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    Thief 4

    This thread should be deleted, there is no such thing as Thief 4.
  2. So they do take community input seriously...
  3. I think four of the team members are those who worked on Thief games. Tim Stellmach and Steve Pearsall are on board, which is kind of big deal.
  4. Overlook Manor is my favourite mission in Deadly Shadows. It's awesome.
  5. Nope, they took inspiration from TDM.
  6. First there should be Thief 4. I mean Thief 4 as in an actual sequel to the original series, not a spin-off reboot. Thief2014 is not part of the original canon, The original Thief series is still a trilogy and I'm waiting for continuation. As for who should make it and how it should be. I don't know who, but it should be a PC game.
  7. How glad I am Russell wasn't part of this! The petition was such a horrible idea.
  8. Do you really believe listening to fans would have made a better game? The developers were aware enough of what the fans though was the best way for a Thief sequel to be, they knew it themselves well enough and could have done it if they had the freedom... which they had not. You are always bound to restrictions in life and everybody in a different way. Indie devs have the freedom to make the game they want, but are restricted in budget, work force, etc. Big companies have the money and the force, but are restricted by the requirement to address to a customer base, or a target group, target platform, or whatever there is. Thief (4) never had a chance. It was born at the wrong time, in the wrong barn. Human Revolution was just a bit luckier.
  9. Nothing changes the fact that the Thief franchise was officially defiled, after Deadly Shadows...
  10. Oh lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjoFaIT3030
  11. Looking Glass is spinning in its grave.
  12. You're wrong I'm afraid. It's not the same.
  13. Uninstalling the game should fix the problems.
  14. This game is not fun at all. I really tried to like it, but stealth isn't fun, stealing isn't fun, movement and interaction mechanics aren't fun. Nothing is any fun. Only things I liked is the level design, the view on the city from atop and sometimes the music has some Thief like element to it. Otherwise... not fun. Edit: Not fun at all.
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