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  1. In the interest of preventing the loss of investigations and mapping work, does anyone have a prefab of the dynamic moonlight map that SteveL made a while back? All the download links are dead, but here is a link to the thread:
  2. I do remember this being a problematic area for a few reasons. I'll take a look and try and fix it; hopefully some time this week
  3. I love the idea of a 15th Anniversay contest, but I think there should be fewer restrictions on what type of mission can be made so that more mappers would be encouraged to join. Fewer restrictions on what kind of mission can be made for the contest would hopefully open up more room for creativity, and maybe we'll even get some weird, unconventional missions that break the status quo. I, for one, don't really have a desire to do the "connections" theme again. It was fun doing it last time, but if I were to participate in a new contest I'd like to do something different. And holding a contest for the third "Official" campaign mission is an interesting idea, but if a contest like that is to be done, I think that should be its own dedicated contest not tied to an anniversary contest.
  4. Congratulations on getting this out the door! Looking forward to playing it soon
  5. The Painter's Wife does use an automap
  6. What a great start to 2.12! I can't commit to beta testing right at this moment, but perhaps I might hop in in the next week or so
  7. I just finished this FM and it was fantastic! It was short, sweet, and heavy on the details and atmosphere. I loved the amount of fine detail work you put into all of the individual buildings making up the alleyways as well as the interiors, which all felt lived-in and authentic. I'm short one secret, but I'm sure I'll find it on my Expert playthrough. Anyway, fantastic work;! Looking forward to your next one
  8. Congrats on releasing your first FM, I'm looking forward to playing it!
  9. Yeah, with +160 missions and growing, it might be time to consider a search bar
  10. Chicago Manual really is a solid choice for sorting stuff like this; that'd be my vote (although, I've always been more of an MLA man myself)
  11. This is a very neat idea! and it should actually be fairly simple to do.... and now you are making me re-think my WIP This was already done once in The Painter's Wife as a small little easter egg, although it is a reference to a location within that FM, and not a different one.
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure that would go over all too well. I, personally, am kinda particular about the paintings I choose and where they should go. This would also likely break the atmosphere for missions where the main/side objective is to steal a particular painting, or if a mapper has placed a frobable plaque near the painting that shows the player what the title of that particular painting is.
  13. Are you tired of looking at the same old painting skins? Do you want exciting, new banners to revitalize your WIP? If so, look no further than this all-in-one CC0/Public Domain asset pack filled with Paintings, Tapestries, and Prints! For the low, low price of $0.00, you can get over 80 brand-new images that will launch your Dark Mod map into the stratosphere! It doesn't get more FREE than this, people, so get the .pk4 while supplies last! This asset pack has been brought to you by @Wellingtoncrab and myself! Love it? Let us know! Hate it? Tell us your woes! Find a bug? We'll fix it. And did I mention that all these images are CC0/Public Domain? So go nuts! You can download the .pk4 from Google Drive here. Enjoy, Taffers!
  14. Well, I guess there will be a patch now. Sorry about that, I do remember you talking about that coin a while back. Can you remind me where it is please?
  15. I'm one of them. I support faster mantling and told daft mugi as such when I tried it out
  16. Yeah, you can start here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Creating_Multiple_Skins_For_A_Model You can make a custom skin for just about every model in TDM. DR also now has a skin editor which makes this process a bit easier
  17. With all this talk of particle collisions, there is a new small update for Written in Stone now available at a local TDM Mission Downloader near you. It is mostly bug fixes, but there are a few quality-of-life improvements, a new model or two, and a small handful of climbing/mantling fixes that should hopefully make a thief's life a little more painless.
  18. And hopefully update the particle collision page to provide clear step-by-step instructions for mappers on how to set up rain and snow particle collisions. In my opinion, it seems like weather effects will be the most common use case for this collision system, so simple instructions on how to prevent rain/snow from falling through an interior ceiling will be useful for most mappers
  19. so, "runParticle written" took 26 seconds... yeah, that's no small amount of time. Granted, WIS is a large map
  20. This does seem like it would be an edge case mostly. I know I wouldn't want to see smoke break geometry, sparks, etc., but I'm happy to be corrected on this. But at the very least, I think the weather particles (like snow and rain) should support particle collision right out of the gate, and it currently doesn't.
  21. I also did find one interesting issue this morning when going through Written in Stone. It seems like the snow particles got cut off at a visportal, which I imagine is a bug:
  22. So, I do have some experience using the particle collisions for Written in Stone. At the time of development, I had to make custom weather particle and material defs in order to get it to work properly. Honestly, while the system is nice when it does work, it is complicated, quite a lot of work on part of the mapper, and can be very finicky. A minor change to the map can break the system (to which, the runParticle command needs to be run again after mapping). One thing I don't get is why TDM doesn't have core materials that support particle collision right out of the box. There is a small handful of rain materials that support this, but most of the core weather textures, and particularly snow textures, all use "deform particle2" even though that is not supported by particle collision; "deform particle" is the correct keyword for this (as per the article here. I can't imagine why a mapper would ever want rain and snow to pierce through brushwork, like a ceiling in a house. And even if the mapper did want that, they could simply place a weather patch on the ceiling to make that happen.
  23. Fantastic news! Congrats! I'm looking forward to playing this
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