to the site. Including these guys:
  10. What sort of styles/types of buildings and features are most useful to people? Also do we want more buildings for the edges of maps, or more full structures?
  11. If it could be added to a shared pack that would be useful, as these uploads will likely expire. Just done an OTT classical style doorway and another townhouse using it. Glad I can be of help filling out the missions. I know making filler buildings can be pretty dull!
  12. Hi all, Got a Georgian style townhouse, and Jacobean style almshouses prefabs, plus the windows as prefabs in various sizes. Enjoy See prefabs thread for download
  13. Hello all, I did beta test mapping back before the release, but due to not having a PC that could do it, and my medical degree, I've not done anything for ages. Anyway, so I've got bit of break at the moment, and a nice new desktop, been playing some of the missions on the new release, it's awesome! Think I'm going to map some Georgian architecture, upload as prefabs perhaps, and to show that we can do some different stuff with TDM. venetian_window.jpg:
  14. Hot damn wouldn't mind that window as a prefab or model at all!
  15. Ah is there compatibility with Vista then? Just loaded up DR on my new PC and it's a bit buggered: the XY shows nothing, the camera shows the grid. When I open a map it runs awfully, and the camera flicks between the grid and the view. Even menus are buggered, when I open one the title goes completely white.
  16. It was connecting bits in SS2 wasn't it? Not literally pipe rotation?
  17. Gotta say I really don't much like that "floorboard" texture, it's far too modern in my view. The carpet though is awesome, cheers Arcturus!
  18. That is awesome!! Is it in the Beta mapper SNV yet? I could really do with that type of texture.
  19. The craymen in Songs of the Caverns were awesome. They fitted in. Such a good level. Maybe one day a TDM opera house?
  20. Ah well, we have many many stone block assets, in various states of disrepair and grime. I would say the difference is that our assets are more brown than blue. More delapidated like in Thief I than TDS. But yeah, a fair few resourses for that. The only thing is that a lot of TDM resources aren't Victorian, and the Shalebridge Cradle seemed to be from late 1800s, the most modern building in the whole of TDM's city which always annoyed me.
  21. I'm gunna batter down your door with my sword! Guess again!
  22. I like the idea of auto-end, with one of the options open to mappers being "Leave the area" after the other ones are done. Pressing Escape when the objectives are done as Oddity wants is completely unintuitive for gamers, not immersive at all, just bizzare really. Not very Thiefy to just stop in the middle of a street either, be better to either be done when the objectives are done, or to go home/find the exit.
  23. I dunno. A guy I knew got a girl back to his place talking about his tea collection.
  24. When that's a bit better on the normal map I'd be pleased to have that on the repository, it's a very nice texture. Anyone else thinking of Shipping and Receiving?
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