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  1. Let me just be the first to say.... I vote "before"
  2. I quite like the new 2.12 lean, especially the crouch lean. In Daft Mugi's video at 1:23, you can clearly a big difference in shooting a water arrow while crouched. Overall, I think this is a really nice feature!
  3. Yeah, you might be better off using the "nodraw solid" materials
  4. I don't think there is a proper "floor scrape" decal that is curved, but for A Good Neighbor I used textures/darkmod/decals/dirt/stainwallfade and then just shaped a patch into a curve.
  5. Orange you glad we finally have these lovely prototyping materials?
  6. Sounds like you are looking for Full Moon Fever by Spoonman
  7. Thanks for playing!! As for your question, I'm not sure. this might be a bug. Will have to look into it
  8. Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad you liked it! As for your question:
  9. It never occurred to me to have modular city sections but that's a pretty neat method. And it's nice that it increases performance too.
  10. Oh yeah, I remember the screenshots you posted for Vertigo; those were really good. Time can certainly get the better of us when it comes to mapping time and relearning DR. Best advice is to just keep Vertigo small, and you can use that experience as a springboard for making the larger Life of the Party FM. Thats how I went from A Good Neighbor to Written in Stone (and both of these still turned out wayyyy larger than their intended scope and co-authored by two other authors)
  11. Out of curiosity, are you still working on your "Life of the Party" style FM?
  12. You have to give it a shaderParm spawnarg I believe. (make sure the patch is a func_static, not worldspawn). For A Good Neighbor, I used "shaderParm3" ".9"
  13. No. You submit it to flood, who manages abandoned works, who then distributes the abandoned FMs to those who ask. This is all information that can be found in the original post of this thread
  14. When the AUTHOR of the mission in question declares that the mission is abandoned... that's it. This is not that hard guys. If you didn't make the mission, you don't get to declare it abandoned, easy peasy
  15. As a hobbyist vegetable gardner myself, I always think TDM missions could use more gardens
  16. You could always send him a PM.... And what Datiswous (and Welli in another conversation) said is super important for this conversation and worth repeating: Just because a mission is unfinished does NOT mean it's abandoned.
  17. absolutely not until they are deemed abandoned by the authors themselves. And neither of these authors have done so, so no.
  18. And in terms of the long stretch of wall that surrounds the property in the second picture, I would recommend breaking that up with perhaps a stable, a guard tower, a garden shed, or maybe even something as simple as a wall-mounted fountain. Just consider something to break up that long stretch of wall, which will go far in generating visual interest
  19. These are some really cool screenshots! Glad to see you've taken up DR and are working on an FM. If you'll permit me one suggestion, I think you should have some hills and elevated terrain in the yard in that second image. The yard and paths look pretty flat and could definitely use some height variation.
  20. Still eagerly awaiting "2 Steps 2 Far" but this update will tide me over until then
  21. absolutely loving the look of it so far! Love what you've done with the crumbleing road (maybe add a few individual cobblestones to give it a more "broken-up" feel.) For the windows, might I suggest trying out the plnt_glass01 texture? It is dirty, grimy, and might be a better fit for the scene
  22. Amazing work man! Pardon me while I drool all over my keyboard
  23. Thanks for asking the organizers about including TDM! I am not sure if I can participate as Real Life (ugh, who needs it) demands a bunch of my free time right now, but we'll see
  24. I'm not all too familiar with how github works, but I have some textures and such I wouldn't mind uploading. Either way, thanks for setting this up and maintaining it. There is some cool stuff in here
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