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  1. Hi. I'm making baby steps through A-Z guide, wanted to clear a few things up. 1) The guide instructs to put a separate ambient light in the pool of water and then to adjust the global ambient light so as not to intersect with the one in the pool. Is that an incorrect/outdated thing? It causes lighting artifacts for me. 2) Are there any additional selection tools? Say, if I wanted to drag out an area in orthoview to select everything within. Or to only select models (when placing furniture etc), ignoring brushes, but still rendering them. 3) ShowTris revealed that brushes get cut up on intersections, potentially creating a lot of extra tris, e.g. a single brush and a flat wall turn into dozens of polys because of a staircase. Are there any potential problems? Should I generally avoid crossing between brushes? I still haven't read up on what should be kept as sealing geometry and what shouldn't, would that be relevant here, too? 4) Possibly related to the previous one: is this unnecessary? Should I have just put a single brush there and let automatics do their work? Or maybe even just surrounding the whole rendered area with a skyportal box without even touching the roof? 5) Is there a way to change the scale of models in DR? Rotate&scale has the bottom half greyed out, but maybe there's a uniform scale hidden somewhere? 6) Color scheme in orthoview - no matter what color is chosen, brushes keep their black color. A known bug or something with my setup? 7) Any hotkeys involving letters stop working after the language is changed from English, is there a way around that? Ctrl+shift (or alt+shift) is used frequently enough for this to become annoying. 8) Admittedly, I didn't take much time to explore all the sounds, but is there no sound of rain drumming on roof while you're inside? 9) Any pitfalls with non-rectangular visportals?
  2. Hi, another newcomer here. Have some feedback. 1) It could be that I missed a hint, but I remember being frustrated at the fact that you drag bodies instead of carrying them. The only hint I remember is the one simply advising to hide the body. I only discovered you can actually pick them up later and by accident. Also iirc, the hint only appeared when I backtracked up the stairs, if you just KO the guard and move on, you'll miss hiding bodies explanation entirely. 2) Found all 10 health potions without much of a problem. Also found the room that congratulates you for finding it. And the bonus guard in an alleyway by the shooting range too. And a secret(?) moss arrow at the start of the stealth course. Just mentioning to reassure that they aren't too hard for a newbie to find. 3) When entering a stealthy section, a natural urge is to get to a higher point (might be Dishonored influence, I dunno). Unfortunately that higher place is occupied by barrels that seem to be particularly hard to mount onto. First post mentions getting stuck in a barrel - this can't be intentional, can it? 4) The rope that's supposed to teach you swinging seems a bit too short/high for a tutorial showcase. If you miss and fall into the water the first time, you might forget to try it again when you get back to it later. 5) Found combat to be too hard/clunky. More to do with the mod, not the mission itself. I'm playing with a rather high mouse sensitivity, so making different attacks is an acrobatic performance rather than a fight. I just left after the second guard. Not like I'm planning to fight a lot, but the sword was indispensable in dealing with aggressive wildlife in Thief. After I failed to kill a lonely spider in St.Lucia , I'm starting to think I missed something in the tutorial. 6) Wasn't really a problem to me, but I kinda feel floor surfaces could use a better explanation. If someone hasn't played Thief in the last decade (or ever), you need to make sure they're aware they can run on carpets/grass/moss making almost no sound. Just a thought.
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