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  1. hey @demilich666! Glad you like it Sorry to hear about your crashing by the way. Is it just on my map, or other maps too???
  2. Hey Heuli, thanks for playing!! And I certainly do plan on making more in the future
  3. Thank you for the kind words @gokudo! Hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it
  4. Hey @CrustyCircuits Welcome to the forums! I'm really glad you like the mission, thank you for playing Since other players have answered, I'll just say that it is definitely not a bug! Also, so other players don't accidentally get spoiled would you mind editing your post so that it uses spoiler tags. Thanks, hope you enjoy the rest of it!
  5. This actually seems easier to use than I thought, might try messing around with it. Seems like it could have some pretty interesting applications too
  6. Not bad on the loot count, STRUNK! But I won't be dishing out any juicy tidbits just yet. I want to give players at least solid week to unravel the mysteries/puzzles for themselves before I start giving out hints You'll just have to wipe the dust off your spyglass and look closely
  7. That's a great way to put it. You wouldn't know how many hours upon hours I spent in DR before I learned how to hide things...
  8. Ha, thank you HMart! I looked at the wiki, but there was only a dead link to an outside website, not much else on there that I could find on Nurbs
  9. Ha, don't judge me too harshly, but I just learned that the Texture Tool existed less then a week ago. That would have saved me a lot of time, but I still know nothing about Nurbs curves and the difficulty editor is a bit "unfriendly"
  10. @Jetrell I get what you mean about DR being complicated; there are tons of tools in it that I don't even know how to use, let alone use properly. Hell, I didn't even know how to properly export models until after my FM went into beta. But there are tons of videos at there now that clearly describe the essential ins and outs of how to use DR. I strongly recommend dedicating a few short hours and checking out Springheel's newbie videos, those have been immensely helpful for me. Sotha also has a bunch of good videos too.
  11. Thank you very much STRUNK, I certainly tried to get it just right. Good luck on finding the rest
  12. Thank you very much for the kind words, guys!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! To answer you're question @Goldwell I definitely plan on making more missions following this same story/world, but for now I'm gonna take a small break and... I don't know, go outside or something, haha. And @acolyte6, I wanted to the north to to have strong German/Swedish setting, a nice change from the grimy hive of scum and villainy that is Bridgeport. There are a few more references about that you'll be able to find. And...
  13. The nights are getting colder and you need to pay your rent on time before you get tossed out into the winter air. Luckily, your neighbor told you about a mysterious merchant from faraway shores who has come to the small hamlet of Wilford's Hollow, and he's staying at the inn next door. What's more, he's brought something with him... Gameplay Notes: 1) This is a fairly small map, but I did intend for this map to be a bit harder than normal Dark Mod missions, even on the lowest difficulty setting. But there will certainly be plenty of rewards for the careful thief... 2) This map implements the func_peek mechanic by allowing players to peek through any door that has a keyhole by leaning forward. PLEASE NOTE: This function has been known to cause crashes for players using the 32-bit version of the Dark Mod 2.07 (should be fine for those running the 64-bit version). While this function has worked painlessly for some, please be aware that crashing may occur. At no point in this mission is it required to use the func_peek mechanic, it is purely optional, so feel free to not use it. Download: This FM is available via the in-game downloader FM: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ghZ2tTf7IoRQiyWtz96pUNajPNPZb6UI/view?usp=sharing Promotional Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bwuy0QPhaGpV32CgEdXhBIA5KgvcRueN?usp=sharing Credits: A HUGE thanks goes out to JackFarmer, Dragofer, and Bikerdude for scripting, EFX, custom ambient tracks, assets, answering a billion of my questions and doing so, so, so much more to make this mission something special. Thank you! Another GIANT thank you to my beta testers: Jedi_Wannabe, Bienie, Filizitas, joebarnin, bikerdude, Cambridge Spy, STRUNK, Lonewanderer, Rezar. Thank you all very much for your wonderful work and eye for detail! And another thank you goes out to Goldwell, Kingsal, and Grayman for scripting help and patient guidance. Assets are from: Springheel's Superb Modules Refl3ks' Rad Artwork Kingsal's Killer Assets Dragofer's Delightful Assets Epifire's Expert Models dmw's Dazzling Textures Spooks' Spectacular Painting for the Loading Screen R Soul's Fantabulous Assets JackFarmer's Miraculous Machines and Sounds Bikerdude's Bountiful Assets Hugo Lobo's Luxurious Textures ***PLAYER BEWARE*** SPOILERS lie in the depths below. I strongly suggest playing it first so you don't spoil the fun for yourself *** Version 2 Changelog: - Fixed several broken visportals - Fixed reflections in flooded basement, improved performance - New particles, models, and textures - Fixed broken AI pathing - Fixed fireplace glitch in the Inn - Fixed several texture issues - Added new secret objective - Lighting and fog changes - Implemented fade lights - Implemented Kingsal's inventory icons - Replaced slow match with flint - Increased bow draw speed using modified settings from Kingsal
  14. Alright, so I have an interesting problem. For some reason, every time I package my mission into a zip file and rename it as a pk4 (so that it reads "gn.pk4"), whenever I put that pk4 into the fms folder, the dark mod renames it to "gn_l10n.pk4" and it won't install. Help please! EDIT: Nevermind. Dragofer found the fix. Apparently the dark mod did not like the fact that my pk4 name was "gn". Changed the name, works perfectly
  15. I would love to have your help!!! And I already ran into my first snag, so perhaps you can tell me how to properly package an FM, because apparently Filitzas has missing models
  16. Thank you! And please! I'll take all the help I can get
  17. Hey gang! At long last, I finally have an FM that is ready for beta testing! If you are interested in helping me release my very first FM then please check out the beta testing thread I will post soon. Everyone's welcome! Please come to tell me what's broken
  18. I encountered this too. Only see the strings. This was my first time using the difficulty editor so I thought it was normal and really inconvenient, ha
  19. A screenshot from my upcoming FM "A Good Neighbor"
  20. Thanks! Will do. As for question 1, is there anything I can do to fix that?
  21. Alright, two questions: First, I have a sign that I made frobable because I want a message to show up on screen when it is frobbed. It uses a sign_shield_keg skin, but every time the hovers over it, this happens: https://imgur.com/9PqB0r0 Anyone know why this happens? Second question: The player_tools spyglass and player_tools compass that I place in my map always disappear in game. I have the blackjack, sword, and other equipment that show up just fine, but no compass or spyglass. Any reason why these disappear in game?
  22. Hmm, it's worth checking Dragofer. I managed to successfully copy/paste map into a new file with the correct path, and so far no issues. If the users.xml gets corrupted, do I just reinstall DR?
  23. Thanks Joe, I'll take a look at this later and see what I find
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