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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, appreciated Renaming the CFG was a good idea for doing a quick test - and it's back to working! Since it's apparently some setting, I'm curious which one it might have been, or maybe a combination of settings (I hope not). I'll have a look and test the most obvious looking ones. Thanks! EDIT: Apparently it was this line in the CFG: seta tdm_frob_distance_default "0" Default is 63. I have no idea how that setting could have been changed, maybe it happened on update?
  2. Hi, I finally had some time to get back into TDM, but encountered a bizarre issue in that I'm no longer able to pick up (frob) items. I can still open doors, toggle switches, but the items just never light up for me to pick up Specifically, the first mission I tried was "Shadows of Northdale ACT I", and after entering the shop I couldn't actually pick up anything to buy. Then went back to the home, behind the painting are several item that also cannot be picked up. See the attached screenshot from the save game. It might be a real noob issue, it's been a while since I last tried TDM, but played it a lot some years ago. Maybe it's a FM-specific issue, so I tried also "Dragon's Claw" but not sure if I've encountered any items I should be able to pick up yet. I'm trying to think of an old FM where there's some items at the very start I could test with. I use a custom controller config through XPadder, so my first idea was that it was broken, but the same happens using just RMB for frob. I run Windows 10 at 150% scaling, and some older games have problems with this, so I disabled scaling for the TDM exe, but no help. I also have a triple-monitor setup (TV, two regular screens), but that's never caused an issue in TDM before. I'm running TDM at 1920x1080 on the TV. I run "TheDarkModx64.exe" but I also tried the regular "TheDarkMod.exe". One thing I've not tried is a complete reinstall of TDM, I might try that later as well. Other possibly relevant information: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (version 20H2) Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16,0 GB Adapter Type GeForce GTX 970, NVIDIA compatible TDM is installed at "f:\Games\Darkmod" Any ideas? I just hope I'm not being a total noob here...
  3. Oh yeah, that's true. I guess I got so used to using the Steam overlay for it instead. It was useful for directly uploading but I can live without it. And if the above is true and it seems like fixed in 2.09 then it will sort itself out with a bit of patience anyway
  4. After a long time not playing TDM I wanted to try out 2.08 but was stumped on this issue. I found this solution though: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/1489992080524679196/ The "Exiting Steam" and "Run as Admin" bit is not really necessary... There is no way to disable the overlay from the regular Steam interface for a non-Steam game, but doing it from Big Picture Mode works. The cursor is normal again, even when launched from regular Steam UI. Drawback of course is no overlay, not such a big deal for me - but also no easy screenshots. Then again, screenshots in non-Steam games was never really supported anyway, they worked but you'd lose them all if changing the shortcut in any way...
  5. To bring my (totally unneeded) 2€ into this - I think maybe you guys are reading too much into the Steam terms. Looking at the massive pile of dung that gets released on Steam every single day (yes, anime novels I'm looking at you), surely TDM would pass muster easily. Sure you need some kind of organization to handle contact with Steam and to make necessary changes to the client for Steam integration and so on, but I assume there's already some people who run this site, do releases and post updates who would fit that role. Granted, the Steam forums truly are a cesspit of humanity, and after a release you are sure to be swamped with all manner of badly reported errors, trolling, and general stupidity. This is probably the biggest problem. Best to be clear from the start that the forums on this site will be the primary support channel. Another strategy to get more visibility would be to get more focus on the Moddb pages - it's a huge community there, much nicer than Steam, and TDM deserves more attention than it's currently getting.
  6. Cool stuff! I made one a couple of years back too http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15367-xbox360-controller-xpadder-profile/ I've also made one for Controller Companion on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=865246483 But not a lot of people use CC I think, especially with the new Steam Big Picture controller setup. Steam BP mode has a really nice feature allowing you to make your own profiles for games, even non-Steam games launched through Steam. So I've made a profile for that as well, but I don't think it's that easy to share since non-Steam games have unique ids so you can't browse content others have created. If TDM ever makes it to Steam proper, it will be easy to share controller profiles with others
  7. For those having problems here's a workaround. The updater downloads the new version as "_tdm_update.exe" (on Windows), and then apparently fails to copy this over the old file, then deletes the temporary file. So what I did was copy the new file out of the folder while installer was running, let the update fail, and then overwrite the "tmd_update.exe" with the (renamed) "_tmd_update.exe". Not pretty but works...
  8. If they'd release an editor and open up for modding there would be a lot of possibilities for custom maps and changes to the UI, adding in new models and so on. Like, look how Tripwire has done with Red Orchestra, completely opening up for modding. Modders can create vehicles, weapons, uniforms and maps. They even had a total mod turn into a game of its own, and the devs of that mod (Rising Storm) gets income from sales and created their own studio. Now, if Eidos has any interest in doing this is another question, but it would surely extend the life of the game if people could mod it. Imagine someone starting to create FMs for Thief in this engine, it would be great, even if a modder would not be able to create the same level of insane detail which is in the full game.
  9. " I could use the spare key, master..." "No! No! That's ok!"
  10. Getting a RAID array working is perfectly simple if you remember that there must be exactly three terminations: one on one end of the cable, one on the far end, and the goat, terminated over the RAID array with a silver-handled knife whilst burning *black* candles.
  11. Haha, looks like they actually managed to create a DST bug... or something. For me the trouble started today but I played fine yesterday so not sure if it's DST, but it sure seems related. A lot of people are reporting it so I assume it will be fixed pretty soon. I'm not going to change the system clock just to play a silly game, I can wait a couple days Trouble is, while messing around I deleted the last save so now I have to play The Hidden City from the start...
  12. Thanks a bunch for the guide Bikerdude, very useful for my "oldish" PC. Should have known that the best guide for Thief would be on this forum I love how Unreal is such a tweakable game, but how developers always fail to do the most basic tweaks... By the way, been playing a couple of hours and apart from some FPS drop in large areas it's basically smooth. This on an almost six years quad 2 core, 2.83 Ghz, with a slightly newer GTX580. So it's definitely playable on older boxes. But don't even try on an old laptop
  13. Haha *slaps forehead* I did reckon I was a bit late, but congo rats anyways guys
  14. Thought you guys would be happy to know The Dark Mod has been given the honor Mod Of The Year for 2013 in the latest PC Gamer http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/12/26/mod-of-the-year-the-dark-mod/ (maybe a bit late, didn't find any other references to this on the forums) While it didn't win at the Moddb awards, the fact that PC Gamer acknowledges the greatness of TDM means a lot I think. Hopefully this can get some more players to try it out, and also make missions and contribute.
  15. Thanks for the feedback Aswand, it's nice to hear it's being used Would you mind telling what modifications you use, and I could consider changing the profile I post here? Also I've been looking into using the LS for combined creep, walk, run, but I find it a bit hard to configure in Xpadder, and also I am worried it might lead to situations where you want to creep and pull the stick too far leading to a Run, which gets you discovered... So not sure if it's a good solution.
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