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  1. Tweaking cvars in a mission.cfg file is certainly a lot easier and more mapper-friendly than tweaking core scripts and def files, so this definitely seems like a good starting point
  2. Thank you for saying as such and clarifying the path forward with regard to these missions, I do really appreciate it
  3. Yeah, as I said elsewhere, it's not so much that the missions are broken that is frustrating to me and several other affected authors, it's that there was zero communication to the affected authors that this was going to be happening beforehand. There is no reason why a message couldn't have been sent to the affected authors saying "hey, this will be broken in the upcoming dev build for X reasons. I thought you'd like to know before surprising you." Or even an open discussion beforehand about why these authors decided to make these customizations to begin with. Plain and simple, that's just a lack of respect. If you have the time to break these, you have time to communicate and see if there might be a solution to avoid all this (and there is!). And perhaps from YOUR perspective, you might think this reaction seems silly, unnecessary, and that this is totally fine, but from my perspective and that of a few others, it's not. EDIT: In addition, when creating or modifying existing assets, I and others take great care in making sure that these changes don't break existing maps. And if they do, we do whatever we can to own up to that and fix it. I do expect that same level of respect to be shown to existing maps so they aren't just broken with reckless abandon and no clear path forward.
  4. Why not use the modified weapon scripts from the April Fool's FMs? Those seem to be working just fine on this dev build
  5. well, I guess this is just where we disagree. It isn't really a mapper's job to inventory and highlight every change they make because most players don't have an issue with it. There are a lot more important fish to fry if you wanna get an FM released
  6. "Needed"? No, not particularly. But it also depends on what the change is and how significant it is. For my FMs, the tweaks are small and I didn't really think they were worth mentioning. No one brought up a complaint about it either, so I just moved on. If you wanna know what's going on under the hood, you can always take a look at the files yourself Edit: man, the sad emojis are out in full force today...
  7. this is how the mapper wants the player to experience the FM. If you want a different experience, the burden is then on the player. Although, there are already several existing notations in the script files and def files about what has been changed. Kingsal has been really good about this with his volta modifications, and I've tried to do this as well
  8. There are 10 released FMs that use custom arrow scripts for a variety of reasons. With this current dev build, if you try to use the bow, it just doesn't work. It's broken
  9. Why? Do you have resentment toward these 10 missions in particular? Do you not care if you break any and all missions on your whim and then release a public build? Breaking existing missions and then making a public dev build available with broken FMs doesn't really seem like a great thing to do. I get that missions get broken from time to time because improvements need to be made to the core game, but this is essentially a public release (even though it is a "dev build" it is still a "public dev build" available to anyone and everyone, and with that comes certain expectations). You didn't even notify the affected FM authors beforehand. This is just not cool.
  10. So because of bugtracker 5600, does that mean that 10 FMs (Written in Stone, Northdale 1 and 2, Volta 2, Hazard Pay, etc.) do not work in this new dev build, and yet, the dev build was released anyway? That's not cool.... The bow is kind of an important gameplay element, especially for Hazard Pay. Why even release this build if it breaks 10 existing FMs?
  11. Why the sad face? Also, Kingsal would be better able to explain the changes, and he actually modified the script so that it is more TDM-friendly. This modified script is in Eye on the Prize and Moongate Ruckus
  12. So this revised script is part of Kingsal's arrow mod, and the script tweaks a few values such as the ARROW_zoomdelay from "6" seconds to "3" and a few other things. I also thought this was the script that increases bow draw speed, but I guess that is done in the associated .def files instead. These tweaks were made so that gameplay would feel a bit more fluid when drawing and firing arrows.
  13. Wow! These shots look incredible, you really nailed the architecture! Unfortunately, I don't think I'm gonna have the time to beta test this, but we'll see. I just wanted to tell you that these shots look rad!
  14. Thanks for playing! Yeah, I was real lucky to find that track on freesounds. It was super fitting and definitely helped tie the whole thing together
  15. Now there's a good idea for a custom AI. A spider queen with six or seven spiders following her....
  16. Hard to argue with results! Glad you found a fix for this
  17. Yeah, sorry about that, that is when the archive was formed, I'm not really sure what I can do about that
  18. Yep, I'll PM you soon
  19. So, there is actually an SVN repo with these tga font images, they are 256x256. Is something like this what you are looking for:
  20. These arrow elementals are actually a takeaway from the Thief series, but for mappers they do allow for greater flexibility and creativity in placement.
  21. So these alternative arrow models are courtesy of Kingsal. He made them for his Volta campaign and has allowed myself and other mappers to use them if they want. You can find them in my FMs as well as Goldwell's.
  22. I was thinking about it, and it would have been nice, but that's five briefing pages for an incredibly small map. I'd practically give away the whole map in screenshots. That plus limited time/energy. It would have been a nice thing sure, but I did have other more important fish to fry before the deadline
  23. yep, I just used the "diff_1/2/3_nospawn" spawnargs for the player starts (and about a million other things, like loot, ai, foglights, etc.)
  24. Ha! You are welcome to crack open the map and find out But what I did
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