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  1. 31 minutes ago, thebigh said:

    I want to change the font on an immobile paper sheet. When trying to change the GUI definition in the Readables editor, Dark Radiant freezes up and has to be shut off with Task Manager. How do I fix this?

    This sounds like the crash that happened in DR version 2.7. Check which version you have and make sure you have version 2.8, as this particular crash was fixed

  2. 2 minutes ago, chakkman said:

    What I always find funny in such discussions is that it's always about nazis though.

    This particular discussion is about nazi's only because someone mentioned a Magic the Gathering card called Invoke Prejudice, which was created by a self-affirmed neo nazi. Then the conversation carried on from there... so that is why we are talking about this now.  It's not like this came up out of the blue or at random....

  3. 5 minutes ago, chakkman said:

    TW, my grandfather did invention work for the Luftwaffe. According to what you wrote, he has to be a nazi too. 

    Not at all, my great grandfather was in the German military too during world war II, he wasn't actually a member of the Nazi party though, just like many German soldiers at the time. What I am saying is that most of these particular scientists were LITERAL card-carrying members of the Nazi party, such as Wernher von Braun.  A brief google search shows that Braun applied to be a member of the Nazi party on November 12, 1937 and was given membership number 5,738,692. I do understand the difference between a German citizen who either is or isn't a member of the Nazi party. And the majority of the scientists gathered  for Operation Paperclip were card-carrying members of the Nazi party. And as i said, their research into rocketry laid the foundation for us to land on the moon, which then laid out the foundation for modern rocket science today, which in the future will lay the groundwork for further advancements in the field.

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip#:~:text=Operation Paperclip was a secret,the United States%2C for U.S.

    Operation Paperclip was a program spearheaded by the US government to "aggressively relocate" nazi scientists to the US to develop rocket technology after WWII. With the work of Wernher von Braun and several other German scientists, the US was able to rapidly accelerate just about every aspect of their military tech. The US did this to gain a head start in the arms race against Russia, and this program pretty much directly led to Americans being able to beat Russians to the moon. It's a really interesting part of history, but essentially, we only got to the moon when we did because the US kidnapped a bunch of really smart nazis

  5. 8 minutes ago, chakkman said:

     I don't see any connection at all between those two things, but, OK?...  

    This is a direct callback to Orbweaver's quote "...that we should stop using space rockets because they were invented by the Nazis" in reference to Springheel's comment about the creators of TDM and their views. I then acknowledged my own hypocrisy saying that I like both rocket technology and TDM despite the viewpoints of those who created it. If you can't see the connection, I suggest you reread the comments.

  6. 28 minutes ago, Springheel said:

    And what would that message be, especially considering that the artist doesn't choose the words on the card? 

    You're right, artists don't choose the text, nor do they choose the Gatherer ID that goes along with it (in this case it was 1488). 


    28 minutes ago, Springheel said:

    Should game companies now include a questionnaire for potential artists to fill out, to make sure they don't have any problematic opinions before hiring them?


    I'm sure Wizards is now being a lot more careful about who they accept art from. It's their choice who they want to accept artwork from and it is also their choice (and right) to remove content they own that they don't like. They decided that the art they purchased from McNeill no longer aligns with their values so they did what they were allowed to do and removed it. 



    28 minutes ago, Springheel said:

    How much do you know about the creators of TDM, and how much should their views impact your enjoyment of the game?

    Like I said, we are all hypocrites, myself included and I'll still enjoy TDM. And I still think space travel is cool even though the rockets were designed and built by Nazi scientists (Operation Paperclip is a wild bit of history). But no one on these forums is constantly and loudly spouting off how much they like lynching Black people or how much they think that Hitler "really wasn't a bad guy". If that started happening and became the culture around here, then yeah, I'd probably move elsewhere.

  7. 5 hours ago, OrbWeaver said:

    The card is literally called "Invoke Prejudice". Prejudice is a bad thing. It is not called "Nice people with hoods doing good things that we support". The card is a reference to something bad, and the accompanying artwork is intended to depict that bad thing.

    This is in a fair point, and in a vacuum, I could see the argument for Wizards of the Coast going over the top with this one. Personally, I think the artwork of that card is actually pretty cool, but once I learned of the artist's history, it does spoil it a bit for me. As a company , WoTC has the right to do whatever the hell they want with the artwork (that they typically hold full rights to) they hire the artists for. And when you view that particular card through the lens of "Harold McNeill, as it turns out, is a nazi-loving shitbag," yeah, I can see how a company would put two and two together regarding "Invoke Prejudice" and want to distance themselves from it. Not really that much of a stretch...

    5 hours ago, OrbWeaver said:

    There are also cards called Murder and Public Execution but I've never heard anyone suggest that these should be removed because they somehow endorse murders and public executions.

    Actually, you're wrong here. Several people throughout the decades have criticized Magic The Gathering ever since it first started. A fair bit of bored parent organizations thought that WoTC promoted black magic and was teaching kids how to worship satan, murder their parents, and other nonsense.  And of course, the Church had several negative opinions about it and just chalked it up as another sign of the "mOrAl DeCaY oF oUr SoCiEtY". These arguments back then had nothing to do with the current events that fill our newsfeed today, these were all arguments centered around Satanic Panic. But to go back to those particular cards you pointed out: "Murder" and "Public Execution" were both redone by artists who DON'T have an overt history of publicly displaying their neo-nazi fandom, nor do these two artists openly discuss how they would like to murder or publicly execute people, so we can safely suspend our disbelief and assume this is all fantasy, much like we do when we read a Stephen King book or watch how Ramsey Bolton rapes and murders other characters in Game of Thrones. But when an artist starts publicly supporting their love of a fascist regime that has a long history of publicly executing a particular race of people, suddenly the hoods drawn on their cards accompanied with words like "Invoke predujice" stop being fantasy and start to appear like a message.

    And as for your Apple/Android argument, yeah, unfortunately it is near impossible to not be a hypocrite in what you purchase and who you support. That is the unintended side affect of globalization. Anarchists will continue purchasing spraypaint from Home Depot (and simply use federal legal tender), women's rights activists will continue donating to the awful Susan B Kommen foundation, and vegans will continually purchase items made from animals (like most plastics!). Everyone on this earth is a hypocrite in one way or another, but Peter_Spy nailed it: "that doesn't  make trying to get better at these things pointless." So whenever i see or learn about an overt display of neo-nazism (as with the case of Mr. McNeill), yeah, I'm fine with having his works tossed into the dumpster of obscurity and forgotten. But then, of course, a statement like this typically inspires the next faulty argument "But muh history!!! How will we remember history???). Well, that's what history books are for. Everyone remembers what happened in the former East Germany after the Berlin Wall was destroyed with sledgehammers. It's not like everyone forgot about the awful things the nazi's did when Berlin was laid to siege and every flag and swastika-riddled monument was strapped with explosive and detonated. We don't need statues of Pol Pot to remind us that he was a massive fuckbag who murdered over seven million people. And in the case of this one dude's artwork? Yeah... I think the world will find a way to move on from its absence.


  8. I just finished what was probably my seventh or eighth playthrough and I'm still finding new things in this map that I've never discovered before. I know I'm late to the party but I just wanted to say excellent work Melan. The atmosphere, the architecture, the gameplay, the writing (especially the writing!!!), all of it is truly amazing work. You have an uncanny ability of creating amazing environments and developing such a unique, grim world. You really do put the "Dark" in Dark Mod.

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  9. 8 hours ago, lowenz said:

    Did you have some mapping experience with other engines/games? 'cause it's an incredibly well packed first map.

    Please, add the release date to the thread title!

    Ha, nope, I've only ever worked with DR. That's not to say that this FM came out of nowhere though. I've spent years quietly learning how to map and scrapped many projects because of awful mapping practices, scope was wayyy too big, etc. This was the culmination of many, many years of hard work. Hopefully I'll be able to make these faster now, ha

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  10. 5 hours ago, JackFarmer said:

    This must have been hellish to work on. How long does compiling take? Fives minutes is surely not enough.

    Heh, the dmap times where unbelievable for a little while a few months ago. I have a fairly decent rig, but I'd start dmapping, then leave to make dinner, eat dinner, then find the pc still dmapping, it'd take a solid half an hour to 45 minutes or so. But with 2.08 and a few other changes, that time was drastically cut. so now its only like 5-10 minutes to dmap :D

    @MrMunkeepants Do you mind kindly putting that image in spoiler tags please, thank you!

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  11. Ha, Black Market is definitely THE worst episode of the series. So many things didn't make sense, characters made choices they never would have, and the stakes were just.... ridiculous. But given that it's a great show with four solid seasons (and what I think is a solid finale) its allowed one absolute trash episode

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